Autel Robotics Tutorial: Pairing your X-Star Series Remote Controller and Aircraft

December 9, 2019

Hi guys, I’m Natalie with Autel Robotics. In this video, I’ll will show you how to pair
your X-Star series remote controller and aircraft together. Every once in a while, your remote controller
and aircraft can become unpaired. Sometimes this happens after you get your
drone serviced or during a firmware update. Whatever the reason, you can tell if your
remote controller and aircraft have become unpaired by looking at the controller’s LCD
screen and the aircraft’s rear LED lights when they’re both powered on. If the remote controller’s
LCD screen reads, “Connect your aircraft,” and your aircraft’s rear LEDs are displaying
a fast, flashing yellow, you will need to re-pair your controller to the aircraft. Let’s start by powering off the remote controller,
and turning on the X-Star. Don’t forget to always remove the gimbal lock before powering on your drone. Once the aircraft is on, we will need to press
the pairing button on the side of the aircraft. When the camera and nose of the aircraft are
facing you, this small, recessed button will be on your right, above the gimbal mount. If you look inside the aircraft through the
vent located to the right of the button, you should see a green indicator light flashing
in a quick pattern. Press and hold the pairing button for about
three seconds, and you see that indicator light switch to a slower, steady flash. Now on the remote controller press and hold both the power button and the Go Home button simultaneously until the remote controller powers up. The indicator
light from inside the aircraft will now turn a solid green and the “Connect your aircraft”
message on your remote controller should disappear. You will also notice the aircraft’s rear LED
lights will change color or sequence from the fast, flashing yellow. The new LED sequence
might vary depending on your environment. You can learn more about the LED light sequences
on page 5 of your user manual Now that your your X-Star series remote controller and aircraft are paired, you are ready for flight. If you have any questions, give us a call
1-844-MY-AUTEL. Thanks for watching!

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