Apache Attack Helicopter Mk1 undertakes Confined Areas Flying
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Apache Attack Helicopter Mk1 undertakes Confined Areas Flying

November 17, 2019

Okay, all clear to the left, all clear to
the right, and we’re unlock selected – (radio interference) are open, we have two greens. That’s a visual ASC still set one o’clock and my harness still stowed. Roger that, harness locked and tight, confirmed. Locked and tight in the front. Approaching my descent point, just looking
out the side of the aircraft, as one would normally do, checking for apparent fast walking pace. I am cleared to descend, I’ve got markers to the side, markers ahead of the aircraft, looking right and left as I do so. I’m just going to yaw the aircraft to the right, we can see how close we actually are to the trees. But I wouldn’t want to be any closer than this. I’m now going to turn the aircraft back on
to the original heading and re-adopt a hover. We have plenty of power in hand. I’m starting the aircraft climbing. We’re clear – hold – putting to transition,
continue to climb whilst accelerating bringing the aircraft into balance. And we are now
above single engine. Above single engine.

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