Annoying Orange – Say Anything Challenge
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Annoying Orange – Say Anything Challenge

August 22, 2019

– Hey, hey everybody. Today we’re doing the
“Say Anything Challenge” with Orange pitted against Little Apple. How you guys feeling today? – Small. – Annoying. – Well, that makes sense. Alright, here’s how the challenge works: These two will go back and
forth saying just one word. They have to say something
within three seconds and no repeating words. Sounds easy but it’s surprisingly tough. Who wants to go first? – Oh, oh, me, me, me,
me me, me, me, me, me. – Orange, you’re up. – Small. (laughs) – Burger. – Tiny. – Cat. – Petite. – Dog. – Miniature. – Walking. – Short. – Tree. – Puny. – Xylophone. – Diminutive. – Orange, would you knock it off? – Oh, uh oh, I’m afraid
that’s a complete phrase. Looks like Little Apple has
bowed out of this round. – Orange was just saying
words that mean small. – But that’s not a violation of the rules. – Okay, ya but it’s like. – A little rude? – Exactly. – (laughs) – (growls) – Little Apple, what Orange
is doing isn’t illegal, but look at it this way, he probably can’t keep it up for much longer. I mean how many words are
there that mean small, ya know? – Hmm, good point. He used all of them up. Ha, okay, I’m ready for
round two. Let’s do this. I want to start. – Little Apple, you’re up. Go! – Buffalo. – Microscopic. – Golf. – Minute. – Tasty. – Shrimpy. – Purple. – Bitty. – Bee. – Wee. – Bushel. – Teeny. – Gravy. – Teensy. – Yes, Teensy. You already said Teensy. Hahaha, you’re out of small words. I win, you lose. Eat it Orange. – Uh, actually Orange said teeny earlier, which is a different word than teensy. – Ugh. – (laughs) You see the difference between
the two words, Little Apple? You got to look close, it’s pretty small. (laughs) – (yells) Okay round three. – Who goes first? – I don’t care. He’s
out of short words now. I’m going to crush him this time. – Not from down there, you’re not. (laughs) – (yells) – Orange, you’re up. Go. – Minuscule. – How. – Undersized. – Rabbit. – Infinitesimal. – What the? How? Whiplash. – Runty. – Car. – Squatty. – Balloon. – Low. – Flock. – Compact. – Earth. – Stubby. – Tree. – Little Apple, I believe you
said tree in an earlier round. – Oh man. Seriously? – Which means Orange is our winner. – Whoo-hoo. Winner,
winner, chicken dinner. – Okay, I’ll admit that
was really impressive. How many synonyms for small
do you actually know, Orange? – 4,967. – Wow, well that’s a lot. – And you are not. (laughs) – Orange. – Here’s the winner’s trophy. – Spank you very much. – And here’s the uh, let’s call
it the second place trophy. – Yeah, I’ve could have
gone without a short trophy right about now. – (laughs) – Any thing you want to say, Orange? – Yeah, thanks to Little
Apple for coming out and giving it his best. It was a hard fought contest
and he’s a great friend. – Aww. – Oh wow. That was actually really nice. – Little Apple, you want
to say anything back? – Um, yeah, I mean, Orange
is a really great friend too. And what can I say, I lost. I said tree twice. Today I came up short. – You can say that again. – Orange. – (laughs) – Oh. (Funky Music)

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  1. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? it’s impossible to rap!

  2. Little apple: well umm orange is a great friend even thou I got a small trophy he is still my friend
    Orange: you could say that agian

  3. So U want words right? OK!

    China, Silverware, Tyrannosaurus, Peanut, Zombie, Television, Lever, Pizza, Potato, Carrot, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Hat, Bamboo, Desk, Laptop, Spaghetti, Curtain, Beef, Crab, Switzerland, Ancient, Pyramid, Zipper, Mozzarella, Burger, Moscow, Gunpowder, Fight, Turkey, Burrito, Hateful, Waffles, Movie, Month, Egg, Bacon, Pear, Sail, Zoo, Yak, Fan, Riddle, Dango, Kimchi, Eagle, Pterodactyl, Sheep, Moose, Picnic, Rice, Dumpling, West, Florida, Tornado, Knife.

    There! I named as many words as I can!

  4. Oh come on little apple it's really a little for you maybe it's smaller for you I'll come on man stop it stop being a little mad hey you know I was a little out of hand

  5. I doubted that Annoying Orange has memorized a 4967-synonyms-for-small-full-scale book, unbelievable AND very impressive with the fact that he actually has NO brains.

    OVER "little (midget) apple said f word" with the timestamp 2:21
    Try not to comment that

  7. Pear should be voiced by Matt Austin from Power Rangers SOD
    Little Apple should be voiced by Toney Maguire from the early 2000's Spider-Man movies, and Marshie should be voiced by Frankie Grande
    Orange will still be Dane Boe

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