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Anomaly Warzone Earth iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 25, 2019

In what I hope is a continuing trend for the
iOS platform, Anomaly Warzone Earth by Bit Studios comes to us mere days after its release
on the PC. Developers have toyed with the idea of flipping tower-defense games on their
head, placing you against a gauntlet of immovable destructive structures, but the combination
of tactical awareness and split-second decisions takes the genre to a whole new level. You play the role of a military commander
with the job of directing a squad of vehicles through a war-torn country that is now host
to an invading alien army. At its core the strategy is simple – move through the level,
blowing up towers as you see them and make it to the exit while fulfilling objectives.
This is made harder by tower placements taking advantage of their strengths (such as a laser
that will fry anything that tries to take it head-on), meaning you’ll need to direct
your units around to flank the tower to survive. Choosing which path to take is as simple as
activating an overhead tactical mode that shows all of your objectives, notable pickups
and locations and the route you’re currently traveling in. Each intersection can be tapped
to move the squad in a new direction and in many cases an entire level can be pre-planned
in advance of commencing the mission in order to focus on the action. This will work to your advantage as you’ll
need to deploy power-ups in the form of repairs, smoke-screens, decoys and air-strikes to push
through fortified enemy positions. Different vehicles are unlocked as you progress through
the storyline, with each one providing specific benefits including powerful tower-destroying
weaponry and even a vehicle that can cough up additional power-ups to make life easier. Although there’s no real comparison between
the visuals in the iOS and PC releases of Anomaly, the game is still drop-dead gorgeous
with the usual modern war-zone feel being painted over with brightly highlighted units
that help you to make tactical decisions on the fly. Once you’re done with the campaign you can
tackle all the missions again with additional challenges to test your mettle, giving the
game some longevity. The lack of replayability doesn’t work against the game as it can feel
repetitive by the end, meaning it never feels like it overstays its welcome. If you’re a strategy fan, be it of the TD
or RTS variety, you owe it to yourself to check out Anomaly Warzone Earth.

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  1. Uhm, the game has been released on the PC for quite some time.

    To be exact: It was released on steam on the of April 2011, today isn't just a few days after that date…

  2. is there a defense stage at any point of the game? i started playing and so far, i'm the one invading, but i was also hoping that some time in the game i end being the one preventing enemies from crawling in our end

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