Avian Race Intro/Background – Starbound Guide
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Avian Race Intro/Background – Starbound Guide

August 16, 2019

The Avians are a bird-like race in Starbound.
They appear to have feathers and beaks, but no wings. They are a highly religious race,
worshiping the God of many pronunciations Kluex or Kluu-ex, or clux, the Winged God
of the Aether. Avians believed they were stripped of their wings as punishment for entering
the mortal world and will only regain their wings in the afterlife should they achieve
absolution through worship.Throughout their history, Avians have always been a primitive
race, making little scientific progress. Avian numbers were beginning to dwindle when a superior
race took pity and bestowed the gift of advanced technology upon them. This newfound tech allowed
the Avians to flourish and spread across the universe, building temples of worship as they
go. Avians soldiers are trained from birth to be fierce warriors and will protect their
temples at any cost. Avian weaponry may look primitive at first glance, but that is not
the case. The incorporation of advanced technology has been used which makes them particularly
formidable. Avian generals forge wings for themselves that function much like jet packs.Though
rare, Avians have been known to stray from their religious culture. Dubbed the grounded,
these Avians become outcasts and find solace amongst other races. If the player chooses
to be an Avian, certain things are different. From the start they will be able to craft
armor that will allow them to glide through the air and their ship will appear to be something
like this.

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