Annoying Orange – Happy Holiday Wheels!
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Annoying Orange – Happy Holiday Wheels!

August 31, 2019

– [Annoying Orange] Hey
yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming video and it’s time for some Happy Wheels. Some Christmas Happy Wheels, that is. Maybe some Happy Holiday
Wheels if I do say so myself, but I do all the time. Alright, let’s get some
Christmas wheels going. Alright, first thing’s
first, I must deliver all the packages to all the houses. Alright, the good boys and girls in Happy Wheels, here we come! Yay, delivering presents! Oh, wait, what happened? I don’t even know what happened. What the, you just lost your arm! Oh no, see now you made
Santa lose his arm. Look what you made me do. It’s all your fault, elves. ♫ All I want for Christmas is my left arm, ♫ my left, my left arm. (laughing) Smashing good time. Okay, we’re delivering more presents. Alright, here we go. Aw, you made me drop all of my presents. I got one, I saved one. What am I gonna only do with one present? How am I gonna give the world? Oh no, I dropped all my presents. You pick it up, there you go. You better hold that present right there. I’m gonna try and launch
it back into my cart. Oh no, I’ve lost it all! You’re ruining Santa’s workshop! Oh, slingshot! You’ve still got one leg, it’s a hoedown! If I could just get past all the corpses of these elves, I’d be fine. We just gotta get to the– (laughing) That elf really lost his head. ♫ When you’re in a
sleigh, you must whip it ♫ and flip it, yeah! Whippin’ and flippin’– (laughing) That one legged elf sure is workin’ hard! You gotta give him credit, right? Oh no, why does that keep happening? Why? Okay, fly, fly, fly! Well, there’s your leg. If you could just pick
it up, you’ll be fine. I’m sure we can reattach it. Oh, where are you going? Uh oh. Oh no, you beat the level, but I haven’t! Uh oh, Santa needs help. Santa, you need to have a few less carbs this Christmas, okay? You gotta– If I could just get this up there, there ya go! Alright, no, not a barrel roll. A sleigh roll. I consider this a win. This is a win. The elf made it so that counts. That’s a win. Alright, next one. Whoa, what’s happening? Whoa, no! Oh, you elves are pain in the glass. (laughing) Ooh, Santa, uh oh! You really sleigh them. This is brutal, make it stop! Okay, you guys take a
load off, that’s right. I’ll pull you. You’ve done a lot of hard work today. We can reattach that. It’s cold, it’s the North Pole, so I’ve heard they’ve made great advances in reattachment surgery,
so you’ll be fine. Okay, I’ve gotta save
Santa before it’s too late. No, we’ve gotta save all the presents and Santa too, come on! Okay, enough of the
harpoons, I get the point. Come on. Which one’s the right Santa? Uh oh, it’s Santa-ception. Santa is inside the
Santa within the Santa. I’m confused. Okay, let’s see what horrible way you’ll be dismembered this time. Oh no, I lost my gifts again, oh man. Okay well, it’s just a leg, this is fine. I like this level, this one’s pretty calm. There’s no death or destruction. It’s pretty good. I think you guys probably
like it a lot too, right? Only one of you’s lost a
leg, so we’re all good. And I’ve heard they made great advances in leg reattachment surgery, so. Oh, well, you’re carrying that guy’s head, but okay, well, this is not. Arrows to the butt do not feel good. I don’t like them. Santa doesn’t like it. You’re being a bad boy. You’re not getting any
presents for Christmas. You’re done, donezo! Alright, now we gotta
delivery some more presents. Looks like we’re going
to Billy’s house, okay! Ooh, there’s Billy right now. Uh oh, no, no! Oh, that was close. We just gave Billy a
nice Christmas massage. That sounds kinda weird. Hey buddy, how’s it going? No, no, no! Everybody gets a Christmas massage today. It feels good! Despite what you think,
they’re totally safe! Christmas massages are totally safe using a big, giant sleigh, right? That boy was like that when I found him. I didn’t do that, that
wasn’t Santa’s fault. He was a bad boy, he was a very bad boy. Christmas jetpack, alright. Spikes up the behind, oh no. Santa, Santa? Try it one more time,
we can do this Santa. You’re rolling, alright. Oh, nope, that’s not gonna be good. Spikes up the butt. Let’s see if I can
blast myself outta here. Come on, just blast yourself. Alright, one more time. We can do this Santa, come on! One more– You launched yourself loose! No, no, no! (laughing) Santa really got a Christmas surprise. Okay, we can do it Santa. Yeah, alright! Okay, stop running your butt– You can do it, Santa! No more spikes up Santa’s behind! It’s not a Christmas surprise
if Santa wants anymore. Uh oh, yeah! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Christmas canon sounds fun. What the– (laughing) Christmas celebration? Alright, let’s do it! Oh, no! You know, typically I
like celebrating Christmas with exploding things
but maybe not this time ’cause I kinda like my head. I like my head the way it is. ♫ All I want for Christmas is my head, ow. Alright, this one looks– (laughing) Uh oh. ♫ Came in like a wrecking ball. I think we got time for one more, right? Right, here we go. Alright, come on, buddies. We gotta deliver them presents! I don’t want ’em to fall out of my sleigh. Uh oh, we’re going way too fast. Wait! Oh no, I lost all my elves! Oh, no, I still got one. (laughing) Oh no, it’s a super secret Santa surprise. Is that a win? I think that counts as a win. I’ll count it as a win definitely. Okay guys! Well, since it is the Christmas season, I wanna say Merry
Christmas, Happy Holidays. I hope yours is an awesome one. I hope you get everything
that you want, okay? Well I’m gonna get going. Until next time, later hot potaters! Happy Holidays! (techno music) No, that’s probably
not what it is, I know. Okay, over here. Go down there. Wig, whack, wobble. Oh, my leg, my shoes! I took my shoes off apparently. Oh no.

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