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Annoying Orange – Previously On

August 17, 2019

-(Midget Apple) Previously on Annoying Orange… -No, Orange, you don’t get it. I’m tired of being the voice of reason around here. If you won’t take me seriously, then, then maybe it’s time for me to leave the kitchen… for good. -(Orange) Hey! Hey, Pear! -Yeah, Orange? [rapid gunfire] -You think we could talk about this later? [ptew! ptew!] [boom!] -If my calculations are correct, this concoction will turn me into a full-grown apple. Now all I have to do is– -Yay! I love Kool-Aid! -Marshmallow! No! -Uh-oh, that didn’t taste like cherries. [growling] -Oh no! -Oh yeah! -No, I don’t believe it. It can’t be. You’re behind all of this madness? -Well, duh. Come on, I thought it was pretty obvious. [laughs evilly] [ptew! ka-boom!] [people scream, car alarms sounding] [boom!] -One of ours? -Not big enough. -Yay! I look like Robin Hood on a Jet Ski! [laughs] -Orange, get back here with my pretty green hat! Orange! Whoa-whoa– [splash!] -See? This is what I’m talking about. You never listen to me. -Aw, come on, Pear. I thought you wanted to get out of the kitchen. [laughs, Pear groans] -And if you thought that was a bunch of fluff, just wait until you get a load of this ginormous marshmallow! What the Buck? -Yay! Clouds taste like cotton candy! [munching, people screaming] -Ugh! This lip-tickler’s driving me crazy. -Shut up, Pear. We’re all joined to keep a low profile. -Low profile? I guess that means Midget Apple will have to– -Oh, shut up, already! -Laaame! -Lame and fake. -Pistachios did it first. -Oh, yeah! I got you now, Orange. Let’s see if your smart mouth will get you out of this– -(computer) Warning! Fuel cells have been depleted. All systems shutting down. [power-down hum] -Oh boy. That’s, uh, that’s not good. [turbines powering down] -Oh no! He’s coming right at us! -Yeah, he’s a real grapefruit of wrath. [laughs] -Orange, I know we don’t have much time, but there’s something that I always wanted you to know. -Really? What is it, Passion? -Be careful when you take off. These jet packs are really fast. [jet packs whoosh] -Neato burrito! -Yay! Come on, Pear, I’ll race you. [laughs with Pear] -All right, wait for me, guys. [jet pack whirs down] Guys? Guys? [screaming] -(Midget Apple) And now the thrilling conclusion! -[fluttering lips] Bored. Hmm… Hey, hey Tangerine! -Hello, audience. What is up? -Nothin’. Slow day, huh? -Yeah. Slow. -Yep. Slow, slow, slow. -Yep. Slow as a bucket of balls on a balcony. -Slowest day ever. -Yep. Bless your face. -Ooh, hey! By the way… -Yeah? -Knife! -[screams, slice!] -Ah! Yugh, poor Tangerine. Why did he “half” to go? [laughs] [groans in boredom] Bored. Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. -(Midget Apple) Next time on The Annoying Orange… -Okay, Pear, this is the most important part. Make sure you cut the red wire. -All right, 10-4, Passion. You hear that Orange? Just snip the red wire and we’re home free. -[mumbling]: I almost got it. -Pear, stop! You can’t let Orange do it! -Passion, calm down. Everything’s gonna be fi– -No! You don’t understand. Orange can’t do it. He’s… He’s colorblind. -What?! -[grunts, bomb beeping] -Aw crap! [ka-boom!] Captioned by SpongeSebastian [audience cheering and applauding] -[laughs] Hey! Hey, audience! Hey, audience, hey! -(audience) What? -Did you know I’m an artist? I really know how to “draw” a crowd. [laughs]

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  1. Passion:Orange there is something I need to tell you
    Me:You are gonna kiss Orange!
    Passion:Be carefull when put on the jet-p

  2. Hey guys, if you haven't heard about Dantdm, it's a funny youtube channel, Go on youtube and search "Dantdm", and subscribe to his channel

  3. Do Annoying – Orange Robin Hood (with Orange as Robin Hood, Grapefruit as Prince John, Pear as Little John, Passion Fruit as Maid Marian, Liam as Sheriff of Nottingham, Apple as King Richard, Marshmallow as Alan A. Dale, Midget Apple as Friar Tuck, Nerville as Guy of Gisbourne, and Grandpa Lemon as Will Scarlet.)

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  5. Wait a minute… I think orange isn't color blind. I think he wanted to explode the tnt because he loves to explode tnt. In the episode tomato he can tell the tomato is red he even said so.

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