Anti-Aircraft trailer review! – GTA Online
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Anti-Aircraft trailer review! – GTA Online

August 28, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome back to another GTA Online guide where today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Anti-Aircraft gun, released as part of the Gunrunning DLC. So, let’s get right to the guide, shall we? At the price of 1.9 million, undiscounted, the Anti-Aircraft gun is a trailer-mounted machine gun/ missile launcher, which gets towed around by vehicle to enable a kind of “Run and Gun” style attack on whether the target is. As a result, this thing is the first of its kind in GTA Online. Now as such, it took me and my friend a while to figure out how to spawn the darn thing. At first, we thought that you had to get a vehicle, drive it into your bunker, and then hitch it up to the Anti-Aircraft gun that’s lying there, but as it turns out, that’s too simple for Rockstar. So instead, we then thought it was a Pegasus vehicle that you had to spawn in the map to then be hitched up to a vehicle of your choice. Nope, you won’t find it in Pegasus either. So, then we had a look at the Anti-Air gun’s page in Warstock Cache and Carry and apparently, it gets towed around by a Vapid Sadler of all vehicles. Okaay….. So, then I bought a Vapid Sadler, modded it to the max, to then find out that that doesn’t work either. Then as we started getting a bit annoyed, we found that you simply spawn it in from the vehicle section of the Interaction Menu. But nooooo… it doesn’t just spawn the turret in. It spawns a pre-made Vapid Sadler to tow it around, so in effect, I JUST WASTED MY GODDAMN MONEY ON THIS POINTLESS CAR!!! Thanks Rockstar, for your continued innovations in video game logic. Anyways, with all that tomfoolery over, we finally got it to spawn aaand it’s prreetty good with its stock guns attached Ideally, it’s best to get the Research done to unlock the other 2 weapons that you can mount on the thing. Those are the homing missile launcher. Yes, homing launchers, and the other being the Flak Cannon. To modify the cannon and attach the other guns on top, you have to go to your bunker and walk to the mechanic, who has stood next to your Mobile Command Center. It took me a while to figure out how to do this and I don’t know why they didn’t just let you customize the cannon from inside the Command Center, but I digress. The missile launcher is able to lock onto any aircraft within range and boasts a very nice rate of fire. The lock-on range, as well as the tracking capabilities, are about the same as a homing launcher, but because of the amount of missiles that you can have flying at your target at once, can be a pretty formidable weapon. Unfortunately, the maximum tilt angle of the launcher leaves more to be desired and as you can expect, the amount of rockets onboard is limited to 30. So, if you can come up with an ingenious way of using this weapon, then go right ahead. It’s not bad. The other weapon that you can mount on top is the Flak Cannon, which is my more favorable one, mainly because this time it’s got unlimited ammo, as far as I’ve seen I’ve been able to fire it for a very long time without it running out of ammo. So, even if the ammo is limited, it’s not really anything to worry about. Anyways, think of the cannons as two Rhino Tank barrels pointed in a direction and that’s basically your Flak Cannon. The reason I like this is because the effective range, combined with the speed in which the projectiles travel, make this weapon extremely effective against Hydras or any other aircraft for that matter. That is, if you can master the amount of lead on the target that you need to intercept your projectile with the target. It’ll take quite a bit of practice to use this thing, but I can imagine if you have someone who’s really skilled at using this gun, it’ll be the death of Hydras. But its not all sunshine and rainbows, unfortunately because like all of the vehicle mounted guns, this thing lack the ability to aim high, meaning that all aircraft have to do to avoid this weapon system is just to fly directly above it and this thing can’t hit them. Meaning that Hydras can simply dive bomb to easily take this thing out. As I mentioned earlier, this thing get towed around by a Vapid Sadler and I’m glad to say that this thing doesn’t hang around. Its quick enough to get you to and from areas in the battlefield in double time, making the turret’s blind spot weakness less of a problem. Overall, I would highly recommend you buy this thing as well as do the research to unlock all the extra guns that you can attach on top, though it can be a bit costly if you’re wanting [to] switch from gun to gun by a customization And on that note I hope you found this short video useful If you did make sure to leave a like and subscribe [to] the pyro of gaming channel for Loads more GTA online guides come to You very soon see you around

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  1. You can attach it to almost any gunrunning vehicle by the way. Just press the left arrow on the d pad to detach from the saddler and back your vehicle up to the hitch and you’re done.

  2. I'm gellos you have lv2 guns bunker most of the gunruning vechals hydra tanks bunker research ure a billion air

  3. Simple glitch: if the drivers in passive mode and the gunners not you can fire the gun while still being invincible

  4. Half Track(3 players with one gunman) + Anti Aircraft Trailer(one gunman) = Best Combo!
    Hit like if you agree!

  5. God i'm still pissed off on why you can't have the anti-aircraft trailer out with your personal vehicle. I'm glad my friends all have APC's lol.

  6. I was thinking, it would be great to have one of these towed behind my insurgent pick up… But you can't?

  7. I like how he makes fun of rockstar for not being able to read that it comes with a truck #outrageculture

  8. I bought it only for my have halftrack to pull it and it, turns out it's a personal vehicle thanks, Rockstar.

  9. Once spawned you can decouple it from the Sadler and tow it with a Insurgent Pick-up Custom, Technical Custom, APC, you're own personal Sadler if you want, or a Bodhi which you can CEO summon (useful) as well as a few other vehicles which have tow-bars fitted.
    The big weakness with the trailer is that it counts as a personal vehicle, so you need a friend to get the most out of it.
    But APC plus AAC-T makes for a powerful combo.. Be careful when aiming the flak cannon at close targets or forward over the tow vehicle though.
    I use this vehicle a lot in the merryweather bunker sell mission and I inevitably blow myself and the trailer up.

  10. I love your videos your not like those fucking clickbaiters who have cringy intros, like you say hi say the item your reviewing and the price then get right into it no cringy giveaway announcement no Ali a shit love it man! ?

  11. He didn’t say anything about it not being able to be towed by a personal vehicle (it’s considered a personnel vehicle itself) so you can’t have your own APC/nightshark or whatever tow it around. So I just spent 1.4 mil on something I thought I could hook up to my 2.3 mil APC…

  12. I've got one of these with the flak weapons upgrade and it's quite a beast! Although I think it should be mentioned that because there's not much in the way of protection, be careful if attacking ground enemies in the flak because it's very easy to blow yourself up. Every player I've let jump on the flak to cruise around and blow shit up end up destroying the vehicle and AA itself. xD Either way, still a fun machine.

  13. I hate that there are Other vehicles that can pull it but Someone spawn their vehicle. Otherwise you would see me towing the anti aircraft behind my weaponized Insurgent or APC, both of which can tow it.

  14. He forgot to mention the damage with the flak cannon, cuz its one of the things that make this thing OP.
    If someone takes out an armored vehicle, using this will shred it instantly, the Avenger can be taken down in 2 hits.
    Terrorbyte in 3 and MOC I have to assume 4 or 3 since I havent made the experiment just yet with it.
    But it deals the same damage as a tank like the rhino or the APC or even the Khanjali.
    But what really makes this thing a beast is its firing rate, which is far from better than a tank's.
    Cant forget the fact that this thing is not armored so one missile and its game over.
    I bought it but I dont regret it, even though it sucks a little at its job, it excels in other areas, and like some people are saying, you can detach it and attach it to another vehicle like the APC, the nightshark, another sadler, etc.
    Its pretty darned good against ground armored targets like the nightshark or insurgent.
    Worth buying, even though you wont be using it that much.

  15. Amazing. I went through the exact same process. Also bought car and maxed only to find I can't use it. Would be if you could hook up to anything with a tow bar. Be cool if u could also put barrel upgrade on it and use in water on tech aqua or apc. Oh well…

  16. the flak cannon is the strongest in the game it can destroy heavily armoured cars in few shot like tanks take about 4 shots

  17. Hey pyrerealm this might be a weird one to ask but can you make a review on how high all vehicle turrets can aim? How high a turret can aim would be very beneficial when fighting a jet.

  18. the most powerful gun in the game comes with a price. pain in the ass. it's a trade off. or justify use rhe avenger on the ground

  19. reccomends buying it, but spends the part of the fucking video where he says the price bitching about a truck…

  20. This is cool and all, but these days 90% of the time I play, I gota drive around in a moc, insurgent or tank to keep from being blown up. I fly my orpressor mk-2 so much even though I don't want to because it's the only way to be competitive and keep up.

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