ATTACK OF THE ANTS – Earth Defense Force 4.1 Gameplay Part 1
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ATTACK OF THE ANTS – Earth Defense Force 4.1 Gameplay Part 1

September 6, 2019

>>James: Oh my god. What the fuck? Where are all these menus?>>Lawrence: Yeah, use “WAS” to- Or, or the mouse, ’cause the arrow keys are quick- quickchats. You’re gonna want that.>>Bruce: What the- What the fuck?>>James: Will you shut up?>>Adam: Hmm.>>James: How do we turn off this thing? Communication–>>Lawrence: Yeah, I’m just-
I’m just gonna disable all my mics.>>Bruce: How do I disable it?>>Adam: Oh, there’s voice volume. Oh! Don’t- Don’t touch arrows. That’s a bad ide- Oh!>>James: Ok, yeah. Come on Sgt Cockbreath.>>James: Get it together.
>>Adam: I’m- What?>>Adam: I’m here.>>Lawrence: You have to- Did you mute your mics?
>>James: No, you have to turn off->>James: You have to disable all of your webcams.>>Adam: I just did.>>James: Nope. You didn’t.>>Adam: Yes. I. did.>>James: Ok. You’re a liar.
Because it has your name popping up. Right here. Sgt Cockbreath.>>Lawrence: Oh! You just broadcasted James. [Bruce laughs]
>>Lawrence: We’re broadcasting now, James!>>James: Did it just get back? [Bruce laughing]>>James: Just came back?
>>Lawrence: Yeah, you’re back now.>>Adam & Lawrence: Yeah.>>James: I haven’t touched
my mouse or keyboard since I–>>Adam: Mmm. Interesting! [Bruce laughing] Let’s all berate you until you do something different!>>Lawrence: & also…>>James: How come Adam becomes such a bitch every time we play games? [Bruce laughs]>>Lawrence: You call that
his technical prowess. You can’t do that.>>Adam: Eh…>>Lawrence: You know he’s sensitive about it.>>Bruce: None of us have technical prowess.>>Adam: Not really.
>>Bruce: We should all be aware of that.>>Lawrence: Alright, boys, it’s 2017,
& we got to- we have to defend Earth. From…>>Bruce: What?>>Lawrence: Trump!>>Adam: What? I thought it was giant ants.>>Lawrence: Nope! Well, yeah, it’s gonna be ants. It’s gonna be a lot of ants.>>Bruce: We elected him president.>>Lawrence: Since we live in Trump’s America, we’re gonna raise a militia, & defend Earth, uh… America, from all of the aliens.>>James: The fucking confederate was right, man.>>Lawrence: They were right.>>James: We should just split off into 50 states.>>Adam: You want slaves? [Bruce laughs]
>>James: That’s not what it was about! It was about state’s rights!>>James: Oh!
>>Lawrence: Uh oh.>>James: A Wing Diver!>>Bruce: You just changed the difficulty to “HARD”.>>Lawrence: Yeah, I did. ‘Cause we can play on HARD. We’re good like that.>>Bruce: Oh no…>>Lawrence: Oh, shit. You picked the Fencer, James?>>James: Yeah. Hell yeah!>>Adam: Fencer?
>>Lawrence: Ok. Fencer is the hardest class to play.>>James: That’s your opinion.>>Lawrence: Alright, are you
guys ready to defend Earth?!>>Adam: Are we given a choice?>>Lawrence : Alright, boys.>>James: Alright, follow me!>>Bruce: Oh! Look at me go!>>Lawrence: Man, you’re really bright.>>Adam: James is fucking Warhammer.>>James: Yeah, I am!>>Adam: & I’m just “man”.>>Jame: Holy fuck. What’s the point of this gun?>>Lawrence: If you’re close to people it’ll kill–>>Adam: Here. Shoot that woman to the right, James.>>James: Why? No, we’re supposed to save them!>>Adam: Raider, nooo!
>>James: Robots!>>Lawrence: Bruce, you’re the fastest
character, so you can fly all around, &–>>Bruce: I’m really good, too.>>James: OWWW!>>Lawrence: Uh oh.>>Adam: James is–
>>Lawrence: Oh, shit!>>Lawrence: An ant got James!>>James: Why am I so heavy, if he can do this to me?! [laughter] What’s the point?>>Lawrence: Oh! There you go!>>James: What’s the point?!>>Lawrence: OH! [laughing] Are you ok over there?>>Lawrence: Give it time.
>>James: AHH!
>>Adam: So this->>Adam: This is what the Japanese
see when they close their eyes? [Bruce laughs]
>>Lawrence: Basically, yeah.>>James: Hold on, I’m about to shoot in 20 minutes.>>Bruce: Oh, shit. An ant got me.>>Lawrence: Uh oh. Oh, I thought it was “easy”, Bruce?>>Bruce: It is easy.>>Adam: I mean, it is easy.>>Bruce: How do I get out?>>Lawrence: You can still shoot
when you’re in the ant’s mouth.>>Bruce: Oh, really?
>>Lawrence: So shoot the an- Oh, you’re dead.>>Lawrence: Here. I’m coming for you.
>>James: Does the shield protect me from ant bites?>>Lawrence: Yeah. No.>>James: OWW! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!>>Bruce: What’s the->>James: Ow, ow, ow, ow! Ow, ouch!>>Bruce: Look at that!>>Lawrence: Oh, yeah. You got a little Plasma Launcher.>>Bruce: Yeah. That’s what I’m doing.>>Adam: These buildings are very empty.>>Bruce: Here they come!
>>James: Oh my god. They’re coming!>>Adam: Yeah…>>James [straining]: Errr! You son of a bitch!>>Adam: Are you killing anyone with the Gatling gun? [Bruce laughs]
>>Lawrence: OH!>>James: I don’t think I’ve hit anything yet.>>Adam: Yeah.
>>Bruce: Oh, boy! Here they- They’re here!>>Lawrence: I blew myself up.>>Bruce: They are here, everybody.>>Lawrence: I- Oh, boy. You’re- Ohh! They’re swarmin’! Oh, they’re all over you.>>Adam: It’s like some kind of swarm-
Oh, I blew myself up.>>Bruce: I’m.. still not awake.>>James: AHH!>>Adam: I’m also not awake.
>>James: AHH! THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!>>Bruce: They are really–
>>James: Oh, they just pushed me to the ground.>>Lawrence: Oh my god, oh my god,
oh my god, oh my god!>>Bruce: Lawrence, you gotta come revive us.>>Lawrence: Ah!>>James: [laughing]: Oh, look at-
>>Adam: Ok. Yeah. Help! [James laughs]>>Adam: Help!>>Bruce [laughing]: He’s caught in the ant’s mouth.>>Adam: Oh, I’m free!!>>Lawrence: AHH! Shit!>>James: Aw, he’s down.>>Lawrence: Ohh, I’m in there.>>Lawrence: Oh, they’re eatin’ me so much.
>>Adam: I’m down-down.>>Bruce: We’re all dead.>>Adam: I wish you weren’t a liar. [Bruce laughs]>>Adam: You said that you could shoot
them when you’re in the mouth.>>Lawrence: You can!>>Adam: No, you can’t.>>Bruce: Not if you’re dead.
>>Lawrence: Yeah, you can.>>Lawrence: Sometimes it’s hard to tell
that you are shooting.>>James: The only thing I’m confused
about is my shield.>>Lawrence: Oh, yeah.>>James: It doesn’t appear to
stop them from eating me.>>Lawrence: Oh, the shield will not. No.>>James: Ok, so, what’s the–
>>Lawrence: No, I don’t know.>>James: Ok.>>Bruce: This weapon does nothing!>>Lawrence: We’re playing on HARD, man.
Ants are hard. [ ♪ ♪ ]>>Bruce: Alright, I’m going in!>>Lawrence: Go for it. We’ll cover you.>>James: Whoa! That was sweet!>>Bruce: Uh oh. I’m- I’m down.>>Lawrence [laughing]: Oh, no.
>>James: Ok. Get out of there!>>Bruce: My jetpack doesn’t work. [Bruce & Lawrence laugh]
>>James: Get out of there! I’ll cover you!>>Bruce: Somebody’s shooting me in the back.>>Adam: Uh, you–>>James: It’s not doing damage, is it?>>Bruce: Absolutely, it is!>>James: It’s- But, I’m barely
hitting you. They’re like pellets.>>Bruce [laughing]: Friendly Fire is On! ‘Cause Lawrence is– Saw fit to do it.>>Lawrence: We’re playing on HARD!
We unlock better guns this way.>>Adam: I wanna be clear, the only reason why we’re playing this game is ’cause Lawrence bought us all copies.>>Lawrence: I want friends!>>Adam: That’s right! He guilted us into playing. [Bruce laughs]>>Lawrence: Lemme see that dash canceled.>>James: What? You wanna see it?>>Lawrence: Yeah.
>>Bruce: How do you dash?>>Lawrence: You don’t get to.
>>James: So I go like- I go like, OOH! HOO!>>James: HOOAH!
>>Lawrence: THERE IT IS!>>Lawrence: THERE IT IS! YOU DID IT!>>James: BOOM!
>>Lawrence: YOU’RE FLYING!>>Lawrence: Alright, be careful now.
When we kill these two ants, we’re gonna trigger the- trigger the hoard.>>Bruce: The wave.>>James: Here they come!>>Lawrence: You might wanna start backing up now.>>James: GET BEHIND ME!>>Bruce: Get behind the.. Killmore!>>Lawrence: Shit. That’s a lot of- That’s a lot of ants! Fuck me!>>Bruce: OHHH, BOY!>>Lawrence: Aw, fuck.>>Adam: The ants are here. I repeat, the ants are– [laughs]>>Bruce: Uh, guys? This is real bad news here.>>Lawrence: Yeah, there’s a lot of- Oh, there’s a lot of–>>James: There’s a lot of ’em!>>Lawrence: I think we’re thinning them out, though.>>Adam & Bruce: Are we?
>>Lawrence: This is the->>Lawrence: If you look at the minimap->>Bruce: AHH!>>Lawrence: – you can see the
swarm start to thin out a little bit.>>James: BOOM!>>Lawrence: Just keep indiscriminately
firing into the pack.>>James: Do it. Got it.>>Bruce: Hold on this is ba-
[James yells]>>Bruce: This is a bad spot we’re in here.>>Lawrence: God damn ants!
>>Adam: This is actually a great spot.>>James: Come on, you bastards!>>Adam: They’re all packed in there. AHH! Fuck off!>>James: ARRGH! Ow! [straining] Eat spear!>>Lawrence: We got it! We got it! We got it!>>Bruce: Are we doing it?>>Lawrence: We’re doing it!>>James: Augh, I think it gave birth to me.>>Bruce: Jetpack’s down. Jetpack’s down.>>Lawrence: Thanks for the cover.>>James: HURR! HYAA!
>>Adam: Your jetpack’s always down. [Lawrence laughs]
>>Bruce: Yeah, I know.>>Adam: Let us know when the jetpack’s up. [Bruce laughs]>>Bruce: We did it, guys.>>Lawrence: Almost!>>James: There’s more!
>>Adam: There’s one lone ant!>>James: AH!>>Bruce: But the armor thing doesn’t do anything.>>Lawrence: It will when you beat the level. Uh, for every armor you pick up, you gain 1 health point. Permanently. At the end of the level.>>Lawrence: Provided you win.
>>James: Hold on! Almost got it! Yeah! Ugh! I got ’em! Pick up everything. Oh, I’m close! Yeah.>>Lawrence: Oh, nice pick up.
>>James: Yeah! Finished with full health!>>Lawrence: Yeah, see? We got 25 armor.
That’s 25 more health. We’ll never die.>>Bruce: So then- Should I change
my equipment? Is that what–>>Lawrence: Yeah! If you want to.>>James: Guys, you can change your color.>>Lawrence: Oh, yeah. I need to change my armor.
I look like a fuckin’ idiot.>>Adam: Is Nova Buster good?>>Lawrence: You might wanna… So… You don’t have to, but you might wanna
read the descriptions of the guns. ‘Cause sometimes they’ll let you
know if it’s a joke weapon or not.>>Bruce: Joke weapon?>>Lawrence: & I wanna say about 85%
of them are joke weapons.>>Bruce: What’re you talking about?>>Lawrence: Eh, you know what? You’ll figure it out.>>Adam: I’m gonna assume this is good.>>Bruce: Sgt cockbreath, reporting for duty.>>Adam: I’m here.>>James: Adam, look at my gun. [Adam laughs]
Look, I got two guns just hanging off me. [Adam laughing] Hold on! Now look at this one!>>Adam: What the f–>>James: YEAH!
>>Adam: You’re a toy!>>Bruce: Holy shit.
>>James: Yeah! I’ll see ya on the inside!>>Bruce: Did you guys just see what I just did?>>Lawrence: No. What’d you do?>>Bruce: One blast from the thing
I have is, like, a joke weapon.>>Adam: Yeah, I only had one shot.>>Adam: God damn it, Lawrence!
>>Lawrence: Oh, shit! What the fuck is that?>>Bruce: That’s mine! That’s my weapon.>>Lawrence: But you only get
one shot for the entire level?>>Bruce: Well, no, it reloads.>>Lawrence: Oh, ok.>>Adam: Well, no, mine doesn’t reload. [slow motion] I’m gonna assume this is good. That’s how much of a joke it is!>>Bruce: That’s bad news for you.>>Lawrence: I have an automatic shotgun.>>Adam: DAMN IT!>>James: GET BEHIND ME!>>Bruce: Get behind Killmore!>>James: ARRRRRGH!!>>Bruce: Oh, shit! I just- I just killed myself.
>>James: Um.. Yeah, you guys just killed everyone.>>Bruce: I just killed myself.>>Lawrence: I don’t know how to shoot this.
>>Adam [laughing]: Did you see that? Just see James out there by himself. [laughter] Firing at the ground.>>Lawrence: I can’t figure out how
to shoot this rocket launcher. It’s, like, locking onto stuff but it’ll never shoot a roc–>>James: OOOOOOO!>>Bruce: Boom! I brought the whole-
Uh, if you bring a building down, does it matter?>>Adam & Lawrence: No,>>Adam: I wanna use this gun, & I can’t! Oh, I can do Chat.>>Lawrence: Why can’t I shoot this fuckin’ rocket? How do I…>>Bruce: Fuck ants. [laughs]
>>Lawrence: Uh oh.>>James: I just lost half my health, because
I think Bruce was just blasting the alley.>>Bruce: Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.
[laughter] Watch this, guys. Hyuh!>>Adam: What?>>James: Nice shot!>>Bruce: Where are you, Killmore?>>Lawrence: Oh my god, there’s–
>>Bruce: OW!>>James: Oh, you got blown up by Adam!>>Adam: Oh, sorry. I didn’t know you were out there.>>Bruce: Are you kidding?!>>Lawrence: He’s always out there!>>James: I’m comin’ in!>>Lawrence: Oh, shit.>>James: Alright, Bruce. Here I come.>>Lawrence: Be careful.>>Adam: Uh…>>Lawrence: I want to shoot this rocket so bad!
>>Bruce: Wow, look at that!>>Lawrence: It won’t go!
>>Bruce: You look so cool. [James laughs]
>>Lawrence: Oh, sorry.>>Bruce: Ow, my body!>>Adam: I think there’s a problem, though.
My rocket launcher’s too good.>>Bruce: James is not reviving me.
>>Adam: It killed Bruce in, like, two hits.>>James: I’m getting you out of here!>>Bruce: He’s shooting me. [Adam laughs]
>>James: I’m getting you out! You’re safe!>>Adam: Save him!
>>James: Ow! Fuck!>>Lawrence: Whoa!>>James: That destroyed, like… two-thirds of my health.>>Adam: I’m- This rocket launcher’s too good. I’m sorry.>>James: Gotcha!
>>Lawrence: There ya go.>>Bruce: Thank you so much.>>James: You probably have no health, because Adam>>Lawrence: Yeah.
>>James: took it all.>>Adam: Sorry! [laughter]>>Adam: This gun is great.>>Lawrence: It’s too good!>>Adam: It makes up for the shitty one. Oh, sorry, Bruce! Ugh, you keep jumping in front of me. [Bruce laughs]
>>James: Bruce immediately out
there is my favorite thing.>>Bruce: That’s my job!>>Lawrence: He loves killing ants.>>Bruce: Yeah.>>Lawrence: Don’t anyone make fun of Bruce
for loving killing ants. That’s why we’re here.>>Bruce: Guys, I’m doing all this work myself. Uh oh. An ant got me.>>Adam: I’m afraid to help you.>>Lawrence: Oops!>>Adam [laughing]: That’s what happens
when I help you!>>Lawrence: I think I might’ve–>>Bruce: Oh, shit!
>>Adam: This gun’s too good!>>James: Ow! OW! GOD DAMN IT! That does so–>>Bruce: That’s what you get!>>James: That does s- FOR WHAT?
>>Bruce: That’s what you get!>>James: I revived you!>>Bruce: Yeah, after shooting my body over & over!>>James: I was getting you out of the battlefield!
[Bruce laughs]>>Lawrence: Whoa!>>Bruce: Oh, we did it! [laughing] Uh oh. Now we cleared it. I’m outta here!>>James [laughing]: Where is he?>>Bruce [laughing]: I jetpacked out! I jetpacked out!>>Adam: We’re gonna shoot him?
>>Bruce: I’m gone! [laughter]>>Lawrence: The one time his fuckin’ jetpack works. [laughter]>>Bruce: Alright. I- I got a bunch of cool weapons
that I can’t wait to use.>>Lawrence: Yeah, me too. I gotta check these out. [James gasps]>>Adam: “A laser gun with
destructive power equivalent to a tank. However, the output is so extreme that it melts the body of the weapon when fired”?! “Meaning you only get one single shot.”
I should’ve read that. It’s dumb! This game’s dumb!>>James: DUMB!>>Adam: Uh, so I have a gun that can heal you guys, but->>Lawrence: It doesn’t reload?>>Adam: No. I can’t heal myself.>>James: That’s not a problem.>>James: Everyone check out
everyone’s cool new stuff.>>Lawrence: Oh!>>James: What is that?! You’re Splatoon!>>Bruce: You have a Super Soaker?>>Lawrence: WHOA! Holy shit. That’s a– Pzzoo! Fuck!>>Bruce [laughing]: James has two giant guns.>>James: Look at this! BOOOOM!>>Bruce: Oh, shit!>>Lawrence: Oh god, the bodies! The bodies!>>Bruce: Oh, you just killed all–>>James: BOOOOOM! LOOK AT ME!>>Lawrence: Oh, there you are.
Oh my god! Is that a serrated Vibroblade?>>James: HERE WE GO, BABY! As soon as I get to those ants, they’re done for! Hold on. I’m gonna get to those ants eventually.
>>Adam: Oh my god! [Bruce laughs]>>Adam: You just shot Dragon Ball Z at him! [Lawrence laughs]>>Adam: Boosh!
>>James: Guys, can you let me get to them first?>>Bruce: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! That was close!>>Adam: I’m sorry. I thought this was HARD mode. [laughing] Your gun’s bigger than you!>>James: IT’S NOT A GUN! [laughter]>>Adam: It’s not a giant–
[laughter] [laughter]>>Bruce: Holy shit!>>Adam: You’re a Final Fantasy character.
>>James: I just gotta get there, god damn it!>>Lawrence: OHH! Damn it!>>Adam: Oh, I gotcha.>>James: Come here! No! I almost got to him! Here we go!>>Bruce: Killmore & I are just–>>James: HYAAAAAAH!>>Bruce: Oh, shit!>>James: HUUU! [Bruce laughs]>>James: HYAAAH!>>Bruce: Look out, Killmore!>>James: No need to worry about me!>>Bruce: I just saved your ass.>>James: AAH!>>Adam: “Citizens of this area, we need
you to evacuate. There are ants. Get out.”>>Lawrence: Yeah.
[Bruce laughs]>>Adam: “Get out. Get out of your houses.” “We will make it easier.”>>Lawrence: Whoa, shit! That’s a lot of ants.>>James: I’m telling you, if you guys
back away I’ll handle it.>>Bruce: I’ll do some scouting.>>Adam: You’re sooo slow, though.>>James: Look at me go, though!>>Adam: Look. No, you look– [laughs]>>James: HOOOO!>>Lawrence: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.>>Adam: It doesn’t make up- Are you-
Lawrence is almost dead.>>Lawrence: Yeah, that put me down to 5 health. Oh! Anime ladies are here.>>Adam: What? Why?>>Lawrence: Flying like the Blue Angels.>>Adam: Get them the fuck out of here.
We don’t need backup. We are the backup.>>Bruce: Wait. What anime ladies?>>Lawrence: They’re right behind you.
>>Adam: Do you see them?>>Bruce: Are they friends of mine?>>Lawrence: Yeah.>>Bruce: OH! ANIME LADIES!>>Lawrence: The Anime Ladies squadron.>>Bruce: I’ll fly with them! [Lawrence laughs]
>>Adam: It’s your sorority.>>Bruce: LET’S GOOOOO!>>Adam: “Please evacuate, citizen. Thank you.”>>Lawrence: I’m gonna go Air Raider. So I can summon tanks & shit,
& we can get in it & drive around.>>James: Why do you need
to get in a tank, when you are one?>>Bruce: I don’t know what this is, that I have.>>Lawrence: Whoa! You have like a little jack- AH! [Bruce laughs]
>>James: I got him. Spiders!>>Lawrence: Yeah, we got spiders. Here comes the artilleryyyy! Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah, rah, rah!>>James: Whoa!>>Bruce: Oh my gosh!>>James: The world is on fire.>>Bruce: Can we go through the web? Uh oh. I’m caught in the web.>>Lawrence: You know what you guys need?>>Adam: What?>>Lawrence: Tank. I got a hot pickup coming in. Bang!>>Adam: Oh my god!>>Bruce: What is that?>>Lawrence: That’s my tank.>>Bruce: Whoa!>>Adam: It’s all purple & cool.>>Bruce: What the fuck? Why does it look like a racer tank? Oh, no, it’s anime.>>Lawrence: Yep!>>Adam: It’s the Joker’s tank.>>Lawrence: Alright. Let’s goooo!>>Adam: Can I get on top?
>>Bruce: How do I get in?>>Lawrence: It’s a 1 person tank. You wanna drive it?>>Adam: I want to get on top.
>>Bruce: No, I don’t care.>>James: Is that the World Trade Center?>>Adam: Not for long! [Bruce laughs]>>Bruce: Whoa, whoa, whoa.>>Lawrence: Yes.>>James: That was easy.>>Bruce: Did we win?
>>Adam: Wait.>>James: Now we can use the webbing
to add to our own city’s infrastructure.>>Lawrence: Yeah. It’s ours now.
[Bruce laughs] Shit! I didn’t get anything!>>Bruce: I didn’t get anything, either.>>Adam: No items acquired. Don’t need ’em! I’ve- I’ve had the best rocket launcher since level 2!>>James: I like games that give
you the best thing at the beginning. [Adam snorts]>>Lawrence: Throw an artillery out here.
>>Bruce: Uh oh. Spider to the right!>>Lawrence: Careful about that guy.>>James: BOOM!>>Lawrence: I already dropped artillery
on him, so… watch out for that.>>Bruce: Oh, shit. I just died, & you just artil- artied me.>>James & Lawrence: The artillery hasn’t landed yet.>>Lawrence: I don’t know what hit-
I don’t know what killed you. [Adam laughs]>>Bruce: I don’t understand what happened.>>Adam: Oh, shit.>>James: Oh, boy. What happened to you guys?>>Adam: I- I tried to heal him,
but I had the wrong gun out. [laughter]
>>Lawrence: Oh, god damn it.>>Adam: Lawrence is standing on an artillery strike?>>Lawrence: No. That’s my- AH! That’s my tank.>>Bruce: Boom!>>Adam: No! I got- I’m spidered!>>James: Not today!
>>Bruce: I’m trying to help Cockbreath.>>Adam: Yeah… Now I’m at a–>>James: BOOM!>>Adam: Ow! The building just falls!
>>Bruce: Everybody’s dead. Oh, wait.>>Bruce: Hold on. Let me. Where did–>>James: Me first. That’s the most important.>>Bruce: I’m getting… caught on–>>James: Uh oh. That one right there.
Oh! He knocked me down.>>Lawrence: This anime girl tank is not the hottest.>>Adam: I’m down again.>>Bruce: Cockbreath is dead again.>>James: I like- My guy’s sittin’ real casual.>>Adam: Yeah, you look- you look pretty cool.>>James: He’s pretty- he pretty laid back for the fact–>>Adam: Uh, I guess this is Lawrence
& his useless tank.>>Lawrence: Oh, no. Are you serious?>>James: Run, tank boy!
>>Bruce: Yep. We’re all dead in the same area.>>Adam: Yeah, we’re- we’re really close to each other.>>Lawrence: Alright. I’ll get in the-
I’ll just drive over there in my tank. My sweet tank.>>James: Yeah, please do.>>Adam: Yeah. Take your time.>>Bruce: Where is- Where is Lawrence?>>Lawrence: AHH! They blew up my tank.>>James: Uh oh. You better hurry.>>Lawrence: Sorry. I- I only had beginner equipment ’cause we didn’t pick up any weapons.>>James: Oh, you’re knocked out.>>Adam: I’m, uh…>>Lawrence: Oh, I died.>>Adam: Huh. Why was that one hard?>>James: I honestly think, we do way more damage to each other than any of the insects do.
[Bruce laughs]>>Adam: I’m dead on top of a Super Soaker.>>Lawrence: Uh… There it is.>>Bruce: My girl looks hot, though.>>James: Oh, I zoomed in on his crotch.
>>Adam: I see a little bit of a thigh.>>Bruce: That’s enough to jerk off. “Depth Crawler Gold Coat”?>>Lawrence: Yeah. Get ready for this.>>Bruce: What the hell is that?>>Lawrence: Oh, you’ll see.>>Adam: Uh oh.>>Lawrence: Once my sweet baby arrives. There it is!>>Bruce: Lawrence, why is he-
Why are you way over there?>>Lawrence: Time for fuckin’ Christmas. I’m gettin’ my- I’m gettin’ my tank!>>Adam: But you said it was useless.>>Lawrence: The other tank was useless. I changed it.>>Adam: Oh. Sorry. [Bruce laughs]>>Lawrence: I mean, this one is probably useless, too.>>Bruce: Oh, cool! A spider tank?!>>Lawrence: Yeah!>>James: What?>>Bruce: You guys are missing out on this spider tank.>>James: Oh, look at that! You’re Ghost in the Shell!
>>Adam: You got Ghost in the Shell?>>Lawrence: Fuck me, Bruce. That’s awesome. Oh! OH! My spider tank! NO!>>Bruce: Is the spider dead?>>Lawrence: That’s the one thing I had. Ah!>>Bruce: I’m getting shot by somethin’. Oh, fuck. I’m dead. Shit.>>James: Guys, that’s the death corner.
That’s where you got trapped last time.>>Bruce: Help!>>Adam: If I shoot your body towards us…>>Bruce: There are lots- Well, you’re
shooting my body away.>>James: – & I’m dead.>>Lawrence: Oh, no. Give me my present. There you are. There we go! Now we’re back in–>>James: Alright, come to me spider-bot.>>Bruce: I like the laser sights on the front. [laughter]
>>James: I know it’s… They’re so long. There’s so much on screen between the web
shooting through walls, & this stupid spider tank.>>Lawrence: OH NO! HELP!>>Bruce [laughing]: You guys got hit by a spider.>>Lawrence: God damn it!>>Adam: I’m trying to heal you.>>Bruce: Oh, Lawrence is gonna die.>>Lawrence: I’m gonna diiiie!>>Adam: Oh, fuck.
>>Bruce: Lawrence is gettin’ sucked in by a spider!>>Lawrence: Fuck! The second I got out of my precious tank.>>James: I think your spider tank is locked.>>Lawrence: Oh, really? Well, only- only Troopers & Air Raiders can–>>James: DUMB!>>Lawrence: Wait, can this climb up?>>James: Thank you.>>Lawrence: Noooo waaaay!>>Adam: Ohhh myyy goood!>>Lawrence: Holy shit!>>Bruce [laughing]: You look so stupid!>>Lawrence: Shut up!>>Bruce: It was so g->>Lawrence: OHHH! [laughter] Why did it do that?!>>Bruce: Ohhh! It blew it up! [Bruce laughs]>>Lawrence: God damn it. [laughter]>>Lawrence: AH!
>>Bruce: OH NO! [Adam laughs]>>Bruce: Somebody just killed me!>>Lawrence: Damn it. I landed on the train tracks.>>James: I shot a mortar to try & bring down the building, & it just blew you guys up. [all yelling]>>Adam: It’s all bullshit! It’s bullshit!
[all yelling]>>James: But where?!>>Adam: I don’t know!>>James: It’s through so many- I have to destroy so many buildings to see what I’m getting spider-bit by!>>Bruce: Where is he?>>Lawrence: Oh no. It, like, ricocheted through all of us.>>Adam: WH- HOW?!>>Lawrence: Yeah… Oh, it’s bad. This is real bad.>>James: DAMN IT!>>Lawrence: This is really really bad.>>Bruce: Hold on. I’m trying to get Killmore.>>Lawrence: Is anyone not caught in a web right now?>>Adam: No.
>>James: No. I- AH! Ok. I’m trying to shoot him! GOD DAMN IT!>>Bruce: Where is the spider?!>>Adam: I don’t know!>>James: I don’t know. It’s way->>Lawrence: Look at your minimap. It’s those dots.
>>James: It’s through a hundred fucking buildings.>>Bruce: AHH!>>Adam: Bruce is–
>>James: Oh, no, Bruce! You’re on– [Bruce yells]
>>Adam: Fly! Fly!>>James: Fly all the way to the top!>>Bruce: AHH!
>>James: There’s an ant coming for ya!>>James: Nice!
>>Adam: Ok.
>>Lawrence: Got him. Oh thank god.>>James: Spider webs!>>Adam: Try to get–
>>James: Hide!>>Lawrence: Alright, yeah. The green dots are pickups. They might h–>>Bruce: Fly higher, you stupid piece of shit! [laughter] WHERE IS THE FUCKIN’– AHH! [laughter]>>James: It doesn’t look like it’s close.>>Adam: & then I will get you. Yes!>>James: Alright, now run away.
The spider web’s gonna come at ya!>>Bruce: I know. I’m out. [laughs]>>Lawrence: Adam, if you- If you heal
Bruce, Bruce can fly around & heal the revive of us. Yeah.
>>Adam: That’s what I mean!>>Adam: Yeah! I’m trying!>>Bruce: Oh, there you go.>>Lawrence: Just don’t get caught in the web!>>James: Watch the webs! Alright. Ok.
>>Lawrence: There we go. Go! Get out of there!>>Bruce: Alright. Alright, I’m gonna–>>James: Bruce, you gotta come to me.>>Bruce: Killmore?! Oh no. This is tough.>>James: I’m right in the webs. I’m in the–>>Bruce: Hold on. I’m waiting for him throw.
Oh, he threw. Ooh.>>James: Get in here quick! I’m up!>>Lawrence: Yeah!>>Bruce: Go! Go! Run! Run!>>James: I can’t run! There’s no running!
>>Lawrence: Oh no!>>Adam: Oh, I think I see him!>>Lawrence: Oh, nice! Just be careful.>>Adam: AH!>>Lawrence: Don’t you dare get caught in a web.>>James: Watch out for those webs!>>Lawrence: There’s 4 more spiders, by the way.>>Bruce: OH NOOOO!
>>Lawrence: Here they come!>>Bruce: Ooh, that was close.>>James: Lawrence, how’re you doing over there?>>Lawrence: I’m still dead. Crumpled on stairs.>>James: Oh, that’s a lot of webs!
>>Bruce: Oh, argh, argh, argh!>>James: [laughs] That’s a lot of webs!>>Bruce: Ooh. That was close. I’m an aerial diver.>>James: Yeah. Yeah!
>>Bruce: I don’t know if you know, but that’s what I do.>>Lawrence: Just retreat.>>Bruce: That’s what I do.>>Adam: Cool.
>>Lawrence: Oh, shit. I shouldn’t have- Oh no! I shouldn’t have called it in there. Fuck! FUCK!>>Bruce: OHHH!>>Lawrence: Alright. We’ll see.>>Lawrence: We’ll see how this works out.
>>Bruce: Ow, ow, ow, OW, OW! OW! NO! NOOO!>>Lawrence: If you kill the spider before
you die, you’ll get out.>>Adam: I’m trying to find it!>>James: I hit it with a mortar!>>Bruce: Cockbreath hit me with a-
Cockbreath I’m stuck against the wall right here! MOTHER FUCKER! Spider versus spider now, hah! AH!>>Adam: Oh god…>>Lawrence: I can’t crawl off this building. It’s so weird. Arrrgh!>>Adam: Get out of the ca–>>Bruce: Boom! Got it!>>Adam: I think you guys won it.>>Lawrence: Holy shit! Did we get it?>>Bruce: I got it!>>Adam: Yaaay! Victory!>>James: Alright. I’m gonna jump into this web. I’M IN IT! [laughter]>>Lawrence: Oh! My spider tank can jump!
>>James: Boom!>>Bruce: -anytime. Whoa, it can jump!>>Lawrence: Hup!>>James: Alright. Back into the web.
>>Lawrence: Hup, hup, hup, hup, hup, hup.>>Bruce: I wanted us all to be alive to see this.>>Adam: That’s fine.>>James: Hyah!>>Lawrence: HYAH!>>James: Easy peasy.>>Adam: It w- Was it?>>Lawrence: Well, we did it guys.
We beated Earth. We saved Earth.>>Adam: Did we?>>Lawrence: From the terrible, illegal aliens… that decided to cross the border / atmosphere…, & attack our nation / planet.>>Adam: Is that the narrative you were going for?>>Lawrence: I guess? Does that work? Is that good?
[Bruce laughs]>>Adam: I.. I guess.>>Lawrence: Thank you for playing with me, everybody.>>Adam: Hey, thanks for having us.
>>James: We did it!>>Bruce: Stay tuned for part 700.>>James: Oh! I got a Vulcan Hammer!
I’m Reinhardt now!>>Bruce: Oh, oh. Uh, big man in the middle.>>Adam: I gotcha. [Lawrence sings tune of
New Kids On The Block – You Got It (The Right Stuff)] Oh, that hurt me. Oh, he’s blowin’ up.>>Bruce: Yeah I got him.
>>Lawrence: Fuck you.>>Bruce: Nice job gettin’ that juice!>>Lawrence: Juice ruuun. Coming in hooot.>>Adam: There’s some juice up there to the left.>>Lawrence: I got some hot juice!>>Adam: I’m gonna grab the hot juice.>>Bruce: Grab that hot juice. [laughs]>>Adam: Get that hot juice! Rub it on your lips!>>Lawrence: Juice deposited.>>Bruce: Ew…>>Lawrence: Oh, man. I got so much overkill.

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  1. i feel the only way to get the best experience from this game is to play it with someone as passionate about it as Lawrence. watching you guys is a close second.

  2. So Lawrence made this game right? Like if he wasn't the lead developer, he atΒ least made a great deal of contributions.

  3. I remember Michael playing this ages ago as a Rage Quit. Looked proper shite back then, but now it looks like it might be fun.

  4. Why everyone always use rpg's only …With mainly assault rifles and explosives only when necessary its much more fun.And on normal difficulty it takes only few bullets even with basic rifle to take one bug down. Starship troopers way πŸ™‚ Also following/commanding the AI squad is fun as well.Preparing videos to prove

  5. 0:44 seconds in and Adams sass almost woke my entire family up (read:I laughed so hard for 10 solid minutes and had to restart the video)

  6. I loved this game as a kid, I constantly played it on the hardest level and would roleplay it hardcore. I’d let everyone die just to see if I could survive the onslaught by myself with no NPC’s

  7. I always come back to watch this series when I'm going thru tough times tbh πŸ’šπŸ’• Tysm Funhaus, and to all who support them, I'd do so but I'm broke as h e c c atm

  8. Lawrence: β€œBruce you’re the fastest character so you can fly around….” Bruce: β€œYeah I’m really good too.”

  9. "God dammit Lawrence, how dare you warn us about joke weapons and then not feel sorry when we all pick one"

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