AT&T Unite Express 2 Full features and specs | AT&T
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AT&T Unite Express 2 Full features and specs | AT&T

December 19, 2019

We know you’re not supposed to have everything all the time. And, certain things just aren’t meant to be shared. Thankfully there are exceptions to the rule. Meet the AT&T Unite Express 2. Built for everyday use that’s meant to be shared. Take your office with you and enjoy your personal freedom with fast connection and built-in security features. You can connect up to 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices and share Guest Wi-Fi access with colleagues or friends. It’s long-lasting battery lets you stay connected even during your downtime, with up to 11 hours of battery on a single charge. Plus, you can easily manage your connection and settings, from the convenience of the NETGEAR Mobile app. From home to abroad stay connected with AT&T Unite Express 2. Have it all! And, simplify your life with the convenience of your own portable and secure Wi-Fi wherever life takes you. Protect your confidential, personal data with your own reliable network and avoid signing on and off to unsecure public Wi-Fi. Now you can catch up on emails and browse the web whenever your feel like it, with this perfect travel companion. You’ll come prepared to your next business meeting. Be confident with fast wireless internet access for your tablet, laptop or any Wi-Fi enabled device. Connect up to 15 devices simultaneously. And share your secure connection when you enable Guest Wi-Fi access. And download the easy to use NETGEAR mobile app on your connected device to easily set-up your network and manage your connection, and settings. Experience the ease of bringing your own secured network connection with you when you cross town or travel abroad. Share fast wireless internet access with up to 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously with AT&T Unite Express 2.

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