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August 18, 2019

there’s also great furious but Jimmy always wants to begin choice
wants to get control our reality one way or another okay we are back with West
Coast Avengers saving Boy Scouts in America actually hates Colorado no it’s
I know I know that’s right I should know where we are
I’m going to control of reality you’re all in trouble well okay but you know why you were
giving that little with this stuff you could write on we keep everything on
there AV and your books are always gonna be non valid you keep track of stuff
there but if your current karma is not on here it’s not a variable for spending
yeah that’s what I’ve always said from the beginning that’s what that is for
when I have multiple pages of stuff that I have in situations where some like oh
I forgot my stuff then they come back next week oh I got my no you can’t keep
jumping around if your stuff is there or not it’s it’s easy of everything mine is
here is here mine’s always here mine’s here
otherwise I just tell you guys to go print your own character sheets too you
can all go in library and print character sheets but here’s where we are you see that quickly so I can simply
watch it should be pretty close on time to end up with you a couple okay oh yeah that’s how you’re
supposed to close cover everything by the time we’re done and we do have a
couple spots over on this side of our March
okay now the markers I was talking about is those things I cut out small foot
where you were on the board but that’s not really hard to me so I have all the
makings here paper and I’m gonna have to wonder a man because wonder man looks
like Mockingbird when it’s upside down straight before this you see moon back
to stop at W M and W and still get to do the two of you water man push yourself somewhere then I
guess also either st. Tigers by yeah then we have mockingbird and homicide
and actually you guys can choose any area because in reality it was like at
torts evening when we ended less that we’re now on the third so you’re all up
there in that area now any questions I love all my cool ones anyone with different color and what I’ll see you guys a couple more
days over here I’m good okay we all good well tell you we need severe yeah – now yeah one jump all my dirty
ones so we’ll start with rolling the dice 20 the round one so we get some
initiatives and we started lining up one Duran yeah well got 21 around okay 17
fucking broom 20 tiger 6 okay
I got a five I’m slow no now that you’re new to look at that form over there do
you have an idea how it works okay go along the top right here see
their words yeah you got typical here’s the number on the side and you check
where you rolled it versus the stat and green yellow red on the top he’ll tell
you if you’re doing a blood attack and hedge attack shooting and while you’re
just at your roll on and what green yellow and red beans okay they’re here
you’re all learn you can help tiger with the rolls Wonder Man I got people over
here to take care of okay we got those we’ve got location so first to go would
be mocking head over to a p5 yeah first place you go wreck the morning you
go watering over there okay roll percentage dies for your intuition yellow okay you hear noise and the
bushes over to your left you go check in the bushes yes okay roll again cool
that’s a green-green yes there’s something in the bush it’s down low on
inciting from you it’s a boy scout you know like I said what do you do but
looks like they’re hiding from me whatever it is deep in the bush shiny up
weak darling pick it up okay rolodex role okay you grab it you pull it up and
like some really horrid magic trick it is not a Boy Scout we turned down um because I don’t need
the back feet excuse us people hearing it uh uh it’s a raccoon green jaw
alright he thrown away take scattering up next to go is Hawkeye and hate
bingo run game oh I couldn’t talk there with my stick
yeah you could have reduced over grabbing some hairy kids head and it was
the belly of a raccoon yeah what a girl that you if you did make it intuition
check 52 okay it was it what you’re good good
what you get 52 52 is it green okay Green is good enough to make it the
same size we’ll see what you think here detective okay check it around you absolutely sure
there was no one to space is there just as good as finding something one thing
you know you have to go back it’s more fun to capture boys got some
strange enough you bunch of weirdos wonder Bad’s how the woods looking for
Boy Scouts right okay what space I need a space and for our bottom four and four okay no check 13 okay you’re pretty sure
there’s nothing there kids Boy Scouts nothing nothing
who else wants to go no next is uh Tiger Tiger where do you go with her okay well
then rolling for that one rolled into a roll you have a monstrous cuz your
enhanced senses delegates are green okay raucous is that the big one no that’s the two
small percentages – excuse me think like first and second percentages 18:18 with a monstrous I don’t think
that made it yep hey you’ve gotten a lot further away okay you hear noise something like just
ran through the bushes to the left side I fall away okay making a hand sensible
that’s percentage so change size on here monstrous insanity is intuition cousin
Hanson no postures and handsets this gives her a a monstrous okay and you got
a what lemon nope that doesn’t do it either
well whatever it was is gone now so something escaped from the area to do
that okay me okay Mockingbird you you know this is not
what the games normally about this just this adventure it’s been like we’re just
taking space by space which one q1 q1 okay have fun there rope chain
sighs 75 okay and 75 okay
you hear noise what do you what’d you do about it
I wouldn’t go over there sighs 93 okay it was just an animal
now you saw it this time first so it’s just a squirrel in the tree along Junior
wonders and mystic world girls okay next is Hawkeye well gonna try we’ll get back
to them 9 & 9 & 9 so you mean 10 9 & 6
there H well if you ignore me I ignore you all it’s a whole chain we ignore you
or you’ll wonder vanship oh yeah I got that you there was nothing in my nothing
that your and you didn’t fall for any animal cells okay you can sneak up on
you sometimes wonder man we’re now where for art sound out there somewhere pick a location what about me sorry
hey check your spacing off I’m gonna Slurpee land I wish what they all end up
missing forever you never find them no and everyone you guys know the avengers
there’s lots of children 7.1 so for number don’t be green yep magical that’s how
many understand he’s here what’s going on they use don’t understand what
happening when you’re spending points and stuff like that then we get back to
your guys’s game with your character say don’t be that much easier okay Wonder
Man okay then it’s a clear area nothing’s there and you’re not scared by
little animals Tigra yeah same space against prof.
lemon is goes off okay which way okay sick memory space of in that direction
I’m going to probably to be did you have to go through there to get to one don’t
you so yeah okay okay in tuition check not 12 yeah that doesn’t – you don’t
find anything there at all so I guess it’s good you didn’t find anything you
might have attacked – an accident squirrels smack oh sorry kids you
wouldn’t do some oh they’re waiting for you guys right now because they’ve been
hiding out here for an ounce the third night in a row they’re damn god they’re
dug in wait this sniper you guys okay first it
is mockingbird I’ll wait for you to be drinking just like the kitchen at that
moment messy you need to go before you meet here
yeah way up there okay new p30 no no your there is mute Anna
yeah okay what’s that people have marked our HP port or not to be for p9 okay
you okay sighs to be fine my scam 24 what your tuition do you make it no well you don’t find
anything hopefully you guys aren’t finishing all this and find out you
missed and they’re on another space back there somewhere but you didn’t find me
there so next is Hawkeye I’m the left one yes
you’re over six I’m the last one actually I roll of five you guys can’t
see what I’m doing five Oh n5 got it and got it okay roll 46 okay nothing it’s a clear space
you’re sure next is water man what do you do looking for kids out in the
jungle you are in the forest yeah I got two hundred and ninety
dollars for only $90 I got $5.00 I got an 808 your head explodes
Travon easy now it takes you a long time a lot of times thinking yourself
something nice must be as bad as you all right who else is Tiger now yes then you have
DNA out of someone else okay okay okay well charge they just
started to drama 296 that’s yellow which base is that 306 P 3 P 3 or not – got it
I might say that joke every time we say just get it straight up right now and
there’s nothing there anybody you’re pretty sure that’s a good thing
yeah except for you like quite a Boy Scout by now you guys are like there’s
there’s formal hiding out here still from superheroes yeah yeah hoping dr.
doom doesn’t find out about this yeah we got beat by Boy Scouts shut up tiger
keeps getting shot like she’s in a line in Safari do you know I think you did that c7 does
that marked off mine yours yeah it would be right here yeah it’s mark
top it looked like you skipped it yeah I was like okay okay sure we’re up to
Hawkeye I thought so it’s just in one and one you sink my battleship no you
did we may roll the dice to see what you find 23 okay yes and five right in okay
already my n1 is you guys did that one okay I got mark about okay okay
and it’s a double check no we’re good I wonder man kind of becoming typical man now that
variable wonder right let you have a picture make a space and take some
damage I don’t want to take damage then pick the right space so I got bad guys
out there to tell 8lh okay roll here dice this one’s more coarser 17 my dice
are not being nice to me my question can also be on this hey
these characters are not like your regular characters you know so they have
their own Karma there’s two ways when we’re done playing The Avengers you go
to another team you guys at that time will need to write down any karma you
haven’t spent and if we come back to them you’ll still have that karma better
just let you guys know where do we want to say that when you carry on to your
next characters you take all extra above the normal karma they have with you what
you like you like the second one better the second one okay no they will not
this cover will never go back to your own main characters they’re like
separate so you guys will be spending lots you kill one not see it lose it all
kill someone you have to check everyone’s political beliefs if it’s
reasonable if they come at you in arm in a German Nazi uniform they’re probably
not oh that’s not always true you know how
many likes to fight she’s telling why you’re here I found out he found out
since he’s a shapeshifter he’s he’s related to mistake oh yeah I remember maybe you guys are too – I’m not and you don’t have a character
that game yet when we go back to playing those you’ll get to make a new character
all your own and then you’ll understand the game better so be easier to do it by
that point your own character that’s someone you made and you if you like one
of the characters you’ve been playing is we’re gonna be changing later we’re
gonna do a whole nother module after this one with these same characters and
actually I ignore them yeah well you will for that which is the same
character but later on like we’re gonna do some options like we can play
Fantastic Four or we could play a x-men classic extra churches what I new
Fantastic Four I’m gonna allow all members of the 9sz for that includes
she-hulk you can choose 0 system Invisible Woman used to be this little
girl until her ball struck by me and she beat the hell out of everyone your team
Kim malice controlled by a bad guy because you oh my god then there’s also
Wow character said like Luke Cage daredevil spider-man did street-level
characters today we have some Irish some modules for that too see other people ask for spyro 2 but
we’ll see what’s available that time I yeah that’s one of the ones you open up
of course it’s actually other spider-man characters now yeah oh that one yeah the
oceans pretty good actually it’s on isn’t it better be in homecoming
I think it’s on right now the other spider-man movie we saw oh yeah it’s on
Netflix right now we have it if you want to like plants attending clovers but
then have all Marvel characters will go into DC characters – thank you converts
LA the DC characters into the same system so although we’re doing because
DC system is a lot more difficult it’s a good system honestly it became mutants
and maths or masterminds of mutants later on it’s a nice system but it’s a
little more difficult first of all if you make a character in that game you
really have to know exactly what you want cuz you have to balance points you
have to buy weaknesses and powers but you can design exactly what you want –
now on with this and it was Tigers trick where you go you check to Tony you just
check the spot didn’t you know okay pick us lose we’re doing this bot q8 or huge
7 hey cake roll sure
29 79 79 Otto wants just what you get a yellow yeah okay Oh okay you’re sitting there and you smell
kind of a burning smell and the woods nearby could be a campfire could be a camp
cleaner it does smell like a forest fire but it doesn’t smell I use wings slowly
stealth up dude agility roll then check the agility know you’re all to dice
percentage jeez that’s great okay you come sneaking up in the bushes and
you find the smell up in front of you about 20 yards from the ends of the bush
is a a log that some big green guys sitting on rubbing his feet and next to
him on the lsat log are two looks like large like rocket boots and there are
they kind of like the smokes coming from the boots but he’s not worried about
that they’re just regularly made smoke I guess but he’s sitting rubbing his feet
like his feet hurt big green guy bald though he doesn’t have hair so you’re
pretty sure he’s not the Hulk I’m going to risk a little boots go for running
forward stealing the boots okay um agility check we’re gonna throw the
poles I see me a yellow roll what’s your agility okay do you help him out agility yellow I need a yellow it’s green green
okay it was too far so you’re out there in the field by where the shoes are but
you don’t get to get away with them you’re right there by if you want to
just grab up or do you want to run away now he’s turning you can see it’s
glowing yellow eyes oh my legs I don’t want to get okay Julie rolled run away
we’re gonna do a dodge dodge is roll off your agility ha so it’s a hundred that’s a red six so
if you look at Dodge up on top no I’m the chart so where’s this Dodge a red
roll says minus six column shift so it’s – my role my agility just so you know
what’s going on this guy’s in jail indeed is good one two three four and
that’s already ship zero some rolling on that I have to have a 66 – hitter at all
he’s firing gamma radiation from the stands 12 and misses you badly no that’s
alright that’s why I’m showing you that’s no problem
ya have to shoot back you don’t get that one anymore that one goes to her and
that one goes back to her but I’ll try to print you up with me one later on
like this just because it is the indc game they actually have a little copy of
the carrot the achayan chart on the corner of every character shoot that
games got that way it doesn’t starts is to die ten and if they match you get to
add doubles and roll again so it’s like it’s it’s kind of an interesting system
I feel like if Batman or cement doesn’t have armor Superman has a really high
Constitution that makes it really hard to hurt him so it’s like he doesn’t need
to have body armor he’s just that tough it’s like you don’t have to have armor
versus an ant it’s like that but it’s a lot more work in the math okay that was
you so next is me which is I blessed it at you everyone else make an intuition
check do me know because you know the guys there that’s why but everyone else let’s see if anyone hears it if you roll
a yellow you’ll know exactly the direction if you roll a green and hear
the noise off here push it but you get wait okay you didn’t hear a thing 92 92
I got a Chad you and Hawkeye heard it and you know which way it came from so
anyone on a typical that’s a green still yellow you hear the noise you’re not
sure which way it came so you really can’t decide which way you just heard
the noise you keep listening you know which direction you go you can move and
there’s – no it’s yeah move a space for sure yeah for sure yeah you hear the
explosion actually for you make a reason chick fuck ipv6 okay now being in your
hog I hung up your updated on something you all used to will later on need to
use sometimes which is the Avengers database
oh you fought this guy before though so you have an idea what you hear yeah and
you’re sure you heard a gamma blast which is not a lot of people have gamma
blasts yeah there are so many radioactive man you recognize it okay excuse you full of all the snacking you we can move the table out a little more
if you need where you move it out a little bit one okay go smug guys chasing little there we go
okay oh boy y’all see oh wait is Tygra well Tigers running from him and I’m on
the way to help yeah and we’ll go wonder man
check the space Sara’s mockingbirds gonna do the same l7
okay now the dark grey spots are like going up into the mountains okay so
that’s what the force and you start going up into the Rocky Mountains okay
actually hard to climb a lot of it there’s a lot of it eats like cliff face
climbing you could do it but you’re pretty sure they shouldn’t be in the
mountain spaces but that is the last resort to check shot do you make that
guess they don’t have super strong fingers – duct tape – rock walls but if
they did quiet they would have climbing gear to do it so if you see lightning
here that’s possible these are Boy Scouts hiding up there 50 feet up in the
wall shooting at you and you can’t shoot back someone put a dart into your
jetpack oh you cheated here jet thing right the
beginning I don’t need to get that fixed yes
iron man can fix it once you fight him okay Wonder Man role
32 intuition it just green nope typical you need at least a 51
okay is it dusty bad or bad ankle I chose never to break a body part
come on in part no that’s why it you know I never did anything to endanger
all I did boxing and kickboxing good but then I worked for years on hard concrete
floors and that screwed up my feet so working a nine-to-five job that killed sports were just fun okay we have back
to Tigra and radioactive man okay one of my eise
well you’re running towards the next space i sooo try to get into the woods
and hide oh man he’s gonna go back to put it boots on so you have time what do
you want to do then let me continue running into the woods okay
which direction buddy towards me direction on the map that direction which stricture you go hey little girl
that way that we know that way right yeah but you see the darker Greeners
where the forests are so you kind of want to head towards the forest at least
I’m gonna go right there okay well Dave I see what you’re missing
it’s huge yeah we’re in it’s just to be sugared okay
I’ll make an intuition check 58 okay that gives her a pretty key check on any
monsters terrine still yes well yes you found a booty trap on the
ground Oh God and there’s a Boy Scout nearby you can smell it what self amoun
he’s a kid he has his nope he didn’t you major role so you saw it first and he’s
hiding somewhere he can smell kids he’s been out here for three days now well
yeah he’s actually well soiling himself – oh God because they were told to stay
here and so that they meet me they’re getting kind of ill and unhealthy so
much for going on vacation in the tech Western I plug my nose my little cord
roll again to begin locate him first eighty-four okay eighty-four is it
yellow yes you find him so do you want to just like grab the Boy Scout and run
for it yes okay make a strength rule it’s incredible don’t like really fast
running its role to be able to lift 10 jobs moving very much booties yes man
you made it anyways so you’re heading back so you’ll be for
about two rounds you’re gonna be busy running this kid back you mark it on
here tick so first to go is mockingbird we mark this one off
and take 10 karma me yes what are you gonna do too cute to make a
roll Timmy didn’t make it
Oh that’s even better yes and there was nothing there
but you’re sure there’s no one there and you did not fall for any animal trees
okay move a space closer to where you heard the noise okay at that point you
see radioactive man wearing these big ugly boots with jets flying rather
uncomfortably into the air so you can see about the boots look like a slap
together version similar to Iron Man but they’re not no they’re not to his size
I’m not or maybe one 7-iron man would be back to work well they need it a tiger they’re
talking about a Shiva movie and a master kung fu movie master kung fu is what I
actually have every single convert for it was kind of neat he had no powers but
he was like the master he can fight Iron Fist equally but he didn’t have the Iron
Fist he was just as good he’s better than I’m
actually okay what do you just like he’s within range let’s put it that way
if you’re all yellow roll from here you can get it it’s my foot everybody
vibration taro you know see if it’ll knock him down okay my girl like a
yellow what’s agility agility that’s been lately but we actually had more
viewers last month on the Marvel game than we had before so dinners remarkable
and I got a 98 that’s a red so um go ahead and then what’s the part of it that each
other look at it the library with a vibro arrow does it say stat I’m hurting excellent yeah okay we’re all die 2016
16 okay the arrows coming back it bounced off a
force field on him and apparently in control where it goes
but not as good as you shot it but it is coming back again I’m just going to get
out of the way okay maker chilly rolled it dodge the little bit of space
hopefully seventy-six and yet or what remark 76 is it yellow for column ships
that’s enough did you go to the kitchen or whatever so they went to put it down
he would have missed and the arrow goes bouncing by yeah
damn the slams into a tree or something go down to the ground okay okay it’s
losing that arrow and stuff it shakes its weight pretty damn good into a tree
do okay an ex is Wonder Man yes I guess pick a space yo you heard the noise
being heard where it came from nope not marked or l55
yeah okay we’re all intuition room 15 50
nope but there’s nothing there to find you
made your role but there’s nothing to find so you can’t find not having luck
today am i me he owned oh he did it’s well he could do
that vote first he’s down to do royalty so where the hell you were whoa geez oh
okay he’s coming your way but like he’s
moving that really like a lighter speed so he’s coming your way he’ll be there
next round okay so next is Mockingbird no you’re sure
nothing you’re sure there’s nothing there us coming back this way because around
in this area excellent figure you got miss then some
peas and some cubes gotta watch your P’s and Q’s oh you’re busy with one of the
cubes right now yeah okay okay since you’re the leader
you would know their report radioactive man has a force field but he can
redirect yeah he also has like beams he can do yeah but make a recent check 90 okay those bullets though usually
doesn’t have those someone else paying for and he’s also kind of moving kind of
really slow like almost bad as those Boy Scouts yep you actually know he’s a
doctor in actuality buddy seen a kind of stupid
right now I’m gonna try the magnetic one okay do something to the truth okay 91 I’ll give that a bonus to to the
magnetic affection is metal boots roll by 2016 okay he falls down below where he can’t
see him on the other side of the trees because the boots broken you broke his
boots let’s go Jim boots all angry water man no lot of area the Western Church but
a88 well yeah it’s a mountain space so um sorry only gives your strength I’ll
let you do it though in the process I’ll let you check that one on the way okay she did some mountain climbing
quickly got to the other side it see anything on the mountain did see
anything on the other side so we are back to Tygra or no she can’t know not
to lecture no I will have to roll see what I do about all you people causing
trouble I’m in fear I’m not rolling right now anything he goes blasting off randomly just out
of anger into the forest breaking trees and shit does a lot of damage
yeah did you feel it of destroyed him broke him
I brought the Dukes well I use the magnetic look shorted it out okay and
then 87 he saw some booty you your direction gotcha
look I catch you yeah okay role strength role let’s drink good okay he has a
remarkable some eyes to column shifts one – man what – roll see I throw on a
for 48 48 you go fly advice so goddamn fast cuz he’s actually pretty strong too woulda broke a hand maybe you will never
remarkable damage 30 points damage I can fix those fucking bird oh my go – okay nothing there you can’t close the boots yeah they went
flying they wouldn’t throw it off into the
forest somewhere you want to go find him you can but no you’re going to go after
him okay he’s out in the field where he like pooping here by the tree to show
angry wasn’t so what do you do throw a thing tear gas at him yes okay what does it say for thee what to
do huh better tell you what it does since your guess well dude it’s just
like my hair is like gum tear gas I don’t what doesn’t do these stats tear gas extreme excellent step the
stats are hidden there tear gas excellent potency so rule 8 2013 okay now what I gotta take is your
excellent level of cheer gas person my tilde that turns which is actually
excellent a good role against its resistant 33 mirror oh he starts packing
and coughing got him apparently the force field is effective against
breathing which is a good thing so next is wonder man I’m going up you gotta fill in there so you’re running high-speed 810 – no he
did she did on my way over it’s no big deal
there’s no one thing there – fine so and Joe okay we’re all in tuition check no it happened seven okay yep
sidetracked by a pretty flower bird butterfly wonder why I want Jessie
coming slides he goes hey tiger I ended up being an
angry cat the except to you were going Tiger how do you why do I want to be
next ever again okay so put yourself over there I yeah put in the next space
so we could have him check it while he’s there before she said yep roll
that’s what in three three now eat in Walmart and four okay well yeah remember you’re sure there’s no one
there so there’s no kids there yes I’m sure yep so I’m gonna space here next is
me I am going to blast 99 no 48 points damage yeah
so negative 48 Amir Khan my health is 70 so it’s minus what 48 22 with one blast
radiation he was designed to fight the home he didn’t get as strong as he was
nowhere in the host well he’s still he’s tough
actually the hope to beat him for a while he actually was to fight Thor
because he could read Jack Thor’s hammer back at him he hit Thor with Thor’s
hammer but the next to go is mockingbird I’m going to people
before make an intuition check surprise surprise a Boy Scout sleeping
he was waiting for you but he fell asleep Edie you got it take him in and take ten
points of karma I didn’t give up on him he was tired
been out there for three days you guys went to find him you played a big game
of hide-and-seek they were winning okay okay I’m tired of playing with him I’m gonna
use a high I’ll tell you though he is still hacking your coffee I’m gonna use
the hypersonic okay scream or it knocks lit yeah it’s a it’s for in a excellent
for it’s a knockout tip okay stuns for might work cuz he’s got the tear gas in
that go hati hati within excellent is a yellow sets a
bull’s-eye and roll that 27 he said excellent yeah and he has let me see it I got C but something that
would make it through the defenses of God yeah the poor counselor oh don’t hit
your funny bone I hate that when they do that oh I’m gonna say because it’s
hypersonic it’s a sound attack so if that’s the case oh I made a good roll
though um he said we stud this round because my toe let me still haven’t done
one round he can do up to three rounds stunning but yeah you will only agree so
one round he will be stunned to anyone else gets it help you water man have k1 and you’re gonna out there and I’m still
finding this monster well he still does know where the hell it is
I remember hearing some of the explosions 43 43 okay you didn’t make it
nope no and she doesn’t know where it’s coming from still still feel overall hey
you didn’t find any kids but you pretty sure it’s done daycare
Tigra yeah what do you do um making a tuition check see we can hear the combat
you probably guess what because you were there before I hear like I don’t want to
tell me what a good fight 3 you know you lost them somewhere ok where you want to
go her out options options close by yeah that’s open okay I’m gonna go over that
one 31 31 okay nope
you suck hey mom dad that’s alright there’s nothing to find there J good it
would be my turn but I’m coughing and confused and fighting sobbing things Oh
everyone roll for the sonic attack the hypersonic taro
can’t hear that no you know I told you no what happened 94 okay you hear the direction of his
hypersonic arrow and what he’s doing would you get 28 yeah here to June
you heard the hypersonic arrow that Archer the archer that archives is that
nice 74 yes you heard the suck I’m sorry no no it’s not he decided to be nice to
me with scheme you hear the arrow you hear Hawkeye hypersonic arrow go off
I’m gonna go so first to go is Mockingbird b5 yeah go ahead roll 61 okay
nothing okay Hawkeye I’m gonna see if I can
get up there so he’s basically as powerful as the
home right but he’s got a pretty powerful force field around him and he
fare anything he directly hit him with back at you but you’ve been like hanging
things that come close to the field like the hypersonic or the tear gas and he
gets through his force field apparently anyhow Roger do you have more Cheerios oh my god mark
you guys you try that support you on it I’m thinking using the putty
they got a excellent super strong buddy almost unbreakable okay 68k roll that way
fifteen it hits him but hits a forcefield that’s around him so kind of
splatters and then it falls off on one side doesn’t stick to the energy that
because it was solid you didn’t get through force fields actually monstrous
so next Tiger to you leave your beer your possible okay
boomer space then you do the same yeah I think I’m going to do the thing okay
move Tiger one space that way he’s walking towards you shouldn’t actually trying to run towards
you charging throw on that smoke the smoke okay like shit upfront in smoke between
80 and 484 set counts of mr. Bligh it’s mighty just be typical if I go down just
0 61 no he misses you so the next is face away okay okay somewhere to say him and you were in the
safe space or you’re right next to each other see if I can yell and see if anybody’s
around I’m fine they’re coming your way okay what about move triger that way too then he’ll be in trouble well kind of go
do the whole step I’m reading that’s your chance that’s all right what time
is it oh it’s too early for break
okay he explodes like all the way around him you take 24 points damage and making a
jelly roll are you conscious yeah you’re barely right yeah make an agility roll
to land safely you’re that certainly okay now the rest
to you you’re back one area away from it you
guys also take damage 19 points but you have armor down
I have winter bands all right oh you’re fighting you body armor your armors
usually what damage tell me your physical body armor both you show me how
much amazing so that’s 50 points so versus Matt um you gonna have to column
shifts against energy attacks or stuff like that so 15 30 sheer armor is
actually 50 versus physical 30 okay what’s your thirty ten voices for ten
points versus anything else so you take four points that’s it fourteen so you
take four points damage okay ah we’re back to mockingbird you
may answer the name safe space and do something if you wish I’m gonna say it’s
just Oh radioactive man I’m just laying down I got that crap yeah I mean I’m gonna throw my stats as
chaplain okay well cause you remarkable 77 hmm great green 51 I hit you roll that 20 they found seven
sports really came back at you 13 all I can catch them you try that’s what they
fly back it yeah all right then check your jumpy I just barely made it say bounce stuff
as fortunately came back at you leave Oh Nexus okay I’m just gonna go lay down for a little
while I just got the crap knocked out he’s like tagged you guys turn I’m
trying Mockingbird or no Wonder Man batter up
you guys are into the combat scene now yeah so you can hit it with these okay
bro 82 biologist nine yeah don’t tell me no your
ninety-nine damage okay you got through it hit it hey does
your Wonder Man Tiger you’re sure run the other way yeah still going okay I
just I’ll fight him tiger takes off No Bad Kitty no catnip for you
radioactive man is confused as damn appears on you I’m at age 86 hits you
stop being a scaredy cat tight with 53 i don’t like which comes down baby wrong
number 30 it’s 23 you took 23 points damage one day then me energy
you bless you with all his energy kept close to the damage 23 what’s your
health yeah – 17
you’re gonna die now no you broke your glasses no kidding
now he has to be beaten down okay um I did something it’s
mockingbirds sure having different stuff soon as you fight yeah I’m gonna try to
keep with two short clubs hmm broken hands tee shot clock Boulton
licking me lawns yeah it’s been four months I’m gonna try that cause new
markable damage wait I’ll be yellow okay they hit the forcefield shot right
back again but this time they missed you ah he did bad shot if it went like way
over on the other side of the field I’m gonna chase them down because my only
one big punch yeah you can use your fists whoa this your wonder man
I can’t I’m not that strong like straight goal um see if they can take a
shot oh I’m tired playing with these guys I meant for a regular blade Adam okay it’s coming back it’s always coming back at me some dodge good enough you dodged from the sharp
arrow that’s fine yes you fellow pair that is what about yeah all right punch
it punch him again do it 46 you fighting sweat my fighting is good 46 just hits rule by 20 do he came all the way up here just to do
that like what do you do I’m running back to
the really young and meaning are you gonna just come back near the battle are
you gonna do something well attack very annoying guy when Wyeth
was acting with though I just sure cross he has a force field around him so yeah
that wouldn’t work yes it is attention um I don’t know what I’m gonna do then
yeah it’s gonna hurt this guy just throw stuff at it my wife I’m actually oh hey
well count as a distraction make a roll on your psyche 31 what you say Thank You next one 31
nope don’t okay so what’s engine even drop it because just to do good with him or
whatever to use it to distract him and he’s suddenly like you know backed up
out he’s like apparently he’s got a bandage around his finger and he backed
up a bit it’s like trying to straighten it back out oh yeah and then he says what are you doing here saving Boy Scouts trying to be the heroes
well they’re all over the place I only know
about the four guys which I’ve been able to find either you know the ice guy the fire guy made
the rear plat guy morning I was supposed to pick up anyone they captured there
was a problem what are you guys doing out here I though was on vacation and we
wanted to see these Boy Scouts uh well I was on vacation once too and then the
master showed up and made me break my finger after he put that stupid thing I
mean now you guys got to go what me my finger you made me break it after you
put that mind-control thing on me I’m doing come without them no I can’t
let you go I got to stop you guys from finding it no we just want the kids what
just looking for the Boy Scouts all we’re doing I don’t know where they are
they’re out there if they found anybody there was a problem there close to
capture him with their dark guns and then I was supposed to pick him up but
they didn’t do anything I think they’d just been hiding this whole time we
bought it we caught it he’ll Winco like a team have you seen Timon eg all the
one usually one left you see in town so you’re our no it’s
three three left know what Tony I am Tony who Iron Man yeah yeah where’s
yeah he’s up on the cave where I’m supposed
to take you guys if you were captured not that I get any more up there I guess
I climb up there yes we broke my boots I have my flaws I’d be able to have
everyone or like have easily you want my back and this I don’t want to go up
there now you would just want to take us up there then I can’t my boots are
broken just tell us where is that thing well first of all you guys get 65 points
for capturing radioactive man yeah he was being money controlled so once you
guys did over half damage he gave up okay I’m gonna take a break when we come
back basically he’s gonna point you guys in the direction of the cave that
Ironman should be stuck at and as you guys approach the cave the square where
he’s at the space Mockingbird suit you mean all sneaky okay let me hit the
little break period sorry yeah we you’ll be stronger faster better than we’ve
ever been before we made a trip on that bathroom runs everything I need your stretch stretching yes me
too no you will go to sleep on the couch all
the time happy no we don’t like that we don’t
know this break time see what that way yes we know let’s go trust me I get hit with cars all right now I know exactly where to go
to hopefully I’m in a bad mood Berry’s hers where his weak spot right there I’m not telling you to go fine now like
that though so here’s either hiya I felt that that was the whores you know you take everywhere oh god she’s too far
out of my range I guess oh yes the treats I use a special treat
so you didn’t like the can yet there’s another city would that be my
quickly get back well then we’re ready to get back there
see if we can get fine wired man to get this done so you got three left I was checking her
here hey hey come back here hi everyone don’t get our Sunday game before we play our own fantasy game
tunnels and rolls which are kidding that’s on our own game that’s Jaime play
how my version of the game it’s actually pretty much the overs all right that’s
on this game we are killing for something for that that’d be something
like a give you a karma bonus or something hey guys that’s your soul
yeah I sold that you sign it over when you got married no I did that to the
military well you they don’t want to show home they don’t here maybe or shit
about yourself they just means the body okay well it
was so cute I could picture Jay he points up about half way up that
mountain there’s a cave he points out which one this is actually a few in
those mountains he tells you which one to go to it’s pretty good-sized one so but he can’t help you don’t have his
boots anymore they got broken he doesn’t even know where they are anymore through
but now the forest back him he hate him anyways they weren’t his
size they’re Iron Man’s pair that he the man the bastard got mouthing but long
time ago so he made me wear they’re smaller than
my feet they heard just say okay it’s up there and then he
goes to walk off okay crew are we ready to go and say I can get there Oh see if
there’s any walkway up there no strength to do it to go so our grappling make a
strength roll to climb those of you that are climbing me one way or another yes
he fires a cable up there you can fire climate’s candy you want to just climb
the cable he’s yeah okay still gonna make a roll up there just over 21 okay
first here at Hawk I’m 19 you’re good we’re doing incredible would you roll
over there tiger 21 I got yellow everyone taking you a
while the ground is kind of weak one man straight this under thing no problem I
got 86 yellow you’re climbing the rope goes on Lois what’s Tiger but you can
also start climbing this they cave what you want
and you’re just taking slow it’s taking a while to get up there you’re slowly
climbing though you’re not following well I also have my I’m county air laws
to kind of climb even with your strength to do it and I found earthly you just
take your fingers in the walls the boat has white wall caught crawling just
sticks his hands you did the movies on the middle buildings okay kind of full
so when we go ahead to an inner city down the rules wonder band roll by 20
plus the bonus if you have one yeah Jew ha guy birthday round one to go on with 20
sides okay Hakka what you get dead 20 rolled
round 1.19 walking word I got 24 that plus 2 o 42
Tygra I got 12
I think you what’s your agility incredible yeah you have plus 4 so
scroll 30 to 40 50 60 60 okay so first to go with Mockingbird its
quick aren’t you you’re like almost up to damn broke but she’s like over your
head I just got wounded I just kind of only got like 14 the important points of
health yeah hey um if you wish to spend 100 points karma you do a one-time daily
recovery role based upon your endurance what’s your turns you’re not that hurt already are you yes
yeah they can’t worry about it there’s people together action hey do
you want to spend a hundred points for are you happy where you are I’ll take
the points okay Marco how are you Phil my minor points both you guys roll on
your Endurance’s you need to roll a 41 you need to roll my the coveted 800 up
46 47 47 see you 10 points back you have a 10 in 10 oh so you were fine if I now
do you mean the roll yeah do you want 500 points karma yeah don’t
worry about it so that’s basically did you spin around one bandaging and
cleaning up and Gayle feeling better and you’re like ah I have a shaver Bert shut
up I’m not like a bird get to the top what do you you’re you hear your suit
definitely gives you a signal that somewhere in this dark cave is Iron Man
Oh y’all done them hey are you mad here okay next is Hawkeye that’s what we’re here you have two
wrong yes yeah Hulse
you see you saw it Tony right I can have that yep it’s a tracker almost here so
we start which point following sir tracking him yeah wait what’s your you’re quick enough I don’t have all day get old some day
yeah but then there’s two just worse the worse from there I’m throwing you is
broken down and extended at the staff there is vengers transceiver ah actually all of you guys should
probably have them but you know maybe if you guys are always wearing on vacation
part of our city her goggles where she sees their make a recent role that’s was
operating it based no just her excellent she’s got track she’s got a good signal
so you monster Henry yeah everyone just following her yeah what’s the walking
order is their cave rules man I think you guys probably going too wide
everyone make a reason check see what you notice anything special you want to
go green it leagues other you’re fine then 24 and with a monstrous you’re
still good you guys see that there’s actually a couple power cables kind of
like hidden under the corners with rocks on that but there’s power to pumping
into here okay they lead to a computer base in an
open mic area and a like a big cave entrance but right towards the front of
it they just like away from the walking
area and they put any bunch of computers about thirty of them it looks like
cameras but looks like all of them except for three of them are off and
they’re all plenty of Boy Scouts and there’s a map the pencil where we are so
from this map view to where they all are but it’s also a big open camera well no kids just hypnotized
they were hypnotized earlier he’s giving trakula
do you want to see when you guys got caught and then he was sent radioactive
man to pick you you kept getting away though they tried to take to some place
one time you cross the river and attorney an easy trapped me yeah but you
got away there’s nary on the left word like this chains and stuff were you guys
didn’t change oh yeah rush you guys look around the room I I’m gonna go check negative Twitter
check them with your heightened senses rolled monstrous 64
okay you hearing aids the noise actually I mean it’s 94 94 still good you best of
it even better um here kind of a weird hissing almost a
buzzing and then a noise comes out with it’s a
speaker system and you guys are being less intuitive in there too and it says
in terms of a heavy Chinese accent I don’t even know who you fools are I
still thought iron man was a member of the Avengers but no matter bunch of
second stringers there aren’t gonna do any good because he’s been here long
enough and use your intuition and on you know you’re listening make another role okay still good enough you’re sharing
you hear someone coming flying jets everyone’s now alerted we know takes off Rancho because you’ve been alerted
everyone is already four went out of a cave on the far side in flies Ironman
Maui in control and he’s looking towards you guys first
goes Mockingbird I’m gonna try yeah he doesn’t look like he’s coming
after you guys I’m gonna try to disable his so if you
can’t use ignite you try to pull sorry what’s your agility
Jody with my staff remarkable okay you need a yellow roll you need to roll 66
you missed but make a roll to catch up okay yeah let’s pick them up just too
far to the far wall or something you know they’re they’re out there somewhere
yes you’re very try was Iron Man Black Widow doesn’t take honorary very
much come on ma Cuban no no no but she said overs over agent she’s an old lady
she should retire Mockingbird wait Nexus Hawkeye I’m gonna throw the other
electric right for the fight the the other vibration one set Adam
okay bro yeah well they 20
funny kick okay next
is Tygra okay it looks like it needs the fourth shoe you see had that force field
ready I’m going on the Emma people their force fields
yes and when you believe still you employ a big mighty wall on his armor
yeah okay what’s your felt tightening the first step
excellent okay I fell off the feet bow to numbers is five is it double on
that one or over what what is it yeah you know 15/0 such as there’s only
one a one and zero oh is it what’s the number 650 you feel one in little the
other one it’s okay 54 you say 50 or 1550 and a
zero so many formal yep four zero is zero yeah okay I’ll roll by
20 bulton and that no I think you did but the second one to
850 with an excellent gather hits you said what’s your role in i-20 the
last one the red one blue to be 14 straight this 440 okay yeah slightly if you scratched his
armor I’m making a jelly roll did you want to land on him or did you want to
just pass by him a little went ahead with none on his neck
well he’s gonna roll over so body armor yeah
roll excellent it’s gonna be able to fight through it yeah excellent agility
that’s basically to hold on Blue team 14 no slid off because he has
a force field so it’s kind of hard to grab on to it okay next is me one two
three four – Tygra repulsors lot for I missed a fire you
tiger and I missed plunder man yay yes so what are we doing well he’s probably
not gonna fix your boots right now give me my belt
yeah you fight now your man he’s like the Boy Scouts and radioactive
man let’s why not were the only ones strong enough
might be able you have strength of the Hulk okay I’m gonna put you do it first
the fighting role to hit yes nine what’s your fighting my fighting is good okay
we’re gonna let’s say you can hit it because you probably jumped 10 20 feet
you’re very tall and pretty strong okay good you hit roll damage off 100 he
didn’t want to hurt him my dad’s 20 does not like me today Wow okay that works better he actually
got knocked back a little bit yes just like to make character right now Marvel
Universe Robert yes unless you know something about the New Avengers movie I
don’t were not the one before also Anya oh I couldn’t fit anymore
yeah but egg games no we ever get I haven’t seen anything though Japan
apparently hated the ending but that’s finished ensued we as America annuities
have a different concept of what winning losses in a story than they do so
socially what can be a big success in one area you know another area and it’s
like now let’s Sarge you ever seen the Russian one Guardians I have that one on
DVD too and it’s an English they found a chair more you’re coming for me hey
Mockingbird wanna play you’re well-trained oh my god yeah and you ever see the movie Iron Man no
we got it needed system but we got to I got one I think it takes I’m gonna watch
on one two and three yeah I like to because I love it they they cut so I’d
like to see it unedited they cut like half an hour of a black lash out of it
oh you know that one guy’s character yeah he was supposed been a cross
between Crimson Dynamo and backlash that’s why he was Russian yeah because
you know how that armor was a lot like Iron Man’s yeah yeah well that was some
connection again Hawkeye Mockingbird you want to go find yours the clubs and your
fighting yeah you found them what do you want – I’m gonna try using them
stop it boots again okay go yellow nope okay make another role shoot me catch
him 17 no what’s your problem you stop
playing are you you just like your character sleeping just like you she’s
cold enough over on the rocks there’s Nick I’m tired guys crash oh that wasn’t
like spoilers what oh I don’t know there’s so many fucking videos on the
internet they can’t watch they talk about it yeah you’re all gonna pass out
on the iron ship no yeah you are what I’ve done next go is Tygra good what are
you do you’ve landed on the ground you could
jump back up at him you got a pretty good lead it’s our problem
because I wouldn’t have been grip or anything yeah so I I I’m pulled on the
wall and then the lucky bird make out in recent check-in one chicken will try a
second Rogers is 50 things okay the video showed that these three spaces
are the ones for the last three are so if you wanted you could always run
off and look for Boy Scouts instead I know where the last three or ever that
was the cameras that were still on today maybe him yeah yeah you should probably
stay doing what you’re doing yeah I’m feeling you don’t want that
stop him so far you know mine is no in German I know I don’t my family does I
have an original copy of the third edition of my column
Wow yeah my grandparents gave us when they guys like oh they are they like oh
no they’re just when you were married in German at certain point in history
you were given a copy at your wedding it was small in saloon yeah but that’s why
so many copies were sold that’s what Hitler was chancellor well
they’re just German German and Norwegian giblet his grandpa was here but German grandma look what get ready Norwegian oh
please Jews from Norway yeah it’s really for the family yes like though they were
born in those countries well the family was because grandpa was born here but
his parents both were also German so they stayed German oh if a purebred
German got married to certain places including Norway because that was the
rumor species as far as it cares um they got these books just like nowadays
people get Bibles they got this instead at their wedding oh it’s like barely
been opened its I’m on a new condition because like they didn’t read it either
whoa I’m afraid to read it what am i makes sense to myself yeah basically
it’s the neo-nazi Bible Oh I mention it because I want people to
know what my kids find it I was never done see I should have known
okay next year’s wonder made although a thing you know
okay church that marches off but I didn’t have a go you can think about
what to do yeah I’m gonna grab one the cables off of the electrical charges are
there and see if I can shock him Oh Iron Man okay roll yes I did Mike 60i okay yeah did it
Ironman is currently being electrocuted suit is yes but it doesn’t look bad the
energy is like all going to that center piece being absorbed just keep going
until next year’s Wonder Man that was Wonder Man what do you do yes I’m gonna
punch a minute okay whatever sorry 40 you hit looking at the numbers
you have a chart my face thank you okay roll that toy eleven I think my next point it’s the arc reactor reactor is mic is
battery there was one see so many family should
have a barber light so you better understand what characters were playing
yeah does one mean these people are playing people isn’t even know who they
are iron man they’re like hey dude who you
so movie of you yeah Germany I’m in Africa we’re here
funding Ironman Ironman he’s beating you guys up actually all that electricity he
was hit with he reduces it so he can absorb it and fire it back it’s an
energy buzz ah keep going at him it doesn’t hurt him he will do it on
purpose sometimes look a minute he just gave me
extra power what’s your armor 50 you remember 50 but
against energy it’s 30 but still physical damage so you have 50 – you
take 53 points damage yes he fired a huge amount of blasts
from that thing you punched in the middle is all maybe you still have 100
sub points by this 17 I think about it is minus 51 or 52 53 no that’s minus 68 that what do you have
200 something equals 147 points left you still have a
hundred forty seven points remember Wonder Man is Wonder head okay that was
my attacks at last you were back to mockingbird illegal thanks it would soar
boy yeah okay making a strange world surf climbing down the road before
something happening she wants to save the kids in the green okay so you’re
climbing down the hill okay next is hockey puck fucking bird okay
I’m better than married she became mockingbird no no she became mocking I
just that magnetic okay 63 okay and by 2014 okay
now because of the damage the suit is taken or at this point I’m actually
gonna let it count for physical damage basically hitting the suitable but these
points will return up here move the arrow okay next is Tygra oh yeah pounce
on his feet you know came for role fighting one zero one no one he looking to know I’m Chris this 1616
okay new he’s flying too high he couldn’t reach me like a cavity for a
rope next is him Waterman prize really fighting excellent he flies over to the computers and
serves rivers and computers you guys fight yet with the Boy Scouts
all hook hopefully you know where they’re at
yeah that’s why what a man in your church punch him again playing role you have a
good yep 88 dad hits a vehicle old I 2016 sets
106 – armor 15 six 556 little why have you math all
this up to that 56 okay you smash I’m pretty good mm-my
Culebra me know I went already I’m tearing up and I’m grabbing electrical
cords overcharging Mockingbird went down your climbing making it tuition checks
if I’m close did you have kind of an idea where to go
okay so you find 101 girl okay
Hawkeye I gotta be mean on to it I’m going to take an arrow a passage and
fire okay forty-seven okay 47 rolled i-20 okay with the acid you’ve kind of put a
hole or a weak spot in the armor so next round if you bullseye it you can get
through it you see a spot where you see underneath you see skin don’t and it
doesn’t look like Tony whoever this that’s black skin why penance
and what are the movies I think of the pencil Jim Rhodes actually just to fill people
in um when the Avengers first started Hawkeye and the Avengers didn’t know
that they’d never gotten Tony Stark I around
they got Jim Rhodes as Iron Man Tony was drinking before Disney bought he was
drunk on the streets knocking up some woman and raising a kid he would later
or just abandoned boy he’s a good guy’s name next is Tiger try to go for it yeah
okay so you have an excellent neither yellow Rollie he’ll need a 71
see this little spot weakness nope so next is me and I’ve been
charging my big old self to fire an over blast shot at wonder man
cuz he’s too tough to fight 51 take 98 points you want to try dodging it yeah
hey roll with utility 23 no you take 98 points by this your armor of 50 is 59
game 48 take 48 points but you’re still still have a hundred four points but you
hit pretty good we’re pretty hard it’s your turn yep do it you punched the
computer some more you’re helping him break it well that’s where he’s sitting
in the middle of so if you miss him we did them back to Mockingbird who’s
outside recovering a kid superdude take ten points comes next is Hawkeye going
to shoot the bullseye with the they’re just charging more yeah I’m
thinking the arrow I draw hydro the hypersonic yeah okay 90 and a 20 okay and at that he staggers
backwards from the noise tennis sense where the hell am i guys and the he
passes out so that is worth 70 points for everyone
applauding did she start yeah I’ll let her go please that in boy hey 70 points I’m kind of like you a lot of times you
divide this up but I’m doing you guys there some point it’s like it said we
only get to play the terrace for a while so leaves a chance to try new things but do you have one problem you have
iron man right she’s out there giving the things you have the suit you have
the birth Jim Rose decided um which you know you kind of feel gyp just you they
told you you’d have Iron Man they tell you you’d have yeah substitute Iron Man
yeah me met the guy before so and you’ve talked to him like you thought he was
Iron Man yeah so it’s a little bit betrayal feeling there but he’s not
conscious right now so don’t matter um who did this Mike yes you guys start
searching around oh yes I’m definitely first I’m going to make another ten
points did you find the last one you guys finish off the kids finish them off
what I’m gonna do is make sure rody you want to spend hundred points for
recovery check now are you good enough with where you are
okay I’m gonna first I’m gonna make sure
remedy is still alive yes but he’s hurt but he’s more of he’s been like he’s got
a ring thing on his head say who’s being mind-controlled okay
he’s fine start asking some questions okay um what do you want to ask one is
where’s Tony Oh last I heard he was on the streets
drinking I’m kind of filling in for him to cover up most people don’t know how
many times I don’t want people know that Iron Man so you know a drop no Pope no
because you’re not here so I don’t think I lost knew that it was me at the time I
was kind of wait to tell you so the guy see who they did like who’s controlling um if it seemed to be a ranger Ranger
yeah last time I was at the camp I showed up early as the telegraph
showed me to do but then I had the food and I was talking with the kids and then
the one ranger who was like I had kind of an accent talking to me and then
suddenly I was starting to pass out so I took up one of my battery packs to
hopefully like you know alert someone what was going on and then I passed out
and I woke up here with a voice telling me over a speaker you know that I would
bow to his will and he would use my armor to create an army to take over the
world I’ve been fighting him for I don’t know how many days you know my willpower
you lost but he also kept calling me Tony maybe you should get out of here and get
the suit repaired and see if you can go and find time I’ll have to oh no what
they know where Tony is he refuses to come back right out yeah well at least
get you out of here so he can’t have control in the suit in oh yeah no I’m
the I’m the one that uses the suit now I am Iron Man but I’m in beat up my armors
kind of busted up right now so what kind of like get out of here so you can’t he
can’t help you but her latest point of information is the Ranger could have
been the same voice he heard over he says it sounded like the same guy here
when he was a prisoner so whoever the Ranger was was the same person make an
intelligence role everyone okay you guys ask him
basically worse take ten points a piece for you three that how did he know might
show people and they said he had a ring use the ring that was on his finger cut
off these lights and brainwashed him there and you get a call from the
Ranger’s office Mockingbird does cuz she has the Avenger transceiver they’re all gone all the people you
brought in someone came in here and broke them out and it looks like it was
some big green guy no no the other green guys guys saw before radioactive man
we have film footage of it if you guys want to come and see it
you come a check yes okay everyone making an intelligence
roll to look at the film and see if you can find any like information that’s noe 9019 you don’t even need to talk to me
about it would you get numbers actually for
reason would you okay those of you that made the roll look in the film and come
over it’s um whoever it is a rig well first of all three level roll all the
four cages of the people that were arrested by you guys the cages were
blasted by gamma radiation and that’s how they escaped
but yellow rolls some of you added red rolls you see on another footage where a
ranger snuck into the building and then changed into the big green guy then went
and took and went to each jail cell and blasted them out but the red roll will
tell you apparently he used a lot lesser power because what he used to break the
cages was not as powerful as what he hits you guys with so you know he was
using it a lot less trying to be gentle yeah oddly enough and then you see he walks outside but
right before he gets to a truck park there changes back into that Ranger he
gets in the truck and drives away so we be able to see it face
yes it’s Ranger Chu I didn’t write the name mr. Chu says in there very racist
sounding but it’s an old module he’s apparently one of the Rangers that works
here what do you do find out where he’s at
okay um how about the four escaped prisoners he’s freaking what do you do
about them well these did they go with him no they
were running into town correction they went to town
well nearby okay think about this there’s still people right do you think
they lived in Idaho no well then they had to have stayed someplace before they
were hired so and there’s only seven in this entire challenge Hotel hotels since you said hotels do
you want our checking hotels yes how do you want to do this let me just tell you
some names or you want to just randomly see how well you do wrong I 10-7 you go
to the Chateau Marmont Hotel roll roll 66 no you find an address for mr. Chu you
wanna check him out thank you buddy control for that intuition 92 shake
their dicks oh it’s rain and fog outside rain outside what’s get you find his
place yeah there’s no one parked out front the Jeep is not there what do you
do I’m gonna walk inside his house okay use the Julie role she probably have a
skill for like leaking the places you used to work for she maybe not sure but
once 92 no problem pop that lock like a pro so owe me people scream now if I did
warn we’re not talking about it yet um you go in the house and it’s quiet turn the lights on okay you don’t need
the Dex what he just roll the other two 11:11 nothing that’s a nice better one
know until you walk around a corner and in the kitchen he’s sitting by the table what are you doing it’s a trap okay Doughboy trap what are you doing I’m gonna look around and see what else
is around we’re going to twist a check 83
nothing else you look around you’ll see anyone else gotta do it okay yeah rip
stuff off his penis he goes the guy took my ID and everything you gotta find him
it’s been days think you said something about the Boy Scouts I know I’m hungry
it’s been like we’re been here for a while what did you see from him some mail you gotta look at okay bake out in
tuition check 61 okay
should be good enough you have an excellent yeah
that’s a green still but still good enough
um there’s a weird smell like some kind of like the gas was use in the area but
it’s been a while notice I came out the inflow you open them in front of it shut
a circle with these ten rings all the way around it I’m gonna sit on the inside that says
you’re invited to take the next week off well we got you doing that toe next is
Tiger we’re even doing during this time I’m still hoping like oh hey everyone
there’s nothing up there anymore in the cave no oh it’s back in town trying to
catch the breakout remember where they all broke out oh that’s right hey move
the other hotel well the other hotels hold on we know who to notice one tight end it’s
one of the small ones roll it eight no wonder 1008 went every Street
that’s the hotel it’s next you’re going to roll any choice in check you got 100 that’s a friend okay so you
show me you’ve got a hundred ah okay my few huh so you get to the hotel okay the the person’s kind of uh it’s
supposed to be the front desk it’s kind of like looking real nervous Oh what do you need person says like who Iron Man no no you found boys
guys the people that are missing are the guy with the eye scars there with your
plant towers down with the fire powers we got with the tornado powers bad guys
have you seen anyone what I mean I don’t know I I saw some guy in a like
a blue bodysuit running over to one of the rooms over there if that’s what
you’re looking for yeah okay I’m somewhere room 12 okay it’s been
kind of weird I don’t know he is why is he wearing this weird right it looked
like a swimming suit like all over his body I will set heading over there to
check it out you know we were and when they pointed out she tells you what to
do what number she ain’t getting she ain’t going over there the guy scares
her okay you go check I walked over to rooms 12
no no no or okay I’ll be right there make an intuition check at 6:00
okay is it right we interrupt their condition okay shut
off the air conditioner okay no you can’t fail just accept okay
hey there’s a night yeah doesn’t matter still missing you are standing there at
the door waiting been about a minute he hasn’t answered the door what do you do you know busted open
thanks chase roll you have an incredible you bust down the door slap your back
sir slap her back 1:31 a choice you
monstrous that’s a green okay yes no we kick open the door
you smell free not in the room I have what I am i anything with that well you
don’t have a chance no free on because there was a trap up
with he this is Blizzard and someone fucked up his uniform last time it broke
his cables so he left it behind to explode what so I kicked it open so suit
explodes because Shh moon I broke it last time 49 points the hope is that once Bob can you wear
check her stats for me how much what’s your health right now what’s your health
– well the the main thought is 130 130 okay and then you just took 43 yeah okay see down to 87 points and you’re
trapped in ice the whole rooms out like an ice cube thank you back in the ice okay you aren’t starting to break free though
slowly though you’ll get out in a couple rounds they’ll take you a little bit but
in the process the guy comes by sneaking by looking in the window see that you’re
frozen in the room since I can’t stop running towards a bus stop I can’t dig a
little bit you’re still gonna take a little bit to break out of it um yep
so next is Wonder Man yep okay well I stated there’s a random
our base that’s before they head geek okay superhero cartoon let’s suppose
they had to a severe Fortuna design that well is going to give that also did does
Simpsons now or no just family get now yes Seth MacFarlane worked on ditches
lab and Johnny Bravo’s before your family that’s where he created a Adam
West oh really was it Johnny Bravo he was with TV
commercials alright Adam West pull Adam West play guy oh yeah see that’s where
he started doing that was well Walla Walla where he’s originally from
okay let’s roll your year old already um okay you get to the front gate okay
well the front don’t worry or the people who run the place
what do you do what do you watch how do you go about do you start kick it open
doors here’s a hotel ask your friend gate or Britain the front desk cake my
intuition yeah you don’t even go there either Blizzard whirlwind plant man or
pyro okay well there’s that guy that tried to start fire death row over there
room 22 mr. Jha st. John he says the nameless who’s over there play with a
young and lit the trashcan on fire to set the alarm we adieu that’s all we got okay
Oh broke say says yep 14 okay oh yeah they have nothing else do you
want to just go to another hotel er yeah okay
well Hawkeye you searching the guy’s house still let
him lose okay he says I should have camera footage of what he showed up so
you got a camera on it yeah so he goes and gets his own because he has a camera
in the house to record so he comes in got a promise and you find out yes
footage of it was he’s the Mandarin no he has ten rings
and each one has a power of its own China Lewis they both of those referred
to him and in the third one they showed but they had to be a fake one remember
the ten rings the the they were the ones that had captured Tony Stark at the very
beginning that’s why he built the entire okay
but you also find a note left over stay there apparently he broke down and threw
in the trash after he wrote the day got the information transferred over and you
check it and it says these things P camping not available P Ronde Motel 5 5
5 5 6 0 4 B winter air camera name it is winter resort last winter resort
oh yeah the winter resort B and he gives a phone number – page W
Harold’s hideaway motel and a number and the last one says C five five five four
eight three six he says that one the Gator with says is his cabin so were
there like out there in the resort reserve over there
the others they said Pete Pete B and W and it’s like he was making notes that
while off boil on the phone so what do you make of that so I’m gonna have to
call call my team and see if we can get in there and get ahold of ya
grab him okay actually everyone’s gonna need to make precise rules even me I’m
frozen uh you’re you’re breaking free by now it
was only to keep you busy as he escaped okay um surely you rolled it twice him I got
24 okay you dig it how are you what’d you get mockingbird okay what’d you get okay right now they’re all making an
escape I need to know because they all have their own time schedules and well
they’ll be here what are your actions I’ve given you the
information to locate or contacts every one of them or where they are yours is
gone blizzards gone and Wayne Pyro’s go the guy who was trying to start fires
all the time you know the only two left a whirlwind
and mandarins gone he teleports that’s how you teleport back away and try to
get everyone to do those things well or you just let it go and just deal with
the Boy Scouts yeah I was writing it up right now that’s why I kind of
summarized these last little bits overall then you guys lose 40 karma as
the bad guys the big babe main ones got away so you guys saved a lot of kids and
I’ll give you a total actually wait before you did that keep mine I’m giving
you a hunter for finishing the whole mission so minus 40 you get 60 apiece
you everyone gets sick okay and we’ll be picking up some more oh fuck you ahead
with another adventure this time actually you guys will be doing some
more individual stuff so you get a chance to get you know the characters on
like their own little things they’re running around dealing with different
threat last resort is done and we will begin the next one with the same
characters next time you pick up on next Friday everyone have fun up so everyone
can say bye bye like comment and subscribe thank you

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