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Anthem | Flying Tips for PC Players

August 26, 2019

Flying in Anthem, can feel a tad bit.. Awkward. Particularly when you play on PC, using a
mouse and keyboard. Given the action-packed nature of this game,
constantly switching between controller and keyboard just doesn’t seem like a good solution,
either. So for everyone who is willing to stick with
their mouse ‘n keyboard- I compiled a list of Tips that are supposed to help you get
the hang of flying in Anthem. But do note that this is not a Mastery Guide. The point of this video is not to make the
next Ironman out of you, but instead, help those who have trouble making it work in the
first place. So without further ado, let’s get right
into it. The first thing you can do to combat flight
problems is going into your settings. Ben Irving, Lead Producer for Anthem, suggested
to turn everything up to 80% in the settings, and then said to use smooth movements on your
mouse, as opposed to snap aiming when shooting. Likely referring to tracking style aiming
versus flick shots. While it would be fair for us to put into
question why these settings aren’t on by default if they believe them to be the best
for PC users- Who knows, maybe whoever designed the system simply disagrees; I found myself
feeling much more comfortable with these settings on. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a placebo
effect or not, but bottomline for me is that, starting off with these settings when the
base ones feel awkward to you is a good starting point to work out the perfect settings combo
for yourself. So again, I suggest starting with these settings,
and then tweaking them from there, until they feel as good as possible to you. But even when keeping Ben’s tip in mind,
reminding us to use tracking style movement over radical flicks, it can sometimes be difficult
to navigate your Javelin in the way you desire. This is no World of Warcraft, where your flying
mount answers to every move within a split second. Javelins have momentum and weight, they need
time to accelerate and decelerate, which makes them more difficult to handle. Again, keeping in mind that this is not a
Mastery Guide but more about easy cheats you can use to get by- My tip would be to take
advantage of your hover and jumping mechanics. You see, hovering isn’t only good for staying
in the air to shoot. While traversing the map, you can quickly
jump from flying to hovering to stop yourself from running into a wall when you find yourself
losing control and getting panic-y. You take heavy efficiency penalties by running
into walls by accident, because your Javelin doesn’t just.. You know, gently bounce off of them. You go crashing down at top speed, and it
takes time to recover from that, making you considerably slower than potentially the rest
of your team. So if you have trouble controlling your Javelin,
it’s always worth stopping for a second to hover and avoid an obstacle, rather than
running head first into it while losing control. It gives you time to readjust and go again
in a moment’s notice. And this one simple tip made all the difference
for me personally when I first started playing Anthem. So I am sure that, if you were struggling
like I was, this is gonna make sure you can stand in the ring while perfecting your flying
skills. But in order for you to understand the next
tips I’m about to give you, you need to know how your Javelin’s flight mechanic
functions. Javelins, being pieces of technology, do what
all of these kinds of things do. They create heat. Much in the same way a car engine or a computer
processing unit would. That means that it needs to be cooled down
to work effectively, and if you overuse it, it’s going to overheat and stop working
entirely, until it cooled down. As you have probably already figured out,
that bar you see is not some kind of.. Fuel indicator. It shows you how hot your jetpack is getting. And there are a number of ways to make sure
that your flying effectiveness is staying at top levels. The answer to a lot of our cooling problems
is water. Flying very closely to a body of water, zipping
through waterfalls and all that kind of stuff allows you to fly longer. But you can also take advantage of air. If you find yourself at a very high altitude,
going straight down allows your jetpack to cool down as the air quickly passes by the
engine. Air and water are both commonly used to cool
down a heck of a lot of things, not the least of which are your own computer components. So all of these things are certainly rooted
in reason. Now, another small tip would be, when trying
to fly down at a height that doesn’t allow you to effectively cool your jetpack, you
can simply stop flying and let yourself fall down. Falling doesn’t do anything to add more
heat to your jetpack, allowing you to stay airborne longer, versus manually flying down. This is particularly useful when you let yourself
fall down just above a pool of water, which again, is going to assist in cooling down
your engine. Needless to say that completely submerging
yourself cools down your jetpack, and you can essentially maneuver indefinitely. Just.. Watch out for your oxygen levels. And when it comes to underwater sections in
particular, I suggest not letting yourself fall into the water in an uncontrolled fashion. It can be very disorientating, so try to hover
just above whatever pool of water you’re about to dunk yourself into, and then go for
a slower decent so that you don’t lose orientation. To give you a few extra hints- There are a
number of things in this game that combat your flying effectiveness. Certain types of enemies and environments
feature webs that you will get caught into, having you crash down with no mercy. There are also mechanical types of enemies
that can shoot high powered laser beams, which will instantly heat your engine to max, making
a tactical retreat more difficult. Also note that all the Javelins are traveling
at the same speed, but offer different levels of maneuverability. That is really the only difference when it
comes to flying. To my knowledge, all of them can be equipped
with item pieces that offer bonuses to flying effectiveness. And lastly, always remember that Anthem is
a highly mobile type of game. Flying, hovering, dodging- All of these things
are as essential to your combat experience as they are essential to your exploration. So make sure you take advantage of it. And that’s already all the tips I could
come up with when it comes to flying in Anthem. I really hope this video could help some of
you guys out, and if I happened to miss any useful tips, please feel free to leave a comment
down below and share your expertise with the other Freelancers. While you’re down there, don’t forget
to drop me a like on your way out if you enjoyed the video, subscribe if you want to see more,
and I hope to see you guys, next time.

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