Ask Yoast: How to update images without losing rankings?
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Ask Yoast: How to update images without losing rankings?

August 31, 2019

Hey, Bryan Fly emailed us saying, “We want to make some improvements
to the images on our site. “The last time we did that
we lost a lot of image rankings. “My question is: how do we update
our images without losing organic positions on them?” Well, Bryan, if you change them on the spot so you keep the same URL and
you don’t change anything around them, you really shouldn’t be losing
image rankings. If you change anything around them,
then Google has to re-index all of that and that will take a lot of time. So keep the same URLs,
is basically the suggestion. Good luck.

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  1. Can you redirect the url for an image just like with pages? I've tried that in the past but failed.. Can you give an example of a htacess rule that works if I want to change the name or path for an image? Thanks!

  2. Hi. if i change an image in product page in mywebsite, should i keep the same image filename to keep ranking. or i can upload an image with different filename?

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