Annoying Orange Plays – Amazing Frog #6: FROGGY BUTTS!
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Annoying Orange Plays – Amazing Frog #6: FROGGY BUTTS!

August 26, 2019

– [Annoying Orange] Hey yo,
it’s A to the O back again with another gaming video, Amazing Frog. Are you a fan of mime frogs? Apparently mime frog’s not a fan of fans. Try saying that five times fast. Mime frog’s not a fan of fans. Mime frog’s not a fan of fans. Mime frog’s not a fan– okay it’s not that hard. What’s in here? Better go check it out. Staff only, that’s me. Ow, hey! What do you mean mimes
aren’t a part of the staff? That’s it, I’m protesting. This whole business I mimeist. Taking this football too, ya mimeists. Who wants to play some ball? I got a funky frog legs over here. Yo, take it to the bridge. Oh no, my football! Oh no, all is lost. Excuse me frog ladies. Excuse me, coming through. Hey! What the eject button? Why even happened? Car just pooped me out. I don’t like it. Don’t do that to me. Don’t poop me out, car. Gotta get up to that blimp. You are staring at a froggy butt. I know what you were doing, I saw you. Whee! Back up here again. Hello friends. Cool, a skate park. Yeah! That’s how I enter all skate parks, can I get up there? Well stop trying to lick it. Come on, come on, frog mime. Okay, if I can’t get up there, I’m gonna to have to use a rascal. Here we go! Oh, almost got up the– uh oh. Help, I broke the– okay fixed it. Good, we’re all good. Frog life represent, yo. Yeah, now that’s how you do it. And that’s how you get out of the vehicle. Every time you slide out
just like that, so good. RC madness! Okay, let’s ramp it up good. Gotta get some speed
going and then, whohoo! Super stunts. Land on your wheels. Hey, that was pretty good. I’m taking this downtown. Whee, oh, ow. Gonna take that — oh, owwie. It’s, well, yup, go. Just missed, it’s fine. It’s fine, it’s gonna
be good, gonna be good. Mime, you can do it frog legs. Ooo, balloons, grab it. Woah, ya mis– (laughter) okay, just yeah, just
bounce on the trampoline. It’s not that hard. There ya go. Funky flying frog legs! Almost got a balloon, I want the balloon. Give em to me, grab ’em. Mime froggy, you’re full of hot air. I want balloons! I can’t– oh. It blew up on my back. I feel weird, I feel really weird now. You gotta hit it just right, there we go. Oh yeah, got some sweet air. Great landing, froggy. Hello, sir, you’re coming with me. That’s right, you’ve won
an all expense paid trip off the top of the roof! Oh, sorry, doesn’t look like
he had a very nice trip. Funky frog legs, turn up the music. Yeah, got that funky music
going, you can’t stop me. Maybe I’ll go check and
see how my friends are do– hey, what are you doing? Oh no! Funky frog mime can’t have kids anymore. Hey there, buddy, whatcha lookin at? Maybe you’d like a closer look. There you go! Am I evil? Did I turn into an evil mime frog? Did that happened just now, I’m sorry. I’m just trying to help
you, you just get out now. Now just come with me, we’re
doing really fun things here. Whee, see it’s fun. Another perfect groin landing. Ow, you’re entangled in me, don’t do that. Oh look, it’s a prisoner escaping. The police are trying to catch him. I’ll help you police, I’ll get him. Oh, you already got him. Oh, now I ran you over. I’m a good helper. Excuse me, coming through. Is is ironic that the mime
kinda looks like a prisoner? (gasps) Maybe in this world,
mimes are the prisoners. Oh no, excuse me, coming through. A word to the wise, you
probably shouldn’t stand in the middle of the
road when I’m driving. Excuse yourself. Gonna ramp it, I’m gonna ramp it! Yeah, yehaw, oh no. Amazing frog makes you
want to bounce, bounce. Oh no, there went my hood. Owwie. Here we go, gonna try and clear it. One, two, three, not even close. What the heck are these things
made of, styrofoam or what? We gotta catch the bus, here we go. Why does the car keep ejecting me? Why does it do that? Alright, funky frog
legs, who needs a ride? Come on, everybody,
we’re going to frog mart. It’s like Walmart for froggies. Discount frog legs. Alright, let’s see if we can get bouncing cause, I think, I think we
can get in some good stuff. I just gotta get to it. Feeling good about this
one, feeling good, come on. Yeah, now that’s good,
okay, get over there, get over there, get over there. Yes, I’ve not been over here yet. Perfect, butt man froggy landing. Okay, what’s this button do? Wow, yeah! Yeah, balloon party, wow. What did I say to the balloon
when I want it to hurry up? Pop to it! Yeah, poppin’ balloons with my groin. Oh, I missed, come on. Yay, that was a good one. This is the best game ever. Take two of these and
call me in the morning, if you’re not exploded, oh! Don’t blow your top. Oh yeah, froggy parkour. Okay, let’s see inside here. Oh, I see another cannon. Okay, let’s keep this going, see if I can get to that other building. Come on, froggy, you can do it. Yeah, put your back into it, ow. No, that was close. If wouldn’t of stood up I
would’ve fell right off there. Hey, it’s flaming tire, my favorite. Is this ketchup, is that
what’s in here, ketchup? I love ketchup, lots of it. I just throw it off the
side yeah, there we go. Yay, look out below! Oh, so you’re telling me
it’s not explosive ketchup. Oh, fine. Okay, let’s see if we can get up here. Come on frog legs. Funky frog legs, flying funky frog legs. Whoohoo, there we are. Hey, there’s somethin’ up here. There’s something up here,
I gotta check it out. Come on! It’s a new costume, show I change? Yeah, I think it’s high time
to get rid of the mime time. Sorry, I gotta go fart. (flatulence) Ooo, stinky. Wow, he looks like Captain America. Get back on there, yes. Oh, nice landing. Captain Froggy America,
here to save the world and land on his groin a bunch a times. Hey, whatever floats your boat. Boing. Maybe the saying should be
whatever bounces your frog. Because that would be– ow! You bounced a fart right out of ya, buddy. Get some tech up in here, come on. Captain Froggy America,
you’re not doing it right. Here we go, here we go. Woah, feel good about this
one, let’s go, let’s go. Can we do it, can we do it? We did it! Woah, giant soccer ball,
what’s that doin’ up here. Woah, hey, it’s the fly. I found it, I found it. Gun app, remote control to
activate the green button. I have no idea what that
means, but we’re gonna do it. What the bazooka? Things just got real up in here. If funky frog-like Captain
America can pick up the thing, it’d be great. Come on, no. That’s not, that is not the
correct way to carry a bazooka. Just tellin’ ya, just sayin, just sayin. Here’s how much I hate you, blimp. Come on. Yeah, hit it. Did I hit it? Aw, I missed. I’m having a ball with this thing, woah! Hey there it goes. Oh man, uh oh, it’s
rolling with the punches. Is it gonna fall on anybody? Please, please, aw it
didn’t fall on anybody. Don’t box me in, bro. Box crowd surfing, my favorite. Looks like there’s only one way down. Oh no! Oh, your butt broke your fall, buddy. Here we go, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it. I didn’t do it, I didn’t do
it, wasn’t me, wasn’t me. That bus was totally
exploding when I got here. I think this thing just needs
a little bit more testing so. That one broke the world. Sorry, bus. Gonna come– okay so what you’re saying
is you don’t want me to use the bazooka when I’m using the trampoline. Those two don’t mix? Okay, good to know. Funky frog farts, yeah, good job, buddy. Yeah, Captain America,
Froggy America combined. Hey, who put a barrel
here, why put a barrel– I meant to do that. Don’t mind me, just bouncing around. Bounce house, my fave– okay, don’t go in the bounce house. Yeah, bouncy castle, let’s do it, come on. Oh, no, someone farted
in the bounce house. I didn’t do it, wasn’t me. Come on. Lefrog James. Lebron froggy, come on. We’re gonna dunk it. Oh yeah, here’s we go, we’re
gonna dunk it Lebron-style. Here we go, oh yeah, goin
up for that Lebron dunk. Yeah, ow, almost got it. Hit my booty, hit my booty on the rim. Come on. I le-bricked it. It’s not easy being Lebron Frog. Takes serious skills. Come on, Lebron Froggy. You can do it, going for that dunk. Well, while Lebron Froggy
practices his skills, I’m gonna sign off for now. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure you do everything
(mumbles) so good. Until next time, later hop to, froggies.

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