Annoying Orange Plays – Amazing Frog #4: ZOMBIE SEWERS!
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Annoying Orange Plays – Amazing Frog #4: ZOMBIE SEWERS!

August 26, 2019

(electronic music) (laughing) – [Narrator] Hey yo, it’s A to the O back again with another
game video and guess what? You know what it is. It’s Amazing Frog. (laughter) Ooh, test rooms. I can do all kinds of stuff, can’t I? Zombie Testing Sewer? Gotta check that out. It’s been way too long since
I’ve played Amazing Frog. It’s one of the best games ever created. (laughter) That’s a lot of zombies, gees. Well, he got me right away. I didn’t even get a chance. Apparently, zombie frogs
really like frog legs. (laughter) Get up, buddy. Excuse me, coming through. No! (stammering) Let go! (lamenting) Man, zombies kill me so fast. Okay, how do I get out of here because I don’t want
to be in here anymore. I don’t like all the zombies. They’re killing me every two seconds. (laughter) It would probably help
if you could face plant into the zombies. The zombie hoard. (shouting) There are so many zombies. (laughter) Yeah. (laughter) We’re bouncing zombies up in the air. (laughter) Ow! Get on the trampoline. (laughter) Zombies. (laughter) It’s the one weakness. I did not know that zombies had a weakness and they were trampolines. This is amazing. (laughter) Ah man, we were having a party. Trampoline party up in here. Dang it. Okay, start me over. Here we go. (flatulence) (laughter) I just farted in a zombie’s face. Oh he didn’t like it. No! (laughter) Okay, well I probably deserved
that for farting in his face. No, zombie hoard. I want out of here. Come on, give the barrel. Come on. (explosion)
Yeah! (laughter) Oh that was a blast. Oh they’re all still alive. How are you still alive? Here, have some meat. Come on, you don’t want the magical meat that just came out of nowhere? And it’s magical mystery meat. Please, no! Zombies, please leave me alone. (laughter) Oh. Guess it was all just a pipe dream. (laughter) Okay, I’ve got to make a call now. (laughter) Okay, finally back in the regular world. Gees. Now we’re having a ball. (laughter) Or falling into one anyways. (laughter) Don’t box me in bro. (laughter) I love you, Amazing Frog. You’re so much fun. I don’t think I’ve ever
been able to get up there. Dang it. (laughter) When all else fails, lay on the ground and be propelled by your own farts. Seems good to me. Ooh, what’s this. Oh yeah. This thing’s pooping out stuff but I don’t know what it’s pooping out. I’m collecting it, it’s giving me stuff, but I don’t even know what I’m getting. (laughter) It looks like confetti maybe. I love confetti. I love confetti and throwing it at yeti. And I’m not just saying
that because it rhymes. (laughter) What? Yeah, he loves a good party. Confetti party up in here. Okay, let’s go to town. Alright, we’re back in town. Hey buddy, how’s it going. (grunts)
(laughter) What, I was just face planting
into you a little bit. You’re coming with me. Should we put him in, okay let’s see. No, no, I didn’t mean to do that. Get this out of here. See, it’s been far too long
since I’ve played this game. I forgot all the controls. Find the green button to active weapons. (whooping) Don’t mind if I do. It’s on the building with the fly picture. Where’s the fly picture? Is that it in the distance? I think I see it. We’re gonna go up in the cannon ball. Here it is. Oh shoot! (laughter) Uh oh. (grunting) (laughter) I almost got all the way up there. Yeah. Ow-ee. (laughter) I want the car. Yeah it’s just taking me a little bit to remember everything. (laughter) It’s been so long. Amazing Frog, I’ve missed you so much. Alright, going up the ramp. We’re gonna ramp it. Hey, another trampoline. Let’s hit it. Boing. (laughter) Yeah, I’m really flipping out. (whooping) Is that a bouncy castle? I saw a bouncy castle
while I was up there. Alright, who needs doors? I don’t. Okay, let me see. This might be the building. (stuttering) (laughter) I’m a good driver. Secret doors. It says stay out so that
means I go in it right? Anytime something says that
I should stay out of it, or not do it, that makes
me wanna do it more. You know, isn’t that how it goes. So if you don’t want me to do something, you should tell me to do it
because then I won’t do it, because then I’ll be like, well, if you want me to
do it, I ain’t doing it. (laughter) Oh now I’m back in the sewers again. Is there gonna be a bunch of zombies. Pumpkins. Oh my gourd. (laughter) Can I pick this up? Wow. I’ve got pumpkin head. Oh now I lost it. I want a pumpkin head though. Yeah. Pumpkin McKraken. That’s what I’m gonna call myself now. Pumpkin McKraken. (laughter) He’s even more top heavy now. Uh oh. Which way to go? Who knows? Hey what’s this? Oh, my pumpkin head. Oh no. It’s an LOL bunker? (laughter) How do I get in the LOL bunker? What’s in there? I wanna know. If it says LOL, of
course I wanna go in it. (grunting) It doesn’t work. Something tells me that if you put a vending machine down in the sewers, you’re not gonna get very many customers. Oh wait, what’s that? There’s something on the other side. I can’t stop. Sometimes, it’s annoying when you fall. (laughter) But it’s still hilarious. (grunting) Stuck. (laughter) No, don’t throw it. I pressed the wrong button. It’s because I don’t have fingers. Whoa, wow, it’s a flame thrower. Wow, things are really heating up now. (laughter) I approve. What is this? (groaning) Okay, Amazing Frog does not
know how to operate doors. Respawn Point? I can’t. I’m stuck. Ow. (laughter) Anything that you can do. Whoa, there’s just guns
laying around everywhere? Okay, I found the weapons, guys. They’re down in the
sewers for some reason. I mean, that would be the first place I would check for guns. Uh oh. What’s with the creepy noise? I’m gonna take the leap of faith. Here we go. (laughter) He’s taking his landings (stuttering). I didn’t mean to fall. Perfect groin landing, yay. He really did learn from Buttman. (shouting) Where was the creepy mime? Uh oh, there’s zombies down here. Man, not again. All up in here with the zombies. No, don’t throw it. I keep doing that. (laughter) Maybe you should shoot at. No get away. Shoot at the zombies, not at the floor. That’ll probably help you a lot more. Get away from me zombies. I’m a frog with a machine
gun all up in your business. (laughter) Hey, get away from me. Don’t touch me. I’m very sensitive. I’ve got sensitive frog legs. (laughter) Don’t touch them. Hey I shot him in the butt. It’s Call of Booty. (laughter) They should make a game called that. Call of Booty. Maybe somebody already
did, you never know. It’s just a game where you
shoot people in the butt. I like it. It’s a great idea. No, get away from me. Zombie frogs everywhere. Do you guys not die? Are you invincible? No, get away. Uh oh. No. Don’t bop the frog legs. Oh wait, there’s a flame thrower. Yes. It’s time for you to flame on. Oh no, I dropped it again. I keep doing that. I pressed the wrong button. Oh yeah. If you can’t stand the
heat, get out of the sewer. Liar, liar, pants on fire. (laughter) Really is. All your pants will be on fire. Who needs them? Okay, what am I supposed to do down here? Okay, let’s hop in this thing
and see where this takes me. Wee! Oh hey, no! (shouting) you’ve gotta be kidding me. There was a zombie up there. Wow. I was feeling the air in my derrière too. It felt so good and then
it got bitten by a zombie in the behind. That did not feel good. Definitely don’t like that. Alright, who wants some. Yeah, that’s right. You stay down. Make no bones about it. (laughter) He lost his head. There he is. He’s floating around in the fan again. You stay away from there. Where’d you come from? Were you just hiding around the corner? What the… Come on, they’re still alive
even after they’re bones? Nobody understands this. (laughter) Get it? Because you don’t have a body anymore. Hey froggy, you having a blast? (laughter) He is. What the heck? I just killed all you guys and now you’re all back. This is not gonna end well. (laughter) Okay quickly, I wanna
know what’s in the fan. Fan, take me to your leader. Wee! Ooh, there’s a platform. I can get to that platform over there. There we go, I’m a fan of this idea. Alright, okay. We’re coming down. Uh oh. Don’t hit the barrels,
don’t hit the barrels. (laughter) Serving up frog legs. Exploding frog legs, that is. (laughter) I’m getting out of the sewer. I hate this place. It’s stinky. It’s got zombies and
stinky zombies, of course. (laughter) Froggy, use the door. There you go. I know it’s very difficult for you, but go into the light. (laughter) Hey, what you reading buddy? (laughter) Hey come with me. We’re gonna go for a ride. Wee! (laughter) Aim it just right. Brap. (grunting) (laughter) He’s just being patriotic. He wanted to check out those flags. Salute the flag. Instead of saluting the flag,
I just rocketed into them at 800 miles an hour. That’s fun too. Okay, get in the cannon. (laughter) What the… Ow! (laughter) I broke myself. Yes, now shoot this right. Otherwise you’re getting
a knuckle sandwich. I see you mocking me. Yeah, I see you mocking me blimp. I’m gonna get up to you. Yeah. Uh oh. Uh oh. (groans) (laughter) Ow. Froggy really knows how to
have a blast, doesn’t he? (laughter) That was amazing. (laughter) Alright. Let’s go for a little joy ride. Hey, there’s a protester. What’s he got? What’s your sign say? (laughter) Pretty sure it probably
says don’t run me over. (laughter) Sorry, I couldn’t listen to your sign. Wasn’t my fault. He was run over when I got here. Abandon ship. (laughter) Okay. I know those blimps. I’m gonna get to them. And I’m not full of hot air either. I’m gonna get to those blimpies. Okay, maybe if I shoot myself up there, maybe they’ll be another cannon. (whooping) Frog legs up in your business. What are you doing? Uh oh. (groaning) Groin landing. Hey check out this guy. He’s got a foam finger. Can I see the point. (laughter) Hey buddy. Can I have your foam finger, please? Please. Ah he won’t give it to me. (grunts) (laughter) Alright, guys. Well, I’m gonna get going right now. I’m gonna keep trying to figure out how to get up to those blimpies. We’re gonna get ’em guys. We’re gonna do it. Owee. Alright. (mumbling) Til next time. Later, hop to froggies. Here it is, here it is. Yeah. (flatulence) (laughter) The fart slowed you down. (electronic music)

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