at&t mobile hot spot unboxing
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at&t mobile hot spot unboxing

December 13, 2019

everybody I got an AT&T mobile hotspots
that I just purchased so I can hook it up to my laptop and maybe do better
videos if I couldn’t figure out how to do anything since I’m old anyway cuz
i’ll just show you the plan show you how it works I know most of you are not on
the road but if someone is on the road you might want to use this option other
than just the telephone you get i purchased the 8 gigabytes plan for 75
bucks the 10 bucks they kicked it up to 10 gigabytes I don’t know if that’s more
than i will use but i mean i use that much up on my telephone twice a month
actually so but since obviously using this for uploads I hopefully if I won’t
go to a smaller plan later it says that this thing here actually has storage on
it also so that’s kind of cool and you connect 10 devices to it and it has a
150 foot range which definitely isn’t a problem in our battery life and password
protected you can expand the members of the memory and it also so I guess that
would mean that the memory of my computer just go expanded in a way you
see what it says here it’s go look everything to it let’s see what it looks
like it’s covered everywhere if you believe a
PMT they don’t see Canada on there you so let’s get to the meat of the issue
and see how it if I can’t do a performance review on this because i
haven’t used it yet i haven’t charged it let’s see what it comes with though okay got a USB charger apparently yes
and okay so here’s the actual unit itself everything is wired with other
than charging capabilities looks pretty simple as your standard lithium cation
battery hopefully it won’t be blowing up or anything more directions for 12 year
old children maybe they’re a little bigger who knows will I doubt it it’s
pretty straightforward we’ve got directions in Spanish and everything
anyway i will try this out with the laptop and get back with you fellas
thank you

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