Ariane Rocket Failure! Vega Lost
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Ariane Rocket Failure! Vega Lost

January 20, 2020

This nurse with set sis sank cut D Very good Phenomenologically nominal The selected image or non-self balusters young do a search on to my Ariane 5 is a heavier Vehicle on Rises much more slowly weighs six times as much But Vega lifting off perfectly from French Guiana beginning the 15th mission in her young career weighing 138 tonnes at liftoff they call her the light launcher compared to hoisin Vega But a hundred and over a hundred tonnes isn’t exactly featherweight. But what are you gonna do the first stage? It’s produced in Koli Ferro near Rome by the Aveo people then delivered here to French Guiana You saw some of that in the video on the launcher campaign? The first stage weighs 96 tons 88 tons of that are fuel most of any launchers weight is propellant the first stage burns its single engine for about 2 minutes before being jettisoned and you’ll see that and you’ll hear The launcher signal is of course being followed at all times right now Our first two downrange tracking station on the ground is taking the signal There’s a station here at the base just behind us in Jupiter called Galileo The second is a little downrange at a place called santomero Has called out separation the first stage coming right on time and ignition of the second stage coming one second later So we’re into the second stage burn Second stage is called the Z 23 Z for the Sephardim Will burn it’s solid rocket motor for 86 seconds And again, if you’re following the mass and the fuel numbers, she weighs 26 tons and 23 tons of that our fuel It’s coming up to separation shortly of the other stage While we’re looking at people more dramatis personae we’re gonna see the people from ISA as you can see the invited guests filing back into the Paul here after this very very spectacular launch Looking at some of the people from Edith Sharla disco visa vague is an ISA program over a thousand people from four hundred European countries and industries have worked on development of the new launcher ISA was operated operator of the first six flights From flight number seven and twenty sixteen that were all taken over by Arian space who holds exclusive rights to market and sell the launch services Is the remaining Is remaining the head of the Vega team Vega operating at an average launch rate of one to two missions per year currently She’s the only launcher in a class now in regular of production Sebastian was and D do is call that separation of the fairing? We can separate the fairing now because we’ve made it about a hundred and twenty kilometres above the earth were out of the atmosphere passenger now getting his first taste of Space the fairing protects the passengers from the jolts and pressures of the Earth’s atmosphere A word now from our maldavar the mission analysis technical authority Hello, I am the mission analysis responsible for this flight This means that I have to ensure that the flight respect the customer and the French law requirements in terms of trajectory Performance separation and safety the required performance for this mission is a little bit less than twelve hundred Kilograms for a total launch vehicle mass at liftoff of about one research heightens the flight of the three solid boosters P80 the river 23 and the fever line will last around six minutes This part of the flight will be followed by the standard nose run tracking station Network galio and sunshine in French Guiana Bermuda and such a bear in Canada Then the very first stage of the evil will be ignited for eight minutes in order to inject the launcher into an elliptical transfer orbit after a long ballistic phase of first 38 minutes a Second album boost for one minute of a new notch a ground station will allow two circular eyes Once the target had all been a rich fuckin eye one will be released 57 minutes after the liftoff We have been informed we have been informed that Think we’ve lost telemetry have a slight telemetry loss The flight director informing us that we have lost the telemetry link with the launcher, so we’re waiting from word from ariane space So please wait with us We’ll see again Flight directorate Informing us that the telemetry link with the launcher has been lost So we’re waiting homeward for errands base On these situations, so we’ll ask you to please wait with us I chose the video to Damania rest activity to win me some configuration that I do the best. Do not smoke Of islands face I wish to express my deepest apologies to our customers for the loss of their payload And telling them how sorry I am From the first flight data analysis, we will get in the coming hours more precise information and We will communicate to to everybody at the soonest Again, let me present my deepest apologies to our customers Thank you

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  1. I like how the PR guy blissfully acts like everything is going according to plan when the trajectory plot in the upper right hand corner of the screen clearly shows that the rocket is off-course.

  2. Any failure of this nature is always sad to see. It was just a payload, no humans. They will fix it and move forward. Go back and look at our rocket history..Ouch!

  3. Yeah, the dude doing the english translation was reading his prepared script while the rocket and payload was totally off script.

  4. Я знаю кто теперь её найдёт в океане… Отжали пять лет жизни умнейших и пару ярдов… Жаль разобраться не смогут бабуины…

  5. On 3 days ago something past over South Africa natal very high up did not sound like a jet to loud could not see any thing was cloudy?

  6. At 1:01 "weighs six times as much…". Six times as much as what?, another type launch vehicle? BUT, the announcer then says, so it is going slower…??? Slower?, the same vehicle?, but it's accelerating slower because it's six times heavier ?, Who writes the script for these guys?, then he says "Whatcha gonna do?" What are you "gonna do"?, watch your over-weight vehicle crash into the ocean.

  7. why no parachutes or recovery device in case of abort? super expensive payload lost .. sucks. next time fly falcon lol

  8. Arianespace should AT LEAST have commentators who understand French. This was really embarrassing to listen to. Arianespace = Amateurs.

  9. I thought only Russian rockets failed, that's what the hate fest Western presstitute propaganda media lets us believe

  10. Cool for the woman who speak France proude of your own language… In several asia countries, people pride speak english

  11. Of course I see SpaceX idiots making fun of them or saying “should’ve called SpaceX” 🙄 this is the first failure for this rocket while you idiots still want to talk knowing that Falcon 9 has had 2 explosions and Crew Dragon. Even some customers are still concerned that SpaceX has to do static fires without the payload. You SpaceX fans aren’t supporters of Aerospace, only support because of Elon 🖕🏻

  12. Did any of it get to space as to add to the debris problem we already have in our orbit?? We don’t really need more space junk:(

  13. The UAE tried to save a few bucks and had Arianespace launch their payload. How’d that work out for you guys? You’re really saving money now! 🙄

  14. Go with ISROs PSLV class launch vehicles. they are specially designed for launching payloads upto 4 tonnes to low earth orbit(where earth observatory satellites launched).it is holding high succes rate,cost effective/launch. it even holds record for launching 104 nano satellites in single launch with high precision

  15. 7:11: "The launcher trajectory is temporarily deviated" – I don't think that's how space launches work..

  16. The customer, the United Arab Emirates, is one of the countries most responsible for the situation in Yemen – currently the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the world according to the UN. 3.3 million children and pregnant or lactating women suffer from acute malnutrition. More than 85,000 children dead from famine. Plus other war crimes.

  17. All of them seem to be ignorant of the failure. CG image looks good!!(that doesn’t count!) There is nothing “temporary” about a fail!

  18. I am a rocket lover and from what I have felt PSLV of isro is the launch vehicle to go for any LEO OR SSO orbits

  19. Arianespace is a company. Ariane is a rocket series, and this wasn't an Ariane launch, so there was no "Ariane rocket failure".

  20. In a rocket launch event when trajectory goes so south during first or second stage. it’s no more temporary
    It’s doomed

  21. It's a solid fuel rocket.
    All of it's stages use solid fuel propellant. Solid fuel ignites instantly and gets to peak power in half a second…that's why we see an immediate lift off!

    On this case it seams the second stage never ignited and it just fall off course with a trajectory back to earth and probably it crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. Going to Space , even in LEO is not easy and no joke…even today in 2019.

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