AO and Pear Play – 100 PICS QUIZ!
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AO and Pear Play – 100 PICS QUIZ!

August 14, 2019

– [Orange] Hey, yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming video, and guess who I got with me? (Pear groans) – [Pear] Yes, it’s me, Pear. – [Orange] Yeah, we’re
gonna play a 100-pic quiz. It’s gonna be awesome! – [Pear] Just as awesome
as Trivia Crack, I’m sure. – [Orange] Okay, so how
do you play this game? – [Pear] Well, basically,
those blocks disappear to reveal a picture, and you have to guess what the picture is. – [Orange] Oh, for reals, yo? That’s easy. – [Pear] Yeah, the last
one was pretty easy. Nike, got that pretty easily. Okay, what is it? – [Orange] It’s an M! – [Pear] Very good,
but what is it, though? What is it a picture of? – [Orange] It’s a, it’s a picture of an M! – [Pear] No, do you see the letters that I’m typing right now?
– Yeah. – McDonald’s.
– Oh. Mickey D’s! – It’s a picture of McDonald’s
– Yeah, Mickey D’s. – [Pear] Yeah, it’s like
a picture of a logo. – I got a Big Mac Attack!
– Ow, my nonexistent ears! Okay, what is this one? – [Orange] It’s a pineapple! – No.
– Yeah, it is. – [Pear] Surely you’ve
seen this logo before. I’m typing it in. Shell. You know?
– It wasn’t a pineapple. – It’s a Shell logo.
– Yeah it wasn’t a pineapple. – OK, let’s try the next one.
– OK. – [Pear] All right, what is this? – [Orange] It’s a bull
headbutting the sun! – [Pear] Well, I guess you could– – [Orange] It’s really hot! – [Pear] Yeah, it kind of looks like that, but that’s not what this logo is. What’s the logo? – [Orange] I don’t know why
he’s not on fire if he’s– – See? Red Bull.
– Oh. Oh, Red Bull. – [Pear] Yes, Red Bull. – [Orange] Well, you just
typed what color it was. – [Pear] No, that’s, that’s a drink. Have you never heard of it?
– Gross! I’m not drinking anything
that comes out of a bull. – [Pear] No, it’s… Oh my God, I’m not even gonna explain it. (Orange cackles)
What is this? – [Orange] It’s a, it’s a beach ball! – [Pear] No, it’s the Pepsi logo. Do you see a theme here?
– I don’t know. – [Pear] Like, it gives us
a picture and it’s a logo. – [Orange] That’s a pretty
loose theme if you ask me. – [Pear] There’s a lot
of different categories. – [Orange] Yeah? – [Pear] There’s, like,
logos and movie stars and all those kinds of things.
– OK. OK, what’s next?
– All right, hold on. It’s got to bring it up.
– OK. – [Pear] OK, what is this? – [Orange] It’s a vase with a crack in it! – [Pear] No! – You put flowers in it.
– Yeah, I know what a vase is. (Orange giggles)
It’s the Apple logo, not hard. – [Orange] Yeah, but Pear, I hate apples! – [Pear] Oh my God. – [Orange] In fact, you’re
being an apple, Pear. (Orange cackles)
– I’m not being an apple. OK, what is this?
– Pear. Do you not know what
the letter K looks like? – [Pear] No, what is the logo? – [Orange] Obviously it’s the K logo. – [Pear] That’s not a thing. It’s not a thing. – Sure it is!
– No. I’ll tell you what it is. It’s Kellogg’s. – [Orange] Gesundheit. – [Pear] I didn’t sneeze. – [Orange] Well then,
you accidentally burped at the same time you were
talking or something, ’cause you said some nonsensical word. – [Pear] It’s not
nonsensical, it’s the brand. It’s a logo. Do you–
– Huh? – [Pear] Do you not know what a logo is? – [Orange] Of course
I know what a pogo is! – [Pear] Not pogo, logo. – [Orange] El Pollo Loco? – Stop it!
(Orange cackles) – Guess that’s a no go!
(Pear groans in frustration) – It’s Amazon, see?
– You’re an Amazon. – It’s Amazon.
– You’re an Amazon. – [Pear] Obviously I’m not! OK, what is it? – Tim!
– Huh? – [Orange] It says TM,
that’s short for Tim. – Nope.
(Orange cackles) – [Pear] Unfortunately, you are incorrect. It is Starbucks. – [Orange] That’s not how you spell Tim. – [Pear] See? – [Orange] That’s not
how you spell Tim, Pear. – [Pear] You are terrible at this game. – No, I’m not.
– You’re really terrible. – No, I’m not.
– Yeah, okay. What is it?
– Uh, a hippopotamus! – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Three footballs glued together. – [Pear] What? – [Orange] Three footballs glued together. – [Pear] Oh man, I actually
don’t know what this is. – [Orange] It’s a bust of Abraham Lincoln. – Obviously not.
– Oh, come on. – OK, we’re skipping this one.
– Why? – OK, let’s go to…
– Pick the pudding! – Animals!
– No, pick the pudding! – [Pear] I don’t even know
what you’re talking about. There’s no pudding category.
– Well, there should be! – [Pear] Ugh, OK, let’s
just start this, OK? What is it? – [Orange] It’s a melting grasshopper! – [Pear] What? No. Can’t you… You can tell what that is, can’t you? – [Orange] Is it a gorilla? – No!
– A melting gorilla. – [Pear] Obviously not. It’s a butterfly.
– Aww. – Dude, come on.
– I couldn’t tell. – [Pear] Seriously, you
thought it was a gorilla? – A melting gorilla, Pear.
– No. – [Orange] Aggh! An alligator! – [Pear] Seriously, an alligator? – [Orange] Yeah, an alligator! – [Pear] How many
alligators do you know of that look like that? – [Orange] Lots! Fluffy alligators! – [Pear] Yeah, OK. It’s a rabbit, you know?
– No. – It’s a rabbit.
– No, it’s not– Oh, it’s a rabbit. – [Pear] See? Not even close to an alligator. What alligator looks like that? – [Orange] I’ve seen many, many. OK, what is that? What is that?
– You seriously don’t– – [Orange] It’s a moth. – [Pear] Yeah, it’s not a moth. – [Orange] It’s a creepy moth, kill it! – [Pear] Oh my gosh. It’s an elephant.
– What? – [Pear] Look at what I’m typing! – [Orange] Yeah, but
I don’t know if you’re typing the right thing, Pear. – Seriously?
– Aggh! Creepy peepers! – Don’t! Knock it off!
– Those peepers are creepy! They’re creepy peepers! – [Pear] How about we just play the game? – [Orange] That’s what I’m
doing, Pear, but sometimes – No.
– I just have to point out the obvious things.
– Ugh. – [Orange] Hey, it’s
Bill Clinton’s toupee! – No!
– Ah, OK, maybe not. – [Pear] Yeah, maybe not. – [Orange] You never know. Maybe Bill Clinton has a toupee
that’s shaped like a sheep. (game chimes)
– Please tell me that sound means the game is over. – [Orange] Pear, you sound
like you’re not having fun. – [Pear] Yeah, well, I wonder
why you would ever think that. – [Orange] ‘Cause you’re a party poo-Pear. (Orange cackles)
– All right. Stop it! – [Orange] It’s a squirrel! – [Pear] I haven’t even
revealed the picture yet! – [Orange] Aghh! Creepy peepers! – Aghh! Creepy!
– Stop yelling! – What is that?
– It looks– – [Orange] What is it? – [Pear] What does it
look like I’m typing? – Swear words.
– Duck. – [Orange] Stop swearing! – [Pear] I’m not swearing,
what are you talking about? – [Orange] You wrote duck. Aghh! Creepy peepers! – [Pear] Would you stop doing that? – [Orange] Is that Bret Michaels? – [Pear] No! It’s a horse. – [Orange] Why the long face? (Orange cackles)
– You’re not funny. – [Orange] And you are incorrect. Aghh! Creepy peepers! – [Pear] Oh my gosh,
would you stop doing that? – [Orange] Well, tell the animals to stop creepy peepin’ on me. – It’s the game, I can’t–
– Creepy peepers! – I can’t.
– Creepy peepers! (Pear groans) – [Orange] It’s like he’s
staring into my soul. – [Pear] Yeah. – [Orange] Hey, it looks like a squirrel. – [Pear] Congratulations,
that’s ’cause it is a squirrel. – [Orange] Wow. That’s nuts! (Pear groans)
(Orange cackles) Get it?
– Yes. – Nuts?
– Yes. – [Orange] Squirrels like nuts. – [Pear] I know! – [Orange] Sometimes
you feel like a nut… – No.
– Sometimes you don’t! – [Pear] Stop singing! – [Orange] What in the
fantastic flapjacks is that? – [Pear] I’ll give you one hint. It starts with star and ends with fish. – [Orange] It’s a Starburst fish? – [Pear] No! – [Orange] Those are delicious. – [Pear] And also nonexistent! – [Orange] Says you. – [Pear] Yes, says me, ’cause it’s true! – [Orange] OK, I’m bored of this game. Can we do something else now? – [Pear] Fine. I’m gonna go read a book. – [Orange] OK, will you read to me? – [Pear] No. – [Orange] Pretty please
with Starburst fish on top? – [Pear] No! – [Orange] If you don’t,
I’m gonna fart the ABCs. – [Pear] What? I don’t even know if
that’s possible, but– – [Orange] Oh, it’s possible. – [Pear] I actually wouldn’t
doubt it coming from– OK, fine. Fine. – [Orange] Yay! All right! OK guys, make sure you hit
that like and subscribe button, and the favorite button too. – [Pear] Yeah, we’re gonna go read a book. – [Orange] Yeah, we’re gonna
read “History of the Fart.” – [Pear] No, we’re not. – [Orange] You’re ruining it, Pear! (Pear groans) – [Apple] Who wants some more? – Not me.
– Who wants some delicious, delicious death?
– Aghh, fell off. – [Apple] Stepping it
up, Little Apple style! What you gonna do? You’re down three to one. – [Orange] I’m gonna make the most epic comeback of all time. Of all time!
– No, no way, Jose! – [Orange] Yes way, Felipe!

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    I played a bit, it's also quite interesting
    if someone is interested – it's called matchupicture in the app store

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