Annoying Orange & Pear play Trivia Crack #5
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Annoying Orange & Pear play Trivia Crack #5

August 15, 2019

– [Pear] Hey guys, it’s… – [Orange] Hey, it’s the best game of all time, Trivia Crack. – [Pear] Here we go again. – [Orange] What’s wrong Pear? You sound less than excited. – [Pear] Yeah. It’s probably because I’m not very excited because every time we play this game it just ends up in arguing… – [Orange] I don’t argue. – [Pear] Screaming… – [Orange] What’s that guy doing then? – [Pear] What city is
referred to as the Motor City? – [Orange] Caropolis. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Engine City, Utah. – [Pear] That’s not, no. – [Orange] Oregon… – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Engines. – [Pear] No, it’s Detroit. – [Orange] Yeah, that’s what I said. – [Pear] I’m pretty sure you
said engine city Utah Oregon. – [Orange] Yeah, Detroit. I don’t know why you can’t hear me, Pear. I’m saying it loud and clear. – [Pear] You’re saying it wrong. – [Orange] I need to say it louder? – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Don’t choose the scary lemon. Okay, thank goodness. – [Pear] Who is the
author of Charlotte’s Web? – [Orange] Spider Sammy. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Arachnid Amy. – [Pear] (laughing) Not a person. – [Orange] Eight-legged Larry. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Webby Wanda. – [Pear] No, it’s E.B. White. – [Orange] Uh uh. – [Pear] Yes. – [Orange] It was Webby Wanda. – [Pear] No, it wasn’t. – [Orange] You never
pick my answers, Pear. – [Pear] I guess I don’t understand why you like playing this game cuz
you don’t actually help me. – [Orange] What do you mean? I’m totally helping you. – [Pear] Yeah. Who plays the role of Captain America in the movie Captain America? – [Orange] I’m gonna go
with Captain America. – [Pear] I kinda thought you would. – [Orange] Captain
America is Captain America in Captain America. What, what? Hey! You didn’t pick my answer. – [Pear] That’s cuz you were wrong. – [Orange] Well, Captain America
did play Captain America. – [Pear] Moving on. – [Orange] Don’t change the subject, Pear. – [Pear] I’m not. We’re just playing the game here. – [Orange] Double powerups,
double chance powerup! Let’s do it. – [Pear] What famous TV series named many of its characters after philosophers? – [Orange] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. – [Pear] No, those were painters. – [Orange] Uh uh, Pear. They were turtles. – [Pear] No, I mean their names. They were artists. – [Orange] You and I were
watching different shows. They were turtles. – [Pear] Oh my God, okay, alright. – [Orange] Pear, ya picked the wrong one. – [Pear] I didn’t know the answer. – [Orange] I told you what the answer was. – [Pear] A, you were wrong. B, you weren’t even answering answers that were on the answer list. – [Orange] Answering
answer on the answer list? Answer, answer. – [Pear] Zip the lip! What is the third most
used language in the US? – [Orange] Burping. – [Pear] Pretty sure
that’s not a language. – [Orange] I’m pretty sure it is, Pear. Watch, I can burp the alphabet. – [Pear] No – [Orange] (burping) A, B, C, – [Pear] Stop it. – [Orange] (burping) D, E, F, – [Pear] Quit it. – [Orange] (burping) G, H. – [Pear] Knock it off. – [Orange] (laughing) What? Didn’t you like that? – [Pear] No. – [Orange] I didn’t
even get half way though the alphabet there, Pear. – [Pear] Good, I didn’t want you to. – [Orange] Party poo-Pear. – [Pear] Shut it. What United States city
is called Sin City? – [Orange] Burpopolis. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] It’s a really nice place. – [Pear] I’m not disputing that. – [Orange] It’s completely wind-powered. – [Pear] Knock it off. (Orange burping) Stop it! Would you quit with the burping? – [Orange] What, you
didn’t like my answer? – [Pear] No, you have
not given me one answer that has actually been on the list once. – [Orange] I hate lists. – [Pear] Maybe once in a past episode. I can’t even remember at this point. Whose legacy stems from a hotel magnate? – [Orange] I think you mean magnet, Pear. – [Pear] No, I don’t. – [Orange] That’s what it
says right there, magnet! – [Pear] No, it’s spelled differently. – [Orange] Do you not
know what a magnet is? – [Pear] Oh my goodness. Paris Hilton. – [Orange] What? – [Pear] Have you never
heard of the Hilton. – [Orange] Have you even
heard of the fruit-inn? – [Pear] No, cuz it’s not a thing. – [Orange] Sure, it is. That’s gonna be my hotel chain. – [Pear] Yeah, you do that. Who was the first Hispanic
actor to win an Academy Award? – [Orange] Dumbledore! – [Pear] I’m not even gonna dignify that answer with a response. – [Orange] Too late! You already did (laughing). – [Pear] No, it’s Jose. – [Orange] Really? – [Pear] Yeah. – [Orange] No way, Jose (laughing). – [Pear] Should have seen that coming. – [Orange] Get it? No way, Jose. – [Pear] Yes, I get it, I get it! – [Orange] Woah, careful, Pear. – [Pear] What? – [Orange] Don’t get
yourself so worked up. Just calm down. – [Pear] Which constellation
is associated with the lion? – [Orange] Hey, Pear. – [Pear] Yeah? – [Orange] What’s a constellation? – [Pear] It’s a formation of stars. – [Orange] Are you sure
you aren’t lion (laughing)? – [Pear] No, it’s Leo. No, I didn’t like that. – [Orange] What you didn’t like that one? – [Pear] No, I didn’t like that. – [Orange] I think that was pretty funny. – [Pear] Nope, it wasn’t. – [Orange] For my money,
it was real funny honey. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Yeah, boy! – [Pear] Stop it. – [Orange] Get that spin, spin that wheel, spin that wheel, fart. – [Pear] It’s art, not fart. What is another name for Violet? – [Orange] Well, personally, I like to call her Screamy McCrackins. – [Pear] I see you are
not going to be any help. – [Orange] She really doesn’t like it when I call her that though. – [Pear] I don’t care. – [Orange] I call her that, though, because she screams all the time. – [Pear] Yeah, I’m sure she does. – [Orange] She does, Pear. You’re right, she does. – [Pear] I wish you would just, you know, when we get a question, I
really wish you would pick from the list that it gives us. – [Orange] Okay, okay, I will. – [Pear] I’ll believe that when I see it. – [Orange] Popcorn! – [Pear] Which car insurance
company’s spokesperson is Flo? – [Orange] Progressively
Allstate Farm USAA. – [Pear] You answered all of them. – [Orange] Well, that’s
what you wanted me to do. – [Pear] No, pick one. – [Orange] I gave you the answer. – [Pear] It’s Progressive! That’s what the answer is. It’s not all of them mashed together. – [Orange] You don’t understand
how to play this game, Pear. – [Pear] You don’t understand
how to play the game! (Pear and Orange arguing) Who of the following didn’t participate in the Cuban Revolution? – [Orange] Cubicle Carl. – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Cubicle Chris. – [Pear] That’s not
what they mean by Cuban. – [Orange] Cubicle Craig? – [Pear] There’s no such
person as a cubicle! (Orange laughing) Hugo Chavez. – [Orange] Sounds like a real square. – [Pear] He wasn’t. – [Orange] (laughing) Get it? Cuban, cube, square. – [Pear] Stop it. – [Orange] (laughing) Joke. – [Pear] Stop it, stop
it, stop it, stop it. – [Orange] What? – [Pear] Man, I almost hope
we land on scary lemon. – [Orange] No, don’t say that, Pear! Don’t land on scary lemon. He’s scary. – [Pear] Well, we haven’t
landed on him yet so. Who sculpted the statue David currently located in Florence, Italy? – [Orange] Michelangelo, Donatello, Leo… Hey, it’s the Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles! – [Pear] No, they’re artists. – [Orange] For the last
time, they’re turtles! – [Pear] They’re artists! – [Orange] They’re turtles! – [Pear] They’re artists! – [Orange] They’re Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles. – [Pear] Oh my gosh. You don’t… Oh man. – [Orange] You don’t
know what turtles are. – [Pear] I’m gonna burst. – [Orange] Severed finger! – [Pear] It’s not a severed finger. – [Orange] Yeah, it is. – [Pear] Okay, powerups, skip. Okay, which one of the following
is a famous space shuttle? – [Orange] Pluto! – [Pear] That’s a planet. – [Orange] Uh uh, Pear, it’s not a planet. It came out in science. – [Pear] You know what I mean. – [Orange] The science
said it’s not a planet. – [Pear] You know what I mean. Oh my gosh. – [Orange] You don’t
know what a planet is. – [Pear] It’s Discovery. – [Orange] I think you need to discover what an actual planet is (laughing). – [Pear] Okay, guess what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna spin the wheel. – [Orange] Yeah, spin that wheel. – [Pear] Yep, spin the wheel. – [Orange] Spin that wheel. – [Pear] For more fun. – [Orange] Yeah, it’s fun. – [Pear] Alright, geography. – [Orange] Why is it raining on him? – [Pear] I don’t know. What is the capital of Puerto Rico? – [Orange] Gesundheit. – [Pear] I didn’t sneeze! – [Orange] I know you didn’t. That’s my answer. – [Pear] Your answer is
gesundheit, Puerto Rico. – [Orange] Yep, that’s my
answer and I’m stickin to it. – [Pear] Well you got a big
fat…(buzzing from Pear) San Juan. – [Orange] Why would you Juan to be so mean to me (laughing)? – [Pear] Okay, that’s it, that’s it. I’m done, I’m done, I’m leaving. – [Orange] Where ya going? – [Pear] I’m not playing anymore. – [Orange] Where ya going, Pear? Come back. – [Pear] No, I’m leaving. – [Orange] We still have
lots more trivia crack. Come back! – [PEAR] No. (arcade music) – [Orange] Yay! Oh, that’s why you don’t
like fireworks (laughing). My country, ’tis of thee, sweet fireworks lighting
up your butt (laughing). Aw, man. Those guys were having
a real conversation.

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  1. Orange you should play with Passion Fruit, Marshmallow, Little Apple, Grapefruit and Grandpa Lemon! Maybe also play more with Pear but really discuss the answers with Pear but be less annoying sometimes no offense!

  2. orange those people you say are "turtles" yes they are turtles but they were named after the artists and sculptor.

  3. Pear:No
    Pear:STOP IT!
    Pear:Quit it!
    Pear:STOPITAAAAAAAH!!!!! (Orange laugh)
    Pear: Knock it off x4

  4. Cubicle Carl

    Cubicle Chris

    Cubicle Craig

    Cubicle Chavez

    Cubicle Castro

    Cubicle Cientuegos

    Cubicle Cruise

    Cubicle Callas

    Cubicle Chavela

    Cubicle Cooper

    Cubicle Clint

    Cubicle C
    Cubicle C

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