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Area 51 In Numbers

September 10, 2019

Sitting on 3.5 million acres of restricted
Nevada desert, just 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, and it didn’t officially ​exist
until 2013—​let’s declassify Area 51 in Numbers. In 1955, the CIA and US Air Force acquired
Area 51 as a test site for the U-2 Spy Plane. The U-2 could fly at an unprecedented 70,000ft
high and was used to spy on Soviet territories. Every Monday there are at least 5 unmarked
737s called ‘Janet Jets’ that fly between 1,500 and 2,500 workers from Las Vegas to
Area 51—​taking workers​ back​ on Friday. These are the only outside flights
permitted into Area 51. The restricted airspace above Area 51 is R-4808N,
and comprises a 23 by 25 mile no-fly zone. Area 51 now has a 12,000ft runway, and below
ground some speculate there are up to 40 levels containing alien experiments, evidence the
moon landing was fake, or tunnels connecting to other top secret sites. There are 2 to 3 UFO sightings every week
around the Extraterrestrial Highway. Area 51’s link with the extraterrestrial
started in 1947. An alien spaceship allegedly crashed in Rosewell, New Mexico and was covertly
transported to Area 51 for examination. Whether Area 51 was reengineering confiscated
alien spacecraft is unknown—but it was definitely reengineering the Soviet MiG-23 plane, probably
from stolen prototypes. But what’s the Number of Extraterrestrials
to have been held at Area 51? Well, officially 0—but you never know.”

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    Area 51 In Numbers

    It's the top secret home of aliens and crashed flying saucers…at least some say so. But with the U.S. government only recently recognizing it exists, it's time to uncover Area 51 in Numbers!

  2. I thought that the moving dark stripe appeared because I broke my phone, so I started bending it trying to fix it.
    For real.

  3. I work at Area 51 I can tell you lots about it

    1.there is no aliens

    2.we shall raise the dead

    3.we once thought about taking aliens in

    4.we tried to film a Mars landing

    5.this is all probably not true!

  4. The moon landing isn't fake. They left mirrors there and scientists shot lasers at the moon to measure the distance. Maybe the footage was fake, but not the landing.

  5. info is correct, but too bad about the cheesy music, i would have shared it.. music must be added for all the kiddies in the comments.

  6. my dad works at area 51 and he says that there are aliens but the workers rape them everyday while saying ayy lmao

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