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October 18, 2019

“I just wanted to say good luck on exposing Pickleboy.” That was a Juggie, Juggies. He uh… He left this on my car at the hotel. That- this is why I do what I do. This right here People wanna know. He wished me good luck on exposing Pickleboy so you know what? Exactly what we’re doing here. We’re outside Grandpa’s house right now. We’re a little bit further away. Just so we don’t get spotted. I mean, we’re in a pink car. See that pink car, he might fucking call the cops. After the little freak out that happened.. I’m hedging bets that it was somehow pre-planned.. They set it up. Micheal told him because we told him we wanted to talk to Grandpa. He was able to set something up. Right now, we have the element of surprise. We’re gonna keep the car here. Then we’re gonna go steal mode. You know what, we’re not gonna get ourselves in trouble. Because we have somebody else is going to do that for us. Bumblebee! *bee noises* Let’s go. Alright, so we’re here Juggies. I’m going to get this thing rigged up real fast. And then uhh.. hopefully he’s like fucking on the porch. Around back? I don’t know. Maybe we can get a shot through the window, something. Something so we can see. Dude, what would be the best if we heard a conversation. Or if like we saw him reading over the scripts for the next day, the next video. Make this quick.. I don’t know what the laws are here in South Carolina. For flying drones, but I mean.. It’s airspace. Who owns airspace, you know? It’s all fucking tricky stuff. *Loud beep* That’s the money sound right there! Dude that is good. *car drives by loudly* Nothing to see here folks. I’m just hoping there’s some windows that are open we can look through. Dude, if he’s in the backyard, we’re golden. I’m pretty sure.. Pretty sure he has dogs. Alright, you ready? Time for liftoff dude. *drone buzzes loudly how the hell did grandpa not hear this* Alright there’s nobody on the porch. Dude I have to get point blank I don’t wanna fucking hit the house. If I hit the house he’s gonna hear that shit man. *drone buzzing* I’ll fly around the backyard. Dude I see the pool. *drone buzzing in the background* *how to become dinoyt tutorial with video* *drone buzzing in the background* I’m in the yard. Oh shit dude! You see that fucking dog? Holy shit. Dude I think they got German Shepherds. Here we go (x3) Come on, come on! Gonna lower a little bit. Is he de(ad?)- You see him? What’s that, what’s that? Somebody’s in the chair. Fuck dude! Nothing! I don’t think he was outside. Yeah no shit. I’m just really dissapointed now I don’t know what to do. Alright I’m flying bumblebee back to home base here. This sucks dude! Fuck dude! Come on, come on little buddy. Woah! *drone buzzing loudly* *drone stops* What if we just walk in? Walk in? Yeah. What do you mean walk in? What if we got off on the wrong foot? You know how I was asking questions. I mean he fucked me over with that soup. So.. maybe just walk in.. and we just.. hash it out. Dude, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Dude the door is wide open. Like the actual main door is not even… What if we stuck… What if we planted this? What if we stuck the drone in? That way we go in, I just put the drone down, in a place where I think it will take off, And we just let this camera do the work. That works. Yeah. *leaves cracking loudly* Dude, I can’t even see shit. Somebody’s got curtains. Even if this thing was point blank at windows, you wouldn’t be able to see through it. Because there’s a reflection, there’s a sun glare. I don’t even know what room this is. Shut the fu… The lights are on in this one. What is this, the kitchen? These leaves are too loud. We gotta be fucking dead silent. Dude that thing needs to shut the fuck up. I don’t see anyone. *Grandpa coughs* *Grandpa grumbling* *Grandpa Smashes Drone* (jk) *drone buzzing* What the hell? (this shit is too funny) *drone buzzing* WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? *Classic Grandpa Gibberish* WHO’S IN HERE!?!? *screaming* *yelling* *Chair knocked over* GET OUTTA HERE! *Psycho Grandpa Grounds Drone* GRANDPA! GRANDPA CHILL! CHILL! HOLY FUCK! GET OUTTA HERE! ARE YOU INSANE!? THAT WAS MY FUCKING DRONE! *Grandpa Gibberish* You just fucking destroyed my- HOLY SHIT! I need that camera! Gimme that camera! What camera? Give me that! I need that shit! OH YOU FOLLOW ME? YEAH, YES SIR- Holy fuck! Let’s just go! We’re sorry sir, we’re sorry sir! We’re sorry! We’re sorry! Holy shit he’s got a fucking machete! Oh fuck! I THOUGHT YOU COULDN’T WALK SIR! I THOUGHT YOU COULDN’T WALK!? Holy shit! Did you get that shit? Yeah dude what the fuck? Fuck, I don’t have any of that footage! What did you get? I fucking got him breaking it! Dude.. did you get that.. He’s not in the wheelchair! What is it, an act? Holy shit man! Fuck! Fuck! Shit. We have to go. We have to fucking go. Yeah he’s calling the cops. No doubt about that. Fucking go. Holy shit. I didn’t know what to do! What can you do!? I realized I couldn’t fly it. Just gonna drive right by. Dude I couldn’t fucking fly it! I had to be inside or else I wouldn’t be able to see what I was doing. And he was right there. Fuck dude he just destroyed the fucking drone! I have no footage of that shit! But you have fucking footage of him out of his wheelchair. What’s that about, huh? Fuck! He fucking destroyed the.. So is he crazy!? Fuck, I’m going this way. Fuck it. Is he crazy? What the hell was that? HE HAD A FUCKING MACHETE! Why the fuck- who- What the fuck!? What was he doing at that table? It looked like he was opening a box or something. *gibberish* Is he insane!? Shit dude. That’s a fucking $500 drone! Dude you know what? We’re going to Micheal’s house. I gotta get money for that. This is bullshit! I get soup thrown on me and my fucking drone destroyed? Shit this literally leads to somebody’s fucking house. Shit! We’re gonna have to go back by Grandpa’s! Son of a bitch! I’m just gonna turn around here. I’m just gonna fly by. Shit man, I had just got that fucking drone! I don’t know what to think. He wasn’t in the wheelchair. But at the same time, he went fucking ape shit. I don’t know anymore dude. I don’t know anymore. I just wanna go back to Jersey. These people down South, I don’t what it is. It’s his family. Is fucked. I need to talk to Micheal.

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  1. I don't understand what he was trying to accomplish by going in the house and then turning the drone on. Like What!?!!

  2. Why dose mccjuggernuggets think he can do what he wants hes in the wrong he broke into anger grampas house with a drone he dosnt obey laws he held a gun up to AGP and I know it was fake but angry gramp had good reason to self defend he still thought he had done nothing wrong after that now he breaks into Lance's back yard and swims in his pool and sleeps in the back yard without permission he gets to sleep with Lance in his bed during the house hunts he basically broke into Lance's home and he disrespects his dad and dosnt respect it when he's trying to say he dosnt want to be involved and he stole money from the mob/realaters office what if that belonged to the office he was camping on other people's land when his dad kicked him out and he signed a contract that he's trying to break I could go on there's something wrong with him really wrong I'm surprised he's not in jail

  3. I know people here hates that he went into his house without permission but if you think this is real, you are clearly a dumbass.

  4. What Jesse is doing is very fucked up but it’s also very entertaining. YouTube will always be better than tv 😂

  5. So you drove the drone just because you thought he couldn't walk? Are you fucking crazy, i would've done the same thing if i was AGP

  6. $500 for a drone, first of all you break into this man's house and you're going to talk about he owes you money lol

  7. Grate brave man. How many of us wouldn't loose it in similar situation and run? Lots of respect for this guy.
    That foul mouthed yong punk is very lucky to escape some old school justice

  8. "That's my fucking drone!" Well what do you expect when you break into people's homes? Not to mention Angry grandpas house

  9. you guys are the worst people and I hope you bad luck you bad people why would you do that to my grandpa even though he's not my real grandpa but you still in the in the bottom of my heart and I hope you get with a thousand unsubscribes cuz you deserve it crash heads in Good Luck by having soup spilled on you again boy I hope you're prepared for this one and and I subscribe to Grandpa Angry Grandpa and that guy that says it get me out of camera here he's my favorite and don't mess with grandpa again

  10. Oh God Kid behind the cameras fan base is so toxic. Fair warning to anyone that enjoys these series the comment section is fool of trolls and people who think this is real.

  11. You are both totally insane ,you have no respect for him for entering his house guietly like criminals and you dont deserve respect you too either .

  12. What you are doing is wrong and you should stop!! His videos aren’t fake and even if they are their are people that still appreciate what he does for us so please just stop McJuggerNuggets PLEASE😔

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