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Automatic Wire Stripper – Cleaveland Aircraft Tool

September 12, 2019

Hi, I’m Mike at Cleaveland Aircraft Tool.
Today I’ll be showing you the WS-39 Automatic Wire Stripper. We’ve been selling this stripper for well
over a decade because of its low cost and amazing results. Since it’s different than the wire strippers
most people are used to, the first thing asked is, ‘where do you put the wire in? The wire is inserted horizontally across the
top in between the automatically adjusting teeth. The preset tension on the teeth is the reason
the pliers are called automatic…this feature allows you to strip wire from 26 gauge to
10 gauge with no adjustment or alignment necessary, eliminating frustrating mistakes. But by far the most important feature is the
lack of sharp cutting blades. The teeth grip the wire and tear the casing apart without
leaving the cut marks on the wire left by conventional strippers. This is critical since vibration at these
weakened cut marks can cause strand breaks in the wire effectively reducing the gauge
size, and eventually failure, or worse fire. In addition to the easy stripping, and protection
for the wire, the compact head allows working in tight spaces where conventional strippers
would be cumbersome. Another feature, is the strip length gauge
which comes in handy when stripping wires to be used in terminals… set the length
and they are all the same. The stripper has a cutter between the handle
that works well for general cuts, but for precision cuts I recommend a dedicated wire
cutter. The crimper built into the handle is a waste in my opinion, a dedicated crimper
is the only way to go. We do sell a nice ratcheting style crimper to accompany this stripper,
look for part number WTC-380 on our site at Of course you can buy this Automatic Wire
Stripper on our website at Cleaveland Tool .com Part number WS-39.
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