Annoying Orange – Asteroranges (Asteroids Video Game Spoof!)
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Annoying Orange – Asteroranges (Asteroids Video Game Spoof!)

August 27, 2019

-[laughs] -(man) All right.
Let’s blow up some asteroids! -Hey! Hey, spaceship!
I wanted lunch, but I was hoping for
something “meatier.” [laughs] -Shut up!
-Whoa! I’m half the fruit I used to be.
[Oranges laugh] Whoa! I should be a math teacher ’cause I really know
how to multiply! [laughs] Whee!
-Give me a break. -[laughs]
This rocks. [Oranges laugh] Looks like you don’t know
the “gravity” of the situation. [laughs] -Shut up and grow up! -If you’re gonna take a trip, you really need to “planet.”
-Awful! -Hey! Where are you going? Am I invading your “space”?
[laughter] -[growls in frustration]
That’s it! -Hey! Hey, spaceship!
Hey, spaceship, hey! -What?! What is it?! -Heyyy! Hey, spaceship!
-What?! -Aliens. -No–
-Whoa! Poor spaceship. That UFO was out of this world.
[laughter] [sighs] [boom!, static] Captioned by [laughs]

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  1. K KNIFE he he you should play a game called NHL 14 its fun i play it all the time you can make lots of jokes with that game because if you shoot the puck down the ice the goalie will grab it and you can check him in the boards and say heres Orangy heheheeeeee the game cost $60 at futur shop its worth that money orangy

  2. Root beet tapper or marble madness also get a racing game on here like out run or hard driven or maybe a need for speed game

  3. Hellow annoying orange how are you are you fine 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊 woah

  4. I like it when video material is made like annoyingorange/nigahiga/randomness/OverallRational/RationalLogicalCOMMONACCEPTEDdictionary style

  5. Alright 🍊I am going to lecture you on Gravity and Multiplication
    Multiplication-Is when two numbers are timed together to get the product the numbers that are being timed are called Factors and the answer to a multiplication problem is called the product

    Gravity-Is the Scientific force that pulls everything with a gravitational pull on things so that’s why if you go to the Moon you weigh less there than on Earth because the moon doesn’t have gravity and even if you try jumping gravity actually pulls you down

  6. 😐🍊I think u meant Launch with the au in it not Lunch with the u in it
    You don’t know the difference between Launch and Lunch
    The difference between them is Launch means that you’re going to space but Lunch is a totally different thing when it’s noon that’s when you have lunch get it?

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