Annoying Orange – AO vs Midget Apple Plays: JENGA!
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Annoying Orange – AO vs Midget Apple Plays: JENGA!

August 18, 2019

– [Annoying Orange] Hey, yo,
it’s A to the O back again with another game video. We’re going to play Jenga. – [Little Apple] Jenga, that’s right, we’re going to play Jenga. – [Annoying Orange] Hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, wait. – [Little Apple] What? – [Annoying Orange] Settle down. – [Little Apple] What,
why you cramping my style? – [Annoying Orange] Because. – [Little Apple] Why you
crushing my neat-o burrito? – [Annoying Orange]
Because, I just decided to pull the block out
from under you (laughing). – [Little Apple] What? – [Annoying Orange] Well,
normally the saying is pull the carpet out from under you. – Yeah.
– But you know, in this case, it’s a block. – No.
– We’re playing Jenga. – Get it? – [Little Apple] No.
(Annoying Orange laughing) – [Little Apple] It’s not funny. – Stop it.
– Let’s play. – [Little Apple] Why’d you
make my name Midget Apple? – [Annoying Orange]
Alright, first up is me. – [Little Apple] Me now. – [Annoying Orange] I like to play Jenga ’cause I’m not a square. – [Annoying Orange] Get it?
– [Little Apple] I get it. – [Annoying Orange] I’m just going poke this block right. – [Little Apple] Stop it. – [Annoying Orange] Whoa,
you trying to throw me off my game bro? – [Little Apple] Maybe.
– Yo, I’m jellin’ with Jenga, you can’t stop me.
– What? – [Annoying Orange] I’m just
going to pull this guy, right, come on blocky. – [Little Apple] Did you
just say jellin’ with Jenga? – Yeah.
– Come on out of there, see? (laughing) That’s how you do it Little Apple. – [Little Apple] Bummer burritos. – [Annoying Orange] Let’s see you do that, let’s see you beat that. – [Little Apple] Oh, I’m
gonna beat it, alright, I’m gonna beat this block– – [Annoying Orange] Midget App, (laughing) Midget App. – No.
– Midget App. – That’s not my name.
– But it should be. – [Little Apple] No it shouldn’t. – [Annoying Orange] (laughing) Alright, which one are
you going to choose? You going to choose that one? – Yeah, I choose this one.
– Are you sure? You sure you wanna choose that one? I don’t know if you want to
choose that one, Little Apple. – [Little Apple] I choose that one. Stop it. – [Annoying Orange] Are you
sure you want to pick that one? – [Little Apple] Okay,
I’ll pick a different one. You’re making me angry. – [Annoying Orange] Well,
that’s half the game, you got to get in the other person’s head. – [Little Apple] No. – [Annoying Orange] Oh,
you’re going to take that one? – [Little Apple] Yes. – [Annoying Orange] You’re crazy. – [Little Apple] I’m not. – [Annoying Orange] You’re crazy. – [Little Apple] Shut it. – [Little Apple] See,
there, fine, it’s fine, I just got it out. – [Annoying Orange] You’re a crazy person. – [Little Apple] Shut your monkey. – [Annoying Orange]
(laughing) I don’t which one– – [Little Apple] Which one are you– – [Annoying Orange]
Okay, I gotta, I gotta, I’m surveying, I’m surveying the area. – [Little Apple] Hurry up and pick. – [Annoying Orange]
And pick the right one. – [Little Apple] I’ve
been waiting forever. – [Annoying Orange]
Maybe this guy over here, well I, no, nope, I don’t
wanna pick that one. – [Little Apple] Yeah pick that one. – [Annoying Orange] I’m
gonna screw everything up if I pick that one, don’t pick that one. – [Little Apple] No that one, come on! – [Annoying Orange] Pokity poke poke poke. – [Little Apple] Come on knock it over, knock it over!
– Poking the brick! Poking the brick!
– Knock it over! – [Annoying Orange] Nope got it. – Oh yeah!
– Noo! (screams) – [Little Apple] Okay. – [Annoying Orange]
Yeah, poking the brick. – [Little Apple] You
know when you say that it sounds really, I don’t know, dirty. – [Annoying Orange] What,
you’re calling me a dirty birdy? – [Little Apple] No. – [Annoying Orange] That’s what I thought, you dirty brick poker. (laughs) – [Little Apple] I didn’t
do that, you’re weird. – [Annoying Orange] And I’m winning. – [Little Apple] No, nobody’s winning yet, you don’t, nobody wins until
the whole thing blows over. – [Annoying Orange] Wait,
so we aren’t building a bust of George Washington? – [Little Apple] What
are you talking about? – [Annoying Orange] Isn’t
that the point of the game? I thought we were taking
the bricks out of the bottom and putting them on the top and making a bust of George Washington! – [Little Apple] No! – [Annoying Orange] Well,
then, I have no idea how to play Jenga. – [Little Apple] I literally just told you how to play it! (laughs) You take the things out of the bottom, you put them on the top, and the one person who
makes it fall over loses! – [Annoying Orange] What? It’s all a lie! Jenga, why would you lie to me? – [Little Apple] You’re so weird! – [Annoying Orange] See! It looks like George Washington! – [Little Apple] (laughs) It does not! (both laughing)
Stop it! – [Annoying Orange] Okay, I
think I’m going to take a block out of George Washington’s leg down here. – [Little Apple] I thought it was a bust! – [Annoying Orange] Well,
I mean, it’s a full bust. – [Little Apple] No, a bust is not! It means chest up!
(both laughing) – [Annoying Orange] Fine, I’ll
take it out of his abdomen. – [Little Apple] You’re so weird! Knock it over! Knock it over! – [Annoying Orange] I’m committing! I’m going to pull it out! – [Little Apple] Come on! Come on, fall over, fall over! – [Annoying Orange] Nevermind,
I’m going to leave it. – [Little Apple] No, you can’t leave it! – [Annoying Orange] It doesn’t matter. – [Little Apple] No, you can’t do that! What are you doing? You can’t just pick a new
brick after you’ve committed! – [Annoying Orange] I
can do whatever I want! – [Little Apple] I’m pretty
sure that’s against the rules! – [Annoying Orange] It’s letting me do it, so stop being a square! (laughs) – [Little Apple] No!
– [Annoying Orange] Yeah! – [Little Apple] That’s so not fair! – [Annoying Orange] Fair,
fair, your underwear! – [Little Apple] What? – [Annoying Orange] (laughs)
Let’s put it right there! – [Little Apple] You can’t put it there! – [Annoying Orange] Oh!
It’s not going to let me put it there?
– No! – [Annoying Orange] Oh, okay. – [Little Apple] You
have to put it next to, you have to build a whole, you have to put three in a row before you can move up another level. – [Annoying Orange]
Well, that’s lame! Lame! – [Little Apple] It’s
not lame, it’s the rules! – [Annoying Orange] Stop oppressing me with your rules, Little Apple! – [Little Apple] Okay,
I think I’m going to get this little one here. – [Annoying Orange] Just knock it over! Knock it over! – [Little Apple] Yeah! Look at that! It just slid right out! I didn’t even have to hardly do anything! – [Annoying Orange] Whatever. – [Little Apple] Okay, there we go. – [Annoying Orange] Just knock it over! Just knock it over! Come on! – [Little Apple] Yeah! See, that’s how you do it, Orange! – [Annoying Orange] No, no, no! Don’t put it there! – [Little Apple] I have to! – [Annoying Orange] You’re messing up George Washington’s hair! – [Little Apple] It’s not George! Geez, Louise!
(Annoying Orange laughing) – [Annoying Orange] (tune of
Thriller by Michael Jackson) ♫ Because it’s Jenga ♫ Jenga Night ♫ I pull the block out ♫ And it falls over and
now everything is happy ♫ – [Little Apple] Yes, knock it over! Please knock it over so we can stop this! – [Annoying Orange]
Nope, not going to do it. I’m going to make you
knock it, oh, goodness! Poking, brick poker, brick poker! Stop being a brick poker! – [Little Apple] Poking the brick! Poking the brick! – [Annoying Orange] You’re a weirdo! – [Little Apple] No! You’re a weirdo! – [Annoying Orange] Incorrect! – [Little Apple] How’d you even do that? That was, I’ve got to admit, that was a pretty good one. Look at that one block down there! It’s hardly even hanging on! – [Annoying Orange] I know! – [Little Apple] I definitely
can’t go for that one! – [Annoying Orange] You
can blame me for that one. – [Little Apple] Let’s
see, I need to find. Oh, there’s one, there’s one! – [Annoying Orange] Hey! Guess what? – [Little Apple] Let’s
see if I can get this guy and poke it out. – [Annoying Orange] Hey! Guess what? Guess what?
– What? – [Annoying Orange] This game’s
a real blockbuster! (laughs) – [Little Apple] That was
what you had to tell me? – [Annoying Orange] Yeah,
it was really important! – [Little Apple] No, it wasn’t! – [Annoying Orange] Late, breaking news. – [Little Apple] Not even close. – [Annoying Orange] Oh,
man! We’re up to 27? – [Little Apple] Yeah.
– [Annoying Orange] Geez! – [Annoying Orange] Watch this! I’m going to Jenga so hard! I’m going to Jenga so hard! – [Little Apple] You’re so weird! Get it out, get it out, come on! – [Annoying Orange] I’m going to do it! I’m going to do it! (laughs) – [Little Apple] Seriously? Seriously? – [Annoying Orange] Oh, yeah! (laughs) – [Little Apple] How is
that even standing up? – [Annoying Orange] I’m
going to put it on this side just to balance it out,
just a teeny tiny, yeah! You’re lucky, you’re lucky. I don’t even know how you did that. – [Annoying Orange] That was talent. – [Little Apple] That
was a really good turn. – [Annoying Orange] I’ve
got natural talent, yo. – [Little Apple] I wouldn’t call it that. – [Annoying Orange]
What would you call it? – [Little Apple] I don’t know. – [Annoying Orange] Well, would
you like to phone a friend? – [Little Apple] Knock it off. – [Annoying Orange] It seems
like you don’t know the answer. Would you like to use a 50:50? – [Little Apple] Stop it,
stop, stop, stop, stop! I’m trying to concentrate! – [Annoying Orange] (laughs) Brick poker! – [Little Apple] You’re a brick poker! – [Annoying Orange]
Poking bricks! (laughs) – [Little Apple] No! Stay quiet, please! – [Annoying Orange] Come on, drop it! Drop it on the floor! – [Little Apple] Yes! – [Annoying Orange] Throw it in the river! – [Little Apple] What are you
even talking about right now? – [Annoying Orange] Okay,
Orange, we can do this! – [Little Apple] No, you can’t! – [Annoying Orange] Now’s
not the time to have a case of mental block! (laughs) – [Little Apple] Stop it. – [Annoying Orange] Get it? Block? Blocks? Block-block! – [Little Apple] What are you doing? – [Annoying Orange] That’s
what a square chicken sounds like: Block-block! (laughs) – [Little Apple] You’re
weird, you’re so weird! – [Annoying Orange]
Oh, man, I just thought of that one right now! – [Little Apple] I know, I know. – [Annoying Orange] That was so good! – [Little Apple] It’s like
you’re fueled by puns. – [Annoying Orange] I am! – [Little Apple] Nothing
could distract you. – [Annoying Orange]
They’re like energy drinks! – [Little Apple] Let’s
take this guy right here. – [Annoying Orange] Yeah,
definitely take that one! – [Little Apple] Oh, no, no, no! – [Annoying Orange] Oh,
yeah, take that one! Yep, yep, knock it over. – [Little Apple] No, no, no, no, no, no! – [Annoying Orange] Knock it over! Knock it over! – [Little Apple] Oh, no! Come on! Get it out of there! – [Annoying Orange] Aw, man! Oh, yeah! – [Little Apple] It was out! It was out! – [Annoying Orange] Yes! ♫ You are the winner,
winner, chicken dinner ♫ Orange is the winner,
winner, chicken dinner ♫ – [Little Apple] Stop it with the winner, winner, chicken dinner song! – [Annoying Orange] I should
actually make that a song. Like a real song! – [Little Apple] No, not, well, that actually might be funny, but I want my revenge in Jenga! – [Annoying Orange] You’ll never get it, because I’m going to win
every single time! (laughs) Okay, guys, let us know if you
want us to play more Jenga. – [Little Apple] (to the tune
of “Gangnam Style” by Psy) ♫ Oppa Jenga style ♫ – [Annoying Orange] What are you doing? – [Little Apple] ♫ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♫ Oppa Jenga style ♫ – [Annoying Orange] Stop it! – [Little Apple] ♫ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♫ Oppa Jenga style ♫ – [Annoying Orange] Okay,
that’s actually pretty funny. – [Little Apple] (tune of
“I’ve Got the Power” by Snap) ♫ I’ve got the power ♫ – [Annoying Orange]
Oh! Now you’re singing! – [Little Apple] Yeah, Spin Doctors! – [Annoying Orange] Oh,
no, not Spin Doctors! – [Little Apple] Man, I
wanted that bell, too! – [Annoying Orange] You lost it there. – [Little Apple] Aw,
Trump! Just like life. – [Annoying Orange]
Yeah, sorry Midget Apple. – [Little Apple] It’s Little Apple! Yeah, right to the knee! – [Annoying Orange] I used
to like Super Smash Brothers til I took an arrow to the knee! – [Little Apple] No!
(Annoying Orange laughing)

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  3. Little Apple lost reasons:1.he did not follow the rule that you can not pick from the top and he knocked over the jenga blocks

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