Annoying Orange Vs. Fruit Ninja
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Annoying Orange Vs. Fruit Ninja

August 22, 2019

-Um… guys? Please tell me we’re
not where I think we are. -Oh snap, y’all.
We’re in Fruit Ninja. [fruit scream] [scream again] [screams and slices] -(banana) Maybe this is
just a horrible dream– -Oh boy! Wake up, wake–aah! -[Orange laughing] Whoa! “Slice” to meet you too! Here! Take another “stab” at me! Missed! Ha! Hey, don’t be such a
“sword” loser. [laughs] -(player) Stop moving!
-No! Guessed I really
“hacked” you off. [laughs] You call yourself a fruit ninja. I bet you don’t even
have ninja smoke. -(player) How’d you do that?
-[laughs] Ninja smoke!
-(player) No fair! You did it again!
-Hey, hey ninja, hey! -What?!
-Ninja smoke! [farts, laughs] Eww. That’s not ninja smoke. Hey! Hey, ninja, hey! -[player groans]
Let me guess. Ninja smoke? -Nope.
-(player) Then what? -Ninja sword.
[player groans] You can do better than that! I pity you with no hands!
[laughs] -(player) I give up.
-Aw, don’t do that. Here, I’ll give you a free shot. -(player) Really?
-Yep, go ahead! “Chop” to it.
[laughs] -(player) You promise
you’re not gonna move? -For reals, yo! -(player) In that case…
-Yoinks! [player screams] Yeesh, and they say
I’m the bomb. [laughs] Ninja smoke! Captioned by [laughs]

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  1. Oh no 🤦‍♀️ all those poor fruits 🍎 are dead 💀 who’s next the scented fruits 🍌 r.i.p us 🍒 🍊 🍌 this text is mint and blueberry 🍇 you maid us cry 😭

  2. Ami:Fiuh.. He's(Annoying Orange) not upload MLP EG AO episodes. I'm happy😆 he's not upload MLP EG AO episodes
    Yumi:Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi too. He's not upload video AO episodes in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.
    Ami:Yeah Yumi, he's not upload 2 animation like MLP EG & HHPAY.

  3. AO: Hey, ninja, hey, hey ninja!
    Me: What?
    AO: Ninja suit!
    Me: F*** there's bombs everywhere

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