Are Chinese Killer Drone Swarms the Future of War? | China Uncensored
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Are Chinese Killer Drone Swarms the Future of War? | China Uncensored

October 18, 2019

On this episode of China Uncensored, the Chinese Communist Party is building a
dangerous, unthinking killing machine. Just kidding, haha! It’s building a dangerous, intelligent killing machine. Hi, welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Swarms of killer robots. It sounds like something out of a movie. Actually, several movies. Star Trek. The Matrix. And most terrifying of all, Big Hero Six. Now while this may sounds like science fiction, humans are disturbingly close to making killer robot swarms a reality. And China may be leading the way. What, are you surprised? The Chinese Communist Party loves to draw
inspiration from dystopian sci-fi movies. Like that facial recognition software they’re gonna use to predict crime before
it happens. And their plan to rank a billion Chinese citizens
based on their behavior. Well now, check this out. The China Electronics Technology Group, a state-owned enterprise, just conducted the largest drone swarm test
in human history. And drone history. Prepare to be terrified! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a swarm of tiny helicopter drones! Okay, this footage is maybe not that scary. Or…impressive. But it represents a huge scientific breakthrough. It’s also a terrifying glimpse into the future
of war. The Chinese company got 119 drones in the
air– all communicating with each other in real
time, and coordinating their movements faster and more precisely than human pilots ever
could. Sure, the US makes drones, too. Like the Reaper Drones that go for $13 million
a pop. But drone swarms are in a different league. Imagine thousands of small, cheap drones moving together like a swarm
of locusts. They have an overall mission, but the artificial intelligence software allow
the drones to make micro decisions on their own, like where to fly at any given moment. According to Financial Times, “Beijing is now betting that swarms of drones will become a weapon of the future.” A weapon of the future? Come on! They look like little toys. “In theory, such swarms could feature drones
fitted with missiles or warheads capable of sophisticated
attacks designed to overwhelm defenses with their
sheer numbers.” Oh. That toy is for definitely for ages 18 and
up. This could actually give China a huge military advantage over the United
States. China is rapidly trying to modernize its military. They’re spending about 150 billion a year
to do it. That still pales compared to what the United States spends on its military, which is about four times as much. But an autonomous drone swarm that costs less than a single US missile could completely
overwhelm it. Don’t worry, the US military is also developing drone swarm
technology. But the future of military dominance may rest
in the hands of the country that can make the most cheap
electronics. And if that’s the case, well, my bet would be on China. If the US and Soviet Union were in an arms
race, you could say the US and China are swarms
race. Swarms Race? No? How about the Drone Wars? Overall–beyond just swarms– the US military leads the world in military
drone use. The US has about 7,000 drones. China has only about 1,300, and none have been used to attack real military
targets. The Chinese regime is already putting drones
to use, though. In July, it released 12 underwater drones
to patrol disputed territory in the East and South China
Sea. I wonder if they use technology stolen from
that US underwater drone they stole back in December. And Chinese companies are also making drones
for civilian use. But in some cases, they “have been co-opted to work for the PLA.” According to state-run media, an online Chinese retailer says it has a drone capable of making deliveries weighing about
450 pounds. Which, let’s face it, means it could carry
a 450 pound bomb. Or a basket of 450 one-pound bombs. And of course, who could forget that the Chinese
Communist Party is already using drones to hunt down Tibetans trying to flee the country. But that’s just the conventional drone technology
they’re working on. A drone swarm is something very different– because it involves much more complex artificial
intelligence. Drone swarms could change how wars are fought, and they and bring with them a lot of serious
ethical questions. For a drone swarm to be functional, the drones have to communicate with each other
in real time. That’s a tremendous amount of data that a
human operator wouldn’t be able to manage. So individual drones need to be able to communicate with each other and make split second decisions as a group. Kind of like a school of fish. Fish equipped with bombs. In other words, you really need drones with artificial intelligence. Now this technology doesn’t fully exist yet, but it is being developed. And this raises an ethical question: Once the autonomous drones are smart enough to move around on their own and find targets, what happens next? What if that drone is designed to fire a missile or drop a bomb? Will there be a human in a room somewhere who makes that decision, or will the drone make that call on its own? Now this is a huge debate in the West. After all, when drones can decide on their own to kill, what once might have been called a war crime could now be written off as a glitch. First degree drone-slaughter. That’s why science and technology gurus have been expressing concern. Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking are among the
many who have been outspoken, calling for bans on killer AI. This kind of public debate is what happens in the West where governments are held accountable by the people. The same can’t be said for the Chinese Communist
Party. It’s easy for the regime to censor a public
ethics debate, or to simply ignore people’s feelings when
making decisions. The silver lining is, there is one big obstacle to China developing swarms of killer drones: The Chinese military itself. The People’s Liberation Army is more of a
political organization than a modern military. Generals are Communist Party officials, most of whom have never seen combat. And so they’re more concerned about fighting for their own political power within the military, rather than establishing a capable fighting
force. This problem has made it difficult for the
army to adapt new technology or change its structure, since that would mean shuffling people around, and they’d fight for every bit of power. According to the Financial Times, “the competition for resources and funding
is intense amid a radical overhaul of the services. Military leaders want expensive planes and ships that rival American weapons.” So even if the Chinese regime is able to develop killer swarms of drones, its own generals might not be willing to use
them. But the future of cheap, autonomous drone swarms could rewrite the rules of modern warfare, making the US military, with its expensive top-heavy hardware, vulnerable to an attack by a smaller, more nimble opponent. Or 10,000 small, nimble opponents. Maybe international pressure can force even the Chinese regime to put restrictions on the use of autonomous drones in war. But since the Chinese Communist Party has
already shown a love of Minority Report, there’s nothing stopping it from using them
against the Chinese people. What do you think? Leave your comments below. Along a some photos of yourself, so the drones can find you. Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell, see you next time. Did this episode terrify you? Well, you should get on over to our website Every week, besides full half hour episodes
we upload for free, we also have other short fun articles, sometimes about pandas. Pandas are cute and cuddly. Pandas will protect you from the drone swarms. The pandas are absolutely not robots themselves, waiting to strike when you’re most vulnerable. Visit right now.

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  1. I remember reading in the history book that the German in World War 1 said we will win cuz we're willing to do things you cannot even contemplate by the way they didn't win and the payback was a real b**

  2. Coming to a future near you: Yesterday, 90 percent of the NKPA artillery near the DMZ was neutralized by a massive swarm of drones each delivering 300 grams of high explosive. Although, the DRNK furiously protested and threatened to a launch a massive nuclear counter attack against the Imperialist Yankees, the only concrete response of the country was to move up its missile tests to this morning. Pundits are unable to clearly identify if the source of the swarms was China, US, or South Korea, or some combination of the three. It is widely acknowledged that the portion detected crossing from Russian territories was a false flag operation, rather than direct participation from Moscow. South Korea condemned DRNK for its unprovoked artillery bombardment of portions of Seoul and reaffirmed its commitment to end its occupation of certain portions of North Korea as soon as the situation stablilized. It is widely believed that the short bombardment from a fraction of the remaining artillery was a mistake by local commanders, rather than being ordered and coordinated by the national government. Your help with the refugees in Seoul is desperately needed. Although actual deaths were a fraction of earlier predictions, it is still the worst humanitarian disaster in east Asia since the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

  3. just cranking up the air defence radars would cook the drones, and it's been tested and confirmed to work with PAC 2 and higher patriot missile systems, just by setting them to Spike.

  4. i love chinese people and their beautiful ancient past….. as long as they genuinely want harmony and peace. I just dont like the "Party"…. but i do like TO party 😉 XD

  5. Now that's a great stock to invest in if your looking to get into the Chinese stock market. Countries all over the world will be buying killer drones from China.

  6. The Chinese drone battery will die after 45 minutes, but that's ok, because they give you a spare battery and two separate IMEI numbers so that you can use your device as two different drones.

    Get the reference? :p

  7. I'm having deja vu all over again. Didn't the Japanese try something similar during world war 2 involving balloons carrying explosives to the United States ?
    Time to get out the shotguns, boys.

  8. The PRC, has not had the best record in engineering and building. But, that does not mean that they will not be able to develop this technology.

  9. Listen up china. Use them in shipping containers and use them to attack fuel and logistics terminals. A few missiles in to fuel storage tanks and boom. The damage would set back US fleet deployment and give you the win. Or you can attack aircraft carriers near major ports. All thoes airplanes and bombs sitting arround what could go wrong

  10. These drones cant carry anything of consequence. The one that can carry 400 lbs is not one of these drones. Why even mention the 400 lbs load drone? they cant be produced them in mass like these, making them a shitty version of what America has had for well over a decade. Also America has swarm drones too and it turns out, these things are only good for recon

  11. there is already hand held weapons that can disable flying drones, i can imagine it can be upscaled and stronger to take out drone swarms from a far distance.. tho they can be quite hard to detect since they are small, can fly low and just appear out of nowhere. Will be interesting to see how it unfolds

  12. This is exactly the opposite of CoD BO2 lol. Where since the US has become so dependent on drones, the enemy hacks them and uses them against them.

  13. Also drone swarms DO NOT use ZIGBEE this was earmarked for drone use back in the 2000’s but it has now found use in IOT devices in the home. Military drone swarms are now using DASH7 for real-time radio communications.

  14. If you can upload a virus to one it is easily up loaded to others. So if you can make an back door program then with a click of your fingers they are now your drones

  15. 4 words: high altitude nuclear detonation. It creates an EMP over a large area without causing any fallout or radiation sickness in the population in the affected area.

  16. And like every other piece of Chinese manufacturing, its a poorly made pile of junk. Keep trying China, give it your best shot.

  17. Great video. Just a quick question. Who's bomb other countries right now? Keep it up. Look forward to more surprises from your channel.

  18. "Tiny helicopter drones!", Sorry Chris, those are fixed wing, more specifically flying wings. Also these "drone swarms" have their vulnerabilities. Probably their biggest being GPS, jam the GPS frequencies and they have no clue where they're at.

  19. China is referred to as the Sleeping Dragon because it has never woken up from its nap. They've hardly even experienced combat, excluding mass murdering their own citizens, of course. Not ONE Chinese soldier has even seen modern combat. I don't fear a military that uses politicians as its generals, not even a little bit. Politicians are great killers, they just don't make very good military leaders. 😉

  20. I am afraid that PLA has been adapting new tech for a long time. The generals are the ones who are pushing them. They won't hesitate to put the swarms of drones to all their foot soldiers hands, once the tech is mature.

  21. I'm actually happy that the PLA didn't fight a war for decades (except against their own people). If there's one good thing that ccp did in the past decades, that was to not have a war against any country for a while. If they also stopped to fight against their own citizens they would be perfect.

  22. What most people miss. especially this china-hating propagand channel is, that you weren't paying attention in history class.
    What happens with regular laptop,phone, gadget factories during wars? They get re-purposed as weapon factories literally in days. Now imagine instead of making 10.000.000 laptops and phones per day, you are pushing out 10 times as many drones with some explosives….So…how much monition you got in that flack? Hope it's enough to hold off those millions of 1 dollar drones…ah I forget to mention that we already made a billion of them. Have fun.

  23. Will one day be a very real threat. And the US had better stop allowing the military industrial complex to influence its spending.

    For a hilarious take on the corrupt way we develop weapons, check out The Pentagon Wars, based on actual events:

  24. I, for one, do not want to look back after a drone attack and regret not supporting Chine Uncensored on patreon.

    Cn you imagine if YOU could control how your tax dollars were spent on defense with the same kind of control you have on We'd ALREADY have drone-swarm-killing drone swarms.

  25. Be a little optimistic ! Maybe they will pair the system with those AI chatbots that gone rogue and … problem solved 🙂

  26. Think of it like a swarm of 1000 pigeons, armed with machine guns or small rockets, flying around with up to 100km/h, making intelligent swarm decisions. All this while flying only 10 meters above ground. They are hard to shoot down because they are fast, armed and so many. Plus they can be deployed by using an ordinary shipping cointainer or a truck. They can whipe out a hole city or military base within less then a hour.


    you might want to consider the problems with anti-aircraft options– you would have a very small Target thousands of them against guns that would fire individual shells even a proximity fuse would be iffy in this circumstance
    electromagnetic pulse would be about the only useful thing but it would have to be some sort of directed pulse because you would risk destroying your own Electronics

  28. The U.S. regime does anything it wants to, and even if it gets caught, it always gets away with it.

    Actually every 'government' on earth does whatever they please [until America does them in anyhow].

    China is just less encumbered with such complications as 'secrecy' and 'public dissent.'

  29. There is a YouTube video that Flys tiny drones that can shoot a bullit at people on the drones' facial recognition memory. They can swarm a crowd of people & pick out all voters registered with a particular political party and shoot them in the forehead. Dead. The seals in the auditorium actually clap wen they see the demonstration.
    Watch out!

  30. Israel sold them our technology again! See shaped charge that kills 50% city as advertised? Thanks enemy of mankind.

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