AO and Pear Play – Trivia Crack #6
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AO and Pear Play – Trivia Crack #6

August 9, 2019

– [Annoying Orange] Hey yo,
it’s A to the O back again with another gaming video. Guess who I got here with me? Pear? – [Pear] What? – [A.O.] Pear, say your name. – [Pear] It…it’s Pear. – [A.O.] Yay! Pear’s here. – [Pear] Yeah, I think they got that. – [A.O.] Pear, you sound
less than excited to be here. – [Pear] Well, I got–
– [A.O.] Oh no, scary lemon!
– [Pear] Yeah. – [A.O.] Ready for more
trivia crack? Okay here we go. Which one of these NHL
teams is part of the ‘Original Six’? – [Pear] I really don’t wanna play – [A.O.] (imitates buzzer) Wrong answer – [Pear] I wasn’t giving you an answer, I was telling you I don’t– – [A.O.] (imitates Buzzer)
That’s also the wrong answer – [Pear] (groans) – [A.O.] That is also
the wrong answer Pear, you are not very good at this game. – [Pear] I don’t know, the flying butt monkeys? – [A.O.] (laughs) Yeah you’re right, that’s correct, oh why
isn’t that an option? I couldn’t pick flying butt monkeys. – [Pear] That’s because it actually wasn’t the answer, I just made that up – [A.O.] Pear! How dare you! Scary lemon! – [Pear] Oh my gosh, okay, I’ll play one more game with you, Trivia Crack, here we go again. – [A.O.] Oh no, severed finger! – [Pear] That is not a category, severed finger is not a– – [A.O.] Wow is he gonna
throw up? Scary lemon! – [Pear] Oh my God okay,
where would you find your occipital bone? – [A.O.] Near your pumpernickel bone – [Pear] I don’t think
that’s an actual thing – [A.O.] Well they’re
obviously just making up words, so that’s what I’m doing – [Pear] It’s not a made up word – [A.O.] Occipital is a made up word, Pear – [Pear] Nope, it’s ‘head’
– [A.O.] What? – [Pear] See, I knew it
– [A.O.] What? – [Pear] I knew it! – [A.O.] Oh yeah right, what does occipital mean, Pear? – [Pear] I think it actually
means ‘back of the head’ – [A.O.] No one asked you, Pear! – [Pear] I think you just asked me – [A.O.] Check out this
guy’s fancy hairdo, I like his hairdo. – [Pear] Okay, in the movie
Titanic, who was the Artist? – [A.O.] I think you
mean, who was the fartest? (blows raspberry) (Annoying Orange laughs) – [Pear] Oh, every time! – [A.O.] Okay, put my name in there – [Pear] You are not the
answer, it is ‘Jack Dawson’ – [A.O.] You mean from Dawson’s Creek? – [Pear] No, that is
not even, I don’t even know what to tell you right now. – [A.O.] This is the best game ever – [Pear] Actually I would have to disagree – [A.O.] Ah, dust bunnies – [Pear] That doesn’t
look like a dust bunny. Okay, what is Perseus most famous for? – [Annoying Orange]
Touching people’s butts (Pear laughs)
– [Pear] No – [A.O.] It’s true,
Perseus was a butt-toucher – [Pear] (laughing) I’m
pretty sure he wasn’t – [A.O] Oh, he invented Spam, right? – [Pear] No, he killed the Medusa – [A.O.] Yeah, by touching her butt – [Pear] No…
(both laugh) – [Pear] No, that’s actually
not how he killed Medusa, he cut her head off – [A.O.] Sounds like he’s a lot of fun at parties. (both laugh) – [Pear] How many Rocky
movies did Sylvester Stallone make and star in? – [A.O.] At least, like, 800. – [Pear] I think it just feels like 800. – [A.O.] Okay maybe only 500. – [Pear] (laughs) I
think it’s more like six. Yeah that’s right, six. – [A.O.] Oh man, I was so close – [Pear] Yeah, you were only
594 off, so… almost there – [A.O.] Don’t be talkin no sass, Pear – [Pear] I’m not
– [A.O.] Yeah you are Dust bunny! – [Pear] It’s not a dust bunny! Which English settlement
was founded in 1607? – [Annoying Orange] Grey Poupon – [Pear] That’s not… no – [A.O.] Team Crumpet Land – [Pear] Again, not a thing – [A.O.] Benedict Cumberbatch – [Pear] We’re looking for
a settlement, not a person – [A.O.] Purple Nurples! – [Pear] No, why did you press that? – [A.O.] Because that’s what I thought the answer was, Purple Nurples – [Pear] First of all,
it’s not Purple Nurples, and second of all, that’s not
even what the answer said, you pressed ‘Plymouth’ – [A.O.] Pear, you know that any ‘P’ word is exchangeable. Wow, what happened? Did that mini T-Rex eat his face off? – [Pear] I don’t think so – [A.O.] Woah, I didn’t know this was gonna be one of those kind of games – [Pear] I don’t think it is – [A.O.] Dust bunny
– [Pear] It’s not a dust bunny – [A.O.] Yeah it is – [Pear] In the French
Revolution, what was the Bastille? – [A.O.] Pear!
– [Pear] What? – [Annoying Orange] Stop
asking boring questions – [Pear] They’re not boring, it’s history – [A.O.] You’re gonna be history if you keep asking these stupid questions – [Pear] I’m not the
one that wanted to play! I’m the one that, ah man, – [A.O.] What’s the haps? – [Pear] You’re the one
that wanted to play this! – [A.O.] I know, we’re having so much fun except when you ask really
horrible questions, Pear – [Pear] I’m not picking the, okay, what is Da Vinci’s most famous art? – [A.O.] I’m not sure, but I do know – [Pear] Don’t do it
– [A.O.] The most famous fart (blows raspberry)
(laughs) – [Pear] Oh God, smells
like rotten eggs in here – [Egg] Hey I heard that, bro – [Pear] Oh, oh – [Annoying Orange] Pear,
don’t insult Egg, geez – [Pear] I didn’t see
him back there, I’m sorry – [Annoying Orange] Well,
you know what they say, Ah scary lemon! – [Pear] Whilst bowling, what is it called when you knock down all ten pins with the first ball of a frame? – [A.O.] A field goal
– [Pear] No – [A.O.] A foul ball
– [Pear] No – [A.O.] Crunking
– [Pear] No, it’s a strike – [A.O.] Nuh uh, that’s when you miss the ball in baseball – [Pear] Yeah but its also called a strike when you get down all the pins in bowling – [A.O.] Whatever, okay, what video game is most sold amongst the Nintendo Company? – [Pear] I’m gonna go with Mario – [A.O.] Are you sure its not Donkey Kong? – [Pear] Yes, it’s Mario – [A.O.] Are you sure its not Donkey Kong? – [Pear] Yes – [A.O.] It’s Donkey Kong – [Pear] Dude, I told you
what the answer was, why? – [A.O.] It was Donkey Kong – [Pear] Gimme this back,
I am not letting you control this any longer. – [A.O.] What’s going on, the graphics just got crazy!
– [Pear] I don’t even know – [A.O.] What’s that cat doing? – [Pear] What is he doing? Woah! – [A.O.] Stop crushing everything, what are you doing, cat? He’s going to destroy us all, oh he’s gone – [Pear] That was crazy – [A.O.] Ah, scary lemon, even worse than Catzilla – [Pear] Oh man, I am
getting so sick of you doing that every single time – [A.O.] What? – [Pear] The football comes
up you scream ‘scary lemon’ – [A.O.] What, he’s scary. He does things that are scary. – [Pear] Not really,
he’s just standing there Okay, who does Meg’s voice in Family Guy? – [A.O.] Will Smith Adam Sandler – [Pear] No – [A.O.] The guy from the
Quaker Oats commercials – [Pear] No – [A.O.] The one with the moustache – [Pear] Yeah, it’s not him – [A.O.] Well who is it? – [Pear] Mila Kunis, geez – [A.O.] Oh – [Pear] Does Meg’s
voice, from Family Guy, sound like a guy? – [A.O.] Kinda – [Pear] No, it doesn’t. – [A.O.] Dust bunny! – [Pear] It’s not a friggin’ dust bunny – [A.O.] Yuh huh (Pear sighs) Okay, what are we gonna get? – [Pear] I don’t know
– [A.O.] Yay, I get a crown! Crown me. Crown me the
champion. Get the popcorn, I love the popcorn.
Ooh, popcorn belt bombs. Who does Meg’s voice in Family Guy? – [Pear] What?
– [A.O.] What the.. – [Pear] What’s going on? – [A.O.] Ah, what happened? What do we do? What are we doing? – [Pear] Did you pick the bomb,
what is happening right now? – [A.O.] What’s happening right now? – [Pear] I don’t know – [A.O.] Pear the clock is ticking, Pear what happened? – [Pear] I know, I didn’t do anything – [A.O.] Pear, we’re running out of time, stop stammering, we gotta do something – [Pear] There’s no answers,
it’s not giving me options – [A.O.] It’s Mila Kunis, remember, it’s Mila Kunis – [Pear] I know it’s Mila
Kunis, but it’s not giving me an answer, I can’t do it,
I can’t press anything, there’s no options to press.
Dude I can’t press anything. I don’t know what to do. – [A.O.] We’re running out of time! – [Both] Awwwww – [A.O.] Pear!
– [Pear] Time’s up – [A.O.] You ruined everything – [Pear] What just happened?
What just happened? – [Annoying Orange] You
ruined everything Pear, that’s what happened. – [Pear] I think the game
glitched or something, it asked us the same question two times and the second time there
was no option to even press anything – [A.O.] It was Mila Kunis – [Pear] Yeah I get
that, but there was no, it wouldn’t even give me the option – [A.O.] It’s all your
fault, it’s all your fault, It’s over now Pear! It’s over! – [Pear] I wasn’t even the
one that wanted to play. – [A.O.] I know it was
so much fun (laughs) – [Pear] You are so weird – [A.O.] And how. Okay guys, gotta get going right now, make sure to like and
subscribe and favourite, and send us to your mom and your grandma, send it to Pear
– [Pear] Why? – [A.O.] Since he’s being a scaredy pear and needs to watch this
video ten thousand times to remind him how much he
is terrible at this game. – [Pear] I’m not terrible,
you’re the one that’s terrible at this game – [A.O.] Nope, it’s you. Bye! (laughs) I’m gonna play the most
important game of our generation, Sky Streaker! You wanna know
why it’s so important guys? Because it harnesses the power of naked. If you guys haven’t seen
the first episode of this, go back. I explain to you
why this the most important game of our generation. We
harness the power of naked.

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  5. Hey Pear, do you wish you could shove Orange down a woodchipper?
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    B. Maybe
    C. I already have
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