Annoying Orange plays Game of War!
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Annoying Orange plays Game of War!

September 1, 2019

– [Orange] Hey yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming video and we’re gonna play
Game of War: Fire Age. Oh I can’t wait for this one guys. I’ve been waiting a long time. Okay so where do I find Kate Upton? Which building is she in? Do I have to build the
building that she’s in? Okay, I’ll do that (laughs). So how are you guys doing today? Hopefully you’re doing pretty good. So I’m gonna start pretty much from the beginning here
and you guys are gonna kinda learn as I learn. So it looks like you got a base,
got a lot of empty squares. You gotta put buildings in those squares and build up your base,
make it super awesome. So let’s start building our buildings. Well I gotta say the most important thing that you gotta build in a game of war is barracks ’cause we gotta
get some of those troops. ‘Cause as you know, most wars aren’t won with macaroni salad. You gotta use troops, so let’s get to it. Okay so now that we
have our barracks down, now we can move on to some other things. So first, what we wanted to, whoa. It’s Kate Upton, she’s here! Kate Upton, I have so
many questions for you like will you marry me? (laughs) Okay seriously, let’s
start playing the game. Okay so, we want to build some swordsmen and we’re gonna put ’em on
to train, put ’em in a box? No, just kidding. That means we’re gonna train them. We’re gonna make our swordsmen
so they can go attack and then wait, Kate Upton,
come back, come back. Oh, don’t run away from your feelings. Alone once again. Okay, let’s start building
our base out some more. Okay, right here we’re
gonna put an academy so that way we can research improvements for my empire, my evil orange empire. Oh, why am I evil? Okay so now we’re gonna
put down a hospital because you in war, a lot
of people get injured. We’re gonna have to treat a
lot of butt bruises, you know? Yo know when you’re sword
fighting and somebody gets stabbed in the butt, butt bruises. Like, you gotta have a hospital. Alright, woohoo, I joined an alliance. Being in an alliance
helps you a lot because you can share stuff with each other, they can help you advance your empire. You can help them, it’s pretty awesome. I’m gonna tell Midget
Apple to join my alliance. He’ll love it a little. Alright, training’s done. Before I go use my troops, check this out. Look it, you can do all kinds of quests. You can do basic quests, VIP quests. I think there’s even a
quest in here to find out Marshmallow’s gender. Just kidding, we’ll never tell. Okay we’re gonna need lots of resources so we gotta build mines
and quarries and farms and logging camps and all kinds of stuff. You know what they say
about logging camps. It’s the woods that make it good. Look at that guy chopping. I’m gonna call him Steven McAxepants. Keep chopping, Steven. Alright, another quest completed. Yeehaw. Aw, a secret gift? Why are you telling me? It’s not a secret anymore. Look at all my minions down there. I sure do like having minions. Aw man, I’ve completed so many quests. I’m on an all-time quest best. Yeah, give me that booty. Whoa, level up, yeah, sweet. See, every time you level
up, you get skill points, which then you can put towards, you know, really important things
like building a castle, built with nothing but trampolines. Nah, you can use skill
points to make everything in your empire better like better troops. Man, speaking of troops, it’s high time to do some butt-kicking
so let’s look around and see what other kinds of
bases we have around here. Ooh, look at this empire. Don’t worry buddy, I’m
not coming to attack you. I just know that you’re
new to the neighborhood. I was just gonna bring you a nice casserole or something, you know? I’m just, don’t worry about all my troops that I’m bringing, my swordsmen,
slingers and outriders. I’m bringing them all, but don’t worry. We’re not gonna attack. Like I said, tuna casserole. See, the thing of it is,
it’s a huge tuna casserole. That’s why I need so many
troops to help me carry it. It’s definitely, I’m not gonna
use the troops to attack you. Casserole, yo, casserole, yo. (Orange laughs) Okay, we’re here. I’ve got your casserole,
really, it’s a casserole. Just open up the gates,
thank you for letting me into your gates and type for a hoedown. Oh no, oh no, oh the
hoedown got too extreme and now everything’s on fire. Are you guys synchronized crunking? Well, I guess that’s one
way to defeat an empire. Man, my dancing sure was hot. Don’t worry guys, I’m sure the fire department will be here soon. Alright, back to home sweet home. Woo, upgrade complete,
empire quest, empire quests. Yes, so many things completed. Okay, give me a second. I gotta help out my teammates. I’m gonna help you and you
and definitely gonna help you. I’m not gonna help you, CheeseQuake. I’m definitely, okay I’ll help you. Alright, look at all my
minions working away. You know, it’s great too. They work for vuvuzelas. That’s all, you don’t
even have to pay them. You just give them vuvuzelas
and they’re like yay. The empire gets a little
noisy sometimes though. Alright now we gotta build
a villa because people apparently need a place to sleep. They can’t just be happy
with their vuvuzelas. They always want more, more, more, more. Okay, let’s build another one. Okay, upgrade that. Okay, I need a quarry. You want know what? That really rocks. Get it, rocks? Oh yeah, let’s build another one. Come on, guys. Okay hopefully they don’t mind that I put the quarry right here. Hopefully it doesn’t
cause any hard feelings. Get it, hard rocks? Okay that one was a stretch, I know. Hey, everyone in my clan, guess what? Guess what, I’m an Orange. Sorry, it’s really hard to
type when you don’t have hands. Alright let’s see, let’s take
a look around this map here. Ooh, check out this guy,
what’s he got going on? Ooh, I like your empire buddy. I’m gonna come visit you. I’m gonna welcome you to the neighborhood. Let’s bring all of my troops
because it’s really important. I need as many troops as
possible to carry this pie. It’s not a very big pie,
but I need a lot of help. IT’s really dense pie, it’s really heavy so that’s why I need a lot of help, guys. One thing you can do, if
you get tired of waiting for them to walk, you can
actually speed them up. You can go to here and
push this power-up there and you got pegasus wings
and now they walk faster. Yeah. Hey buddy, did you
order hundreds of troops and an apple pie, well
I’m here to deliver. Let’s do a hoedown. (Orange hums) Oh no, I started on fire again. Oh, my dance moves are so
hot they can’t take the heat. I’m sorry, my dance
moves, I can’t stop them. The need to dance comes from within and I can’t stop that,
guys, and I also can’t help that it says here empire on fire. Not my fault, not my fault. Alright after another successful attack, my empire is sure thriving. It looks great. Well, I think that’s
enough for this episode. Thank you so much guys for watching and let me know if you
want me to keep playing. And also make sure to hit that link below so you can start playing Game of War and you get 100 free gold. On top of that, leave me
a comment in the comment area below letting me
know what you’re gonna buy with all that awesome gold. And the top three comments
are gonna get awesome prizes. The best comment gets an
official t-shirt and 1,000 gold. Second prize gets an
uncommon material chest containing rare items and 2,000 gold and third place gets 1,000 gold. Alright, so leave me a comment
in the comment area below. What are you gonna use with all that gold? Alright guys, ’til next
time, later hot pataters. (energetic music)

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