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Androidizen Live – Androidizen Live EP2 – Android Games

August 18, 2019

Hello everyone, and welcome to Androidizen Live, episode 2. We’re
broadcasting live on YouTube right now and you can send us your comments
and thoughts or your questions. Now on this week’s show we’re going to
be taking a look at some of the games I’ve been playing this
week and here’s a first title is Faster Racing an
interesting game it feels like an indy title in the
sense that the graphics are maybe not the best around, the texture is really not the best around the gameplay is maybe not the best around but put it all together and it’s
actually quite a competent racer. At times the game can feel a little slow you can kind of feel like you’re just on a bit of a merry-go-round which is a bit of a shame. The AI is not quite as competitive as I
would like this car in front will stay pretty much in front the entire race the cars behind will stay behind for pretty much the entire race. There’s not an awful lot of trading places going on that I could see in this game, which is a bit of a pity I thought. Now, one of the things that really interested
me with this particular title was how we’ved moved to a position now where games can be
produced by independent developers which have pretty
good gameplay reasonable graphics and quite a lot of content
but are released for free and yes, we’ve got the inapp purchases thing there emulating an awful lot of things has been
done the things like Speed, Real Racing and other titles but it’s quite a competent game you know. We’ve had
some pretty rubbish games out on Android over the years and this one is not one of the worst so what I would personally say with Fast Racing is if you’re looking for a different type
of racing experience this would help my interest for a few
hours certainly more so than some other titles like Real Racing I find a bit of a
drag figuratively obviously. But, you know, it’s not a game that I
find myself playing for hours and hours at a time. With Fast Racing I found that I was actually
still sat there an hour later quite happy playing away on it. It’s not a bad title at all. Now moving on to another game that confused me slightly in what exactly it wanted to say about racing in general was Fast and Furious 6 which is basically a time remover game and the idea is you are a posh operator and you have to
compete in a series of events to prove that you’re an absolutely hot racer. The only problem is that the game doesn’t really feature any races such it’s all seems a quick time
events where you have to press on the screen at just the right moment like shift now, if you don’t shift now you don’t pick up enough speed and the idea is to
beat the other car you’re racing against. Here it’s going into drift mode and the idea is you press the button at the right time to drift and then you press
again to stop your drift and it’s all about getting the timing right. The problem is it kind of loses lot of what makes the game fun as in a racing game it should be
about more of your skill in actually negotiating the corners, keeping your speed on and so on. Too much of the game is just automated
which is a real pity because the graphics are fantastic and it ties in with the movie and so on, not
necessarily a bad thing. I mean it’s not one of the worst movie titles I’ve ever played but at the same time it’s not exactly one of the best movie titles I’ve ever played. Although I’m actually struggling to think of any really good movie titles. Let me know in the comments if you could think of any. On to the next game I’ve been playing which is an old classic it has to be said as far as Android is concerned but its Granny Smith, I mean it’s just a
fantastically fun title. You are Granny Smith, you are basically competing against the burglar kid who is
trying to steal all of your apples. You’re going to have to beat the burglar down the course collecting coins and collecting the apples as you go. You earn points for the apples or for you know collecting the coins. Everything is based on kind of physics so a lot of the time you have to make your jumps
to orienteer yourself so the skates land back on the ground at the right
angle. Get it right and you’ll continue to build up speed, get it wrong you’ll slow down and crash and have to restart the level. And one thing I just found so wonderful about this game is it’s fairly simplistic in the way it kind of approaches this idea but it does it so flawlessly that it’s just a wonderful game to keep
picking up and playing. Originally it was a Tegra 3 title though now you can grab it on absolutely anything and it’s just well worth downloading it’s just such a fun game. One of the things I
really liked is at the end of every level it will then
take you through a replay that shows you how you did including all of the moves and so on so you can kind of learn a little
bit if you didn’t do quite so well or if you’ve missed one of the apples you can go
back and just see if there’s something to tweak if you did the run again. A really nice little touch and it just adds to this kind of nostalgia feel this game has. It’s a very kid safe game, it’s a very friendly game and it just works so so well. Here’s a quick replay. I’m just going to leave you with this for a
moment while I go and send a few social media
messages. if you can bear with me. And so the next title I’ve spent quite a lot of time playing this month or this week should I say is Gun Rose Gun Rose 2 should I say. Gun Rose being the original which was an all right title but I always found it was really laggy on every device I tried to play it on. I had an HTC Desire back then. Gune Rose 2 it ups the graphics considerably the gameplay itself it remains completely
unchanged you and your buddy have to defeat wave after
wave of aliens using more and more outlandish guns, you pick up bonus points and so on for destroying things as well as gaming XP that you can use to upgrade your character and your guns etcetera. It’s not a bad title if you’ve played the original and enjoyed it, you’ll certainly enjoy this one. I found it a little bit too samey for my liking although the graphics have been dramatically improved. Certainly it’s a game worth playing but a bit limited I would say. Now, onto another title that has had me engrossed really far longer
than I absolutely should… Into the Dead it’s a very clever concept and the idea is you basically crash your
helicopterm zombies are ruling the world best I can tell and you’re going to have to
try and escape so you have to escape the zombies and you’re going to have to go into the dead to do it. And the idea is that you tilt your device
left or right to avoid the zombies and the other
obstacles that litter the landscape. If you get too close to a zombie he may be
able to grab you and throw you kind of off course which means that you’re going to be slightly
impaired when it comes to dodging obstacles or other zombies. If you run slap bang into a zombie well I’m afraid he’s going to beat you, simple as that but everything is done in
this kind of crazy 2D plane but with 3D objects it just works beautifully well. It’s such a clever concept for a game. As you proceed in the game you get power-ups and so-on like guns that you can
use to quickly kill zombies in front of you but limited bullets, there are other power-ups as
well, you can also add power-ups after each run as it were to improve
your ability to get through the level further and further. It’s an endless
runner and so the whole idea really is to beat your previous high score, get as far as you possibly can. And as you can see there we’ve gone into a cornfield and things have become quite a bit more difficult. Maybe have to vault over the top of that. And you see how I staggered there and got clipped by zombies and staggered again and it all adds to the kind of nail-biting tension of the game that as the things get a bit more dense as there’s more creatures oooh!!! And they’ve gone. As you can see it’s just a wonderful wonderful title and you know Into the Dead is worth
picking up if you were looking for that kind of zombie experience. Just an absolute classic, instant classic I would say. So then we come onto a title like Ironman, the movie. I mean again referring
back to what I say about fast and furious these kind of games movie tie-ins we can’t expect too much of them. They tend to
be rushed anyway you know they’re produced within six months tops and they loosely tend to follow the story but without giving away the main plot. The Iron Man 3 movie actually picks up after the movie as it were or should I say
the movie game picks up after the movie so you know there’s a certain element
there of actually giving away part of the plot of the final of Iron Man 3 which is a bit strange. But it’s only a veiled reference as it were. If you watched the film or if you weren’t really aware of the
characters involved then you wouldn’t really notice the reference. Gameplay wise it’s an endless runner the idea is to be Iron Man fly around these environments collecting these red orbs which basically power you up They also allow you to unlock features and so on. You have to avoid obstacles use your various lasers and weaponry to destroy incoming enemy fire and everything works on a couple of different
levels so in a short while you’ll see that I actually have to fly up into the sky avoid objects and fight things there. The gameplay is really good, the graphics are OK given that it’s trying to keep a really quick frame rate you can kind of forgive some of the textures are smeary but it’s a title I think by Gameloft so again
you have to forgive well, no we don’t have to forgive Gameloft for anything, We can accept that in Gameloft
titles we aren’t going to get the best quality textures. They’re aiming to get these games running
on the widest range of devices possible obviously with the movie tie-in that’s absolutely paramount as it were. No pun intended but you know as gameplay goes there’s some really interesting
ideas. This piece here where what you have to do is draw on the screen to avoid the bomb and destroy the things you have to
destroy and so it creates a certain element of kind of skill in addition to just dodging things. And you can see here’s a high speed section where we have to dodge these various vans picking up the orbs as we go and back up into the sky again oops some damage and again up here in the sky jets to avoid. The game considering that you know most movie titles aren’t particularly great it’s not a bad title at all. The frame rate does suffer at times though unfortunately and as we level up we can get new loot, upgrade our gear etcetera. It’s not a bad title. It’s well worth picking up. Your graphics, you know, aren’t too bad, On to our next title which is Jetpack Joyride
which many of you will know I reviewed the other day and really enjoyed. It’s an older title now but it’s worth making mention of that you know that some of these older titles are well worth grabbing especially if you’ve not played them before on the Android platform It’s like having a whole new experience so if you’re new to Android and you’re looking for some older games to play some of the retro titles I suppose you could call them then this is certainly one to grab. In Jetpack Joyride you basically are trying to steal a jetpack. You have to get down into the levels avoiding the scientists and all of their crazy contraptions and as you can see, using your jet pack to destroy anything that might get in your way. The gameplay’s really fun, the graphics whilst more simplistic and kind of cartoon style work really nicely and it works well on
any Android device I’ve ever tried it on. And so you know it’s just a great safe
title to pick up and play whenever you might need to. Also something that’s been around for a little while is Judge Dredd versus Zombies it’s very much a 3D title. You are Judge Dredd, you are stuck with a load of zombies
and you’re going to have to destroy them all. As you destroy them you gain points and XP better weaponry etcetera and overall it’s
just a great fun title from a British team of developers which you know I always favour. I absolutely love what British developers tend to
turn out because we have our own unique style and way of kind of
communicating in games I always think. Tend to be a bit more story based in
my opinion but you know one of the great things with this particular game is it captures what Judge Dredd is all about. Maybe not the best graphics
maybe not the best representation of Judge Dredd. It’s very
much based on the comic books as opposed to the movie that came out recently but it’s a great fun
title and it’s one that’s going to just keep you playing for hours and hours and more importantly each level is fairly short
so it’s got that great pick up and play dynamic that I really really like. So next up is another title which some people, regular commentors to the Androidizen let me know about Mini Dash, this one
actually had missed me for some reason at the time and it’s basically like a vertical platform so your little dude Mini Dash can stick to various surfaces and run along them and so what we have to do is kind of jump onto a surface and then tilt slightly and you can run up it or jump up it and you have to escape the various levels. The gameplay is just so good, it’s kind of got that Angry Birds thing going on where it’s just one more level, just complete the next level and see what happens next. Just progress a little bit more. But as you can see there, whoops as you can see there before I inadvertently die running along the tops of the environment to avoid objects and obstacles is just as important as being able to jump and so on and there’s just so many levels here to
play and it’s a very skilled based game and a lot of timing is involved because
you’re also playing against the clock the idea is to try and complete the levels as fast
as you can without dying not just complete the levels and so it adds some extra elements to it all that I really enjoyed. Now a title that I spent way way too much time on is Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour. Now Zero Hour is the update to Modern Combat 4 as new multiplayer
game modes makes a few tweaks to the graphics in my
opinion as well which I think are well worth it. They’re minor really but I can notice them and overall the gameplay is still just as fantastic. This is Call of Duty and Battlefield on our mobile devices. Now what you can actually see here is I’m not playing this with my Android device directly I’m
actually using a model game controller one of these and the idea behind it is you basically hook up your Android device controller using Bluetooth and then you’ve got that full console
experience but using Android so these modern controllers
are very very similar to XBox controllers which you can see kind of the way that
they’re shaped to the way they actually fit and sit in your hand. where your buttons are placed and everything very XBoxy and so it lends itself really well to a game which is basically cloning an XBox game and a console game Call of Duty, One of the things that I found you can kind of instantly tell from this game who’s using a controller and who isn’t because those people with a
controller are a lot more accurate and those people who areplaying you know on the pad may be using their tilt controls etcetera. They don’t stand a chance really against
someone who can immediately say well there’s your head I’m locking, I’m killing you it’s as simple as that. The game play
for multiplayer on Zero Hour is great, the graphics are fantastic and you hook it up with the game controller and
I don’t bother playing my PlayStation 3 anymore. because I got sick to death of it paying to play multiplayer and obviously I’m a massive PC gamer anyway so PC games is kind of where I’m going to be gaming, high resolution, then it’s going to be really sticking
with the PC/ When I want that personal style of game, when I’m looking for something that’s a little bit different get out the Androidgrab my Moga controller and play a little bit of Modern Combat Zero Hour. You really can’t get
much better as a shooter currently on any of the Android devices. And I’ve played quite a few of the shooters on Android. Modern Combat is by far the pinnacle I can’t wait to see what they do for the 5th one. You can only assume that they are really going to tear it up if we kind of consider that things like the Galaxy S4 HTC One games aren’t really being
optimised for those yet so when we’re playing games like Modern Combat 4 on them we have to bear in mind we’re getting a game that was optimized for last
year’s hardware not this year’s hardware and so you know I’m really looking forward to seeing what Modern Combat 5 might do and certainly my hope is they really increase the graphics quality something really rotten as it were, boost those texture resolutions as well and deliver a game that rivals what we currently have like Battlefield and Call of Duty on the consoles. I think
we may get very close to it this year. Ooh, I didn’t need that grenade near me anyway! A slightly more sedate title that I’ve really
really enjoyed playing is This Could Hurt, it’s a really clever idea. Now the idea is you’re a guy, you have to escape these various levels, avoiding traps. It’s done in this kind of 3D book style world. Now, by tapping on the screen your guy pauses
and so you can avoid the various traps and damage. And you have to navigate these 3d world
to escape the level. There we go, I’m out. I don’t know why, but something about
this game just really captured my imagination possibly because we’ve not really seen a
title like this on Android before that I’m aware of although I’ve seen a few on things like PlayStation Portable and and some other kind of independent
titles that appeared on some of the games consoles but this is the first time I’ve seen this
style of gameplay on Android and so beautifully realized as well with this
gorgeous 3d worlds. It just screams quality at the end of the
day and the developer has obviously lavished a lot of time and attention getting this game looking great but further to
that they’ve also really got the gameplay
working well. The kind of traps that they’ve come up with as
you can see they’re quite inventive and at times pretty gnarly. A giant boulder that rolls backwards and
forwards things progress and become more and more
difficult and whilst you can take quite a lot of damage you don’t want to take too much. Youcan see here
this we literally have to run inside bullets or take damage just fiendish. If you get the timing wrong well by the
time you get to the end of that you’ll probably only have half of your life left if you’re unlucky. And it just works so well so you know as a title This Could Hurt it’s just brilliant and well worth
picking up if you’re looking for something to play this weekend. By a long shot it’s probably the favorite
game that I’ve been playing with for the last week. Now on to the final title which is just like
a shameless cashing by the developers apologies if the audio’s a bit high on this one. Fruit Ninja Skittles so basically the guys at Fruit Ninja who produce games where you slice up fruit have teamed up with Skittles to put Skittles in the game and obviously to advertise skittles as a brand. I juat have to say Skittles are not paying me to advertise this game I just found it quite interesting and thought I’d show it to you, but it kind of shows the length
some developers are starting to go to to kind of bankroll I suppose their games and why not? If someone like Skittles or a big brand turns up and says hey, we’ll give you a chunk of cash to build a version of your very highly popular game, your best selling game and stick some Skittles in it, what developer is going to say no? What’s interesting though is it’s actually been
done quite well. They’ve kind of actually got in a lot of the stuff, the rainbow and everything like that and
the gameplay is largely unchanged. It’s a free-to-play title so if you’re looking for a title just to pick up and play and like the Fruit Ninja slicing style games it’s well worth it, especially as a free to play title. Just bear in mind you are constantly being advertised to. with big letters, but at least you get … Anyway, that is Androidizen live, episode 2 I really hope you’ve enjoyed the show and
do feel free to leave us comments let us know what you’d like to see in next week’s show and we will be back same time next week.

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