Annoying Orange Let’s Play – BATTLE SLIMES
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Annoying Orange Let’s Play – BATTLE SLIMES

August 21, 2019

– [Annoying Orange]
Hey hey it’s A to the O back again with another gaming video. – [Little Apple] And Little
Apple, back in the house again, yeah, that’s right. – [Orange] Yeah, that’s
right, and I’m going to slime you, Little Apple. You’re going to get slimed,
Battle Slimed, that is! – [Apple] No way, you’re
going to get slimed. – [Orange] You’re going to get slimed. – [Apple] You’re gonna get-
gonna get- gonna get slimed. – [Orange] Nope, I’m sliming you. You’re gonna get slimed. – [Apple] You’re gonna get
slimed. You’re gonna get slimed. – [Orange] Which arena should we pick? – [Apple] Just pick the first one. – [Orange] All right, let’s do it. So Battle Slime is a game
where you’re a slime, and you battle. (laughs) All right, so I’m blue- – [Apple] And I’m red! – [Orange] Yep, and
you’re red. That’s right. – [Apple] Oh, I got hit. – [Orange] Oh, we both
got hit at the same time. – [Apple] I’m red because,
you know, I’m an apple. So that makes sense. I’m a little apple, so I’m red. And I’m here to kick some blue tail. – [Orange] Come here, come here. – [Apple] Oh, get over here! (laughs) I’ll get you! Right in the face, right in the face. – [Orange] You’re totally
gonna get slimed, Little Apple, come here, I’m going to slime you. – [Apple] No way. – [Orange] Oh, you got slimed already. I didn’t even need to slime you. – [Apple] Yeah, the green guys. – [Orange] (laughs) It
bounced off your head. – [Apple] This game’s a
little chaotic, if you ask me. – [Orange] Jeez, look
at green booger slime, he’s got six points already. Come on, we’ve got to-
let’s team up, Little Apple. – [Apple] Oh, yeah, I got him. I got him. Oh, and then I got hit in the booty. – [Orange] Yeah, you
got hit in the boo-tay. Oh, no, it stomped right on my head. – [Apple] Green guy’s kicking our butts! – [Orange] Stupid green booger slime! Yes! Oh, I hit him, and then he hit me. – [Apple] It’s okay, Orange,
this is our first match, so we’re just getting
used to the game here. – [Orange] It’s true, it’s
not easy being a slime. Because slimes don’t
have arms or legs either, it makes it tough. Oh, yeah! – [Apple] That’s it, I’m
making a comeback right now. I know what I’m doing.
I know what I’m doing. – [Orange] Let’s see you do that. – [Apple] I’m making a comeback. – [Orange] Oh, you got it. – [Apple] One down, oh, two down! – [Orange] You’re almost
up to the first place! – [Apple] Oh, yeah, I’m almost caught up! – [Orange] Aw! – [Apple] Oh, and then
I got hit in the head. – [Orange] Yep, you’re seeing stars. – [Apple] Well, that was pretty
good, I got second place. – [Orange] Yeah, but you got
beat up by green booger slime. – [Apple] So did you! – [Orange] Don’t be talking no trash! – [Apple] You’re the one talking trash! – [Orange] No, you’re talking trash. – [Apple] No, you’re talking trash! (talking trash over each other) – [Orange] Oh, yeah, we’re going again. Okay, let’s do it. – [Apple] Yeah, we’ve
got to keep playing until someone actually wins a round. – [Orange] Like me. – [Apple] Either one of us. – [Orange] Like me. – [Apple] Not the computer players. – [Orange] It’s gonna be me. – [Apple] Oh, yeah, look at that. – [Orange] Oh, yeah. – [Apple] Man. I get so
excited because I’m winning, and then someone comes up
and shoots me in the behind. – [Orange] I’m stuck, get out the way! – [Apple] Jeez. – [Orange] It’s high time for slime time. Oh, sliming it! – [Apple] (groans) The stupid
booger slime keeps hitting me, he’s gonna win! – [Orange] No, he’s snot! (laughs) Get it, snot? Boogers? (laughs) Boogies! – [Apple] Yes, I get it, stop it. – [Orange] You love booger puns. – [Apple] No, in fact, I
actually do not love booger puns, and I would appreciate it
if you stopped right now. – [Orange] The best
thing about booger puns, is I really know how to pick ’em. (laughs) – [Apple] Stop. – [Orange] Get it? – [Apple] No, no! – [Orange] Get it? – [Apple] Yes, I get it, stop it! – [Orange] Oh, Little
Apple, you’re almost in the- okay, never mind. – [Apple] I know, every
time we keep catching up, and then they just hit
us, and then we’re done. We’re done. – [Orange] You know what they say, – [Apple] We can’t even
hardly get a point. Yep, every time we get
a point, we lose it. – [Orange] You know what they say. – [Apple] What? – [Orange] You just gotta buckle down and put your nose to the grindstone! (laughs) – [Apple] What? – [Orange] Booger puns! (laughs) Oh, no, we got shut out. – [Apple] Don’t scream
in my non-existent ears. – [Orange] There’s only one way we can get through this, Little Apple. – [Apple] How? – [Orange] We have to play again! – [Apple] Well, yeah, that’s true. – [Orange] Okay, blue
slime, stop failing me! – [Apple] No, red slime is where it’s at. – [Orange] Oh, you gonna get slimed, boy, you gonna get slimed! – [Apple] Not if I slime you first! – [Orange] Oh, I’m gonna win
this match, Little Apple. You just see. Just see. I’m going on a tear. – [Apple] Oh, yeah? – [Orange] Yeah, I’m gonna
get that green booger slime and I’m gonna just wipe him, (laughs) I’m gonna wipe him everywhere. – [Apple] Ew. – [Orange] He’s gonna be
wiped all over the place. – [Apple] Gross, get away. – [Orange] Oh, look at that, look at that, oh yeah, I got three. Got three, got four. – [Apple] Oh, not for
long, I’m gonna get you. I’m gonna get you. Oh, you hit me. – [Orange] Five, five, six! – [Apple] Oh, man! – [Orange] I’m invincible! Okay, not invincible. Not invincible. – [Apple] I think it was booger slime. – [Orange] Okay, green slime. – [Apple] Yeah, it was
definitely booger slime. – [Orange] What’s the
yellow slime made of? – [Apple] Probably lemons. – [Orange] Ew, Grandpa Lemon slime. – [Apple] I’d prefer
not to think about that, thank you very much. – [Orange] I bet you
instantly regret saying that. – [Apple] I do, I do. – [Orange] Okay, bringing it in. – [Apple] I’m sorry, but I thought- – [Orange] No, I’m gonna win. – [Apple] I was gonna be the winner! – [Orange] Oh, no! – [Apple] Oh, it’s all tied up! – [Orange] We’re all tied! – [Apple] It’s all tied up! – [Orange] We’re tied! – [Apple] Oh, it’s a battle to the death, let’s do this! – [Orange] Come on, oh, no, no, no! – [Apple] I’m gonna get ya! (shouting) – [Orange] Oh, how’d you do that? Oh, man! Oh, eight seconds! – [Apple] No! No, lemon slime’s winning! – [Orange] Oh, no, not lemon slime, gross! – [Apple] We’ve gotta stop him! – [Orange] Grandpa Lemon slime! – [Apple] No! Oh, no! Both green booger slime and
Grandpa Lemon slime won. – [Orange] I was so far ahead that game, and then I just lost it all. – [Apple] Sounds like it calls for another game of Battle Slime! – [Orange] We are gonna win. One of us is gonna win. – [Apple] It’s true, and it’s gonna be me! – [Orange] Nuh-uh, it’s gonna be me! – [Apple] No, it’s gonna be me. – [Orange] No, me. – [Apple] Oh, Grandpa
Lemon slime, you stupid- oh, yeah. Get him. Get him. Come back here, Orange, get back here! – [Orange] Get away from me- ow! – [Apple] Ow! – [Orange] That’s it,
green slime, booger slime, get over- yes! Stolen the crown from the booger slime. – [Apple] And I’m gonna
steal the crown from you! – [Orange] Booger slime,
I hate you so much. – [Apple] I am Little Apple,
and I am invincible! Yes! – [Orange] Oh, man. – [Apple] It’s my crown, baby. – [Orange] No, not if I
take it away from you. – [Apple] Boom, slime! – [Orange] You’re such a
little booger. (laughs) – [Apple] Well, they do
say you are what you eat, so eat some boogers! (laughs) – [Orange] I don’t like this game, I don’t like where it’s going. – [Apple] Oh, yeah, got four points, gotta get some more points. – [Orange] Who’s ready
for some more booger puns? – [Apple] No, no, no more booger puns. – [Orange] Why did the
booger cross the road? – [Apple] No. – [Orange] Because he was
getting picked on. (laughs) – [Apple] Stop. – [Orange] What’s the difference between boogers and broccoli? – [Apple] Stop it! – [Orange] Kids don’t
eat broccoli. (laughs) – [Apple] Oh, gross! Gross! – [Orange] What does a booger
in love tell his girlfriend? – [Apple] No! – [Orange] I’m really
stuck on you. (laughs) Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, (shouting) I got the crown! – [Apple] Yes! Yes! I got the crown! Downtown James Brown, I got the crown! – [Orange] I had the crown
with three seconds left! – [Apple] You were too
busy telling booger puns, that’s what you get. – [Orange] (groans) Foiled
by my own sweet, sweet puns! – [Apple] Stop it. – [Orange] All right, guys,
thanks for watching as always. If you didn’t know already,
we have a gaming channel. Go check it out. We got videos every single day. – [Apple] That’s a lot of videos. – [Orange] Hey, what do
you call a skinny booger? – [Apple] (sighs) What? – [Orange] Slim Pickins! (laughs) – [Apple] (groans) (upbeat electronic music) – I’m ruling this game, digging it! Yes! Now, this is the kind- this is the kind of extremeness that I need in my life right now. Because my life is pretty extreme.

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  2. At 3:43 Orange Said "thats It Green Slime, Booger Slime Get Ove- YES" (he didn't say grandpa lemon slime) (yellow slime) BTW LOVE YOU GUYS. :|)

  3. You yous Chet code's midget apple every time you win against orange m a you don't have a YouTube channel ha ha ha ha ha Midget apple

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