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Assaulter Metal Slugs Played on Samsung Galaxy S3 – Androidizen

August 26, 2019

OK, here we are with a rather interesting take on bullet storm hell. Assaulter Metal Slugs. This reminds me of like Classic Arcades I used to play in the 80s. Really really really crazy. Basically, you are one really annoyed dude. You seem to want to shoot your gun continuously in any direction, dodge bullets well out of the way etcetera. And blow stuff up! What could be better for a free to play game? So here’s me, I’m the guy jumping up and down at the moment. And as you can see, it’s just bullet storm hell. My gun aims pretty much automatically, it aims at everyone around me and so whoever is closest gets shot by the gun. And all I really have to do is avoid them If I want I can clear the screen by throwing a grenade, pick up gold which I can upgrade all my guns and weapons at the time. Really really good fun, again I’m quite chuffed that there are so many free to play games out there. Now, which don’t utterly utterly suck. Because most of them do, let’s face it. There’s a boss. That was a boss, he’s now dead. Great fun, go grab it now.

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