Annoying Orange – STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS TRAILER Trashed 2!!

August 24, 2019

– [Orange] I heard trailers
go off without a hitch (laughing) – [Little Apple] Wait up guys I’m coming – Awe man I can’t believe
you guys invited me. (overlapping talking) – [Pear] Oh guys I’ve been
waiting my entire life for this trailer. – [Grapefruit] Hey if
anybody’s hungry I got us a medium popcorn. – [Orange] Or in little Apple
speak, an extra large popcorn. (laughter) – [Little Apple] Hey I’ll
have you all know that I ordered a light saber
online, when it gets here you’ll all be sorry. – [Grapefruit] Oh real scary,
you got a fake light saber. – [Little Apple] It’s not fake, it’s real. – [Grapefruit] Yeah right,
made out of what, real plastic? – [Little Apple] Made out of
real light energy you jerk. – [Pear] Alright can we all
chill out, the trailers started. – [Grapefruit] How are we not
supposed to unpack this, Pear? Little Apple seriously believes
he ordered a real light saber off Amazon. – [Orange] I guess his brain
is smaller than we originally thought. (laughter) – [Pear] Can we please
discuss the trailer? Look at the size of that star destroyer. – [Grapefruit] Alright
alright, we’ll stop talking about Little Apple’s fake light saber. (angry growl) (laughter) – [Man] The force is strong in my family. – [Orange] Did he just say
remorse is strong in his family? – [Pear] The force. – [Orange] I wonder what
he’s so remorseful about. – [Pear] Nothing! He said the force! – [Man] My father has it. – [Orange] Hear that?
His father has remorse. – [Grapefruit] Probably
cuz he got swindled into buying a fake light saber online. – [Little Apple] Enough! (laughter) – [Man] I have it. – [Orange] Aw please tell
me he’s not going to list off all the people who have remorse. – [Man] My sister has it. – [Orange] My wife has it!
My gardener has it! Miley Cyrus has it! – [Grapefruit] Does she though? – [Orange] Yeah good point. – [Man] You have that power too. – [Little Apple] Is the
movie set in a pitch black universe or what? Wait is that the title? – [Pear] No that’s when it’s coming out. – [Little Apple] Oh for a
moment there I thought it was called Star Wars Episode
Seven This Christmas. – [Pear] Eh I’d still watch it. – [Apple] I want one of
those soccer ball robots. – [Orange] Wow! Scorpion’s
in this movie? Finish him. – [Pear] That wasn’t Scorpion! – [Orange] Time to tie one on. (laughter) – [Pear] Whoa dude looks
like he just lost America’s Next Top Stormtrooper. (laughter) – [Orange] Oh creepy peepers. Hey buddy, can I have a hand? (laughter) – [Pear] Stop it! – [Little Apple] Oh boy oh
boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. – [Everyone] Ohhh do a barrel roll! – [Man] Chewy. – [Orange] Granola bars? – We’re home. – [Orange] No way, they got
Harrison Ford’s grandfather to be in this? – [Everyone] Yay! – [Orange] No Jar Jar? Everyone boycott. (laughter) – [Pear] So who’s going to
be waiting in line with me to get opening night tickets? – [Grapefruit] I might, we’ll see. – [Pear] Well you better
make up your mind quick. – [Grapefruit] Why? The
movie opens in December. – [Pear] Yeah I know, but
that means the line is gonna start like, any day now. – [Little Apple] I’m just never
gonna move from this seat. Ever. – Awe I thought you said Hog rider. – [Everyone] Yeah! – [Pear] I guess pigs really can fly. – [Orange] Here comes the
running back, he’s at the 20 the 15, the 10, the five, touchdown! (cheering) – [Orange] And they say
foot bomb will never catch on in America. (laughter) – [Little Apple] This
commercial makes me wish I had helmet hair and a handlebar mustache. – [Pear] Seriously they look
like Conan the Brahbarian. (orange laughs) – [Little Apple] Alright
alright quiet down quiet down, time for. – [Everyone] Round two! – [Pear] Oh arrow to the
head, that’s a bold fashion statement. – [Everyone] Oh! (laughter) – [Orange] Knife!

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