Annoying Orange – Drone Race!

September 28, 2019

-Oh man! I can’t believe we both got
quad-copters for our birthdays, Pear! -I know, right?
This is so cool! -Goggles on, gentlemen. On your marks, get set, DRONE! -(Little Apple) Oh yeah! Go-go-go-go!
-(Pear) Woo-hoo! Alright! [drones whirring, toaster clicks] -What the– -[screaming] -(Coconut) Look out! -Wow, this might be the
most fun I’ve ever had! -Me too! Nothing can possibly
ruin drone racing for me. -Hey guys! Hey! What’s with the goggles? -(Little Apple) Oh man. -Wow! That’s fun to say. [repeating “Goggle”] [laughs] -[groans] [intense music playing] -Please! Pleeease-a! -Orange, for the last time, no! You cannot fly my quad-copter. -Mine either. Everyone knows you’re just gonna
use it to dive-bomb people. -[scoffs nervously] That’s not true! I just wanna fly the
drone really low and really close to some
unsuspecting victims! -That’s dive-bombing! -[laughs] Well, no matter, I’m flying with you
guys whether you like it or not. -How? You don’t have a drone. -Nope, but I do have this! Last one to the finish line
is a propeller-head! [laughs] -[groans angrily] -Maybe he’ll shut up
once we beat him. -Alright. Let’s do it! [intense music playing] -Ho-ho! Nice of you to join me. Now let’s “kettle”
this once and for all. [laughs] [kettle bangs] -I should’ve seen that coming. -“Water” you
guys waiting for? “Ketchup” already! [laughs] -(Coconut) Not again!
[Ketchup screams] -This is great and all, but we could
use some more airplane noises. Neow! Neow! [laughs] Oh! There’s someone to dive-
bomb. I’ll be right back. Neow! -[angrily]:
Argh! Thanks a lot you jerk! You made me wet my plants! -[laughs] I’m not a jerk, I’m an orange. -Dude, you ARE being a jerk! -Argh. Why the “chilly”
reception? [chuckles] -Because if you don’t focus
you’re gonna hurt somebody! -Honestly, I’m “floored”
by your hostility! [laughs] -I’m gonna try and pass him. [intense music playing] Argh! Orange, stop blocking me. -No “can” do, little guy! [chuckles] We’re in the middle of a race. It’s sink or swim! [engine failing, drone splashes] -Argh! -And it looks like Little
Apple is elected to swim. [laughs] -Oh, you’re gonna pay
for that, Orange. -Ring ring! It’s for you, Pear! You’re gonna lose. Time to throw in the “towel”! [chuckles] -Oh! You’re almost
to the finish line. Lay on the gas! -Whatever you say, Little Apple! [fire crackles] [engine failing, drone explodes] -‘Grats, Orange. You won! And all it costed us was
our birthday presents! -Hey, don’t worry about it. I have a couple extra
propeller beanies. Wanna give ’em a “spin”? [laughs] -Well, I’d rather have my
drone, but–[screams] -Whoops! I forgot to tell him. That beanie’s on the fritz. [Little Apple screaming] [watering can bangs]
-Argh! Seriously, can we quit
it with the dive-bombing? -(voice) Maybe you should get
yourself some diapers, Dave. [laughs]
-SHUT UP DEREK! -I don’t know about you guys, but I am “pumped up” for this
episode of Ask Orange! [chuckles] Thanks, G.I. Joe. -Any time. -To the questions! [laughs] Knife! [slice]

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