Aviation Weekly #17 – Patroller 3 Airship, London City Airport, UberAIR Taxis, RAF Valley, Wales
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Aviation Weekly #17 – Patroller 3 Airship, London City Airport, UberAIR Taxis, RAF Valley, Wales

October 5, 2019

It’s Saturday November 11th and here is Aviation
Weekly #17. In this edition: 1. Advanced Hybrid Aircraft’s Patroller 3
airship concept. 2. London City Airport celebrates 30 years
of commercial flying. 3. RAF Valley’s future secure for next 25
years as restoration work is completed. 4. Could Los Angeles have its own flying taxi
service by 2020? Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and here is
this week’s round-up of aviation news from high altitude to below 400 feet. Each week
I bring you selected stories in the worlds of airlines, flight training, aviation history,
drones and UAV. Head over to Redspan.com to find out how I
can make marketing videos for your aviation business. So chocks away then. 1. Advanced Hybrid Aircraft Ltd has prepared
the design of a novel and affordable hybrid aircraft named Patroller 3, or simply P3. This aircraft can fly low and slow, or alternatively
can dash at higher airspeed and altitude in pursuit of a land or sea target. The purchase
and maintenance costs are affordable, whilst the operating costs will be much less than
those of current manned aircraft and rotorcraft. The energy-saving P3 can loiter at low power
for as many as three days over a site of interest (a bay, border crossing, or sea-lane). At
cruise power setting, on three engines, the endurance of 30 hours is suitable for quickly
scanning a border or coastline. For more information visit www.patrollerairships.com. 2. On 26 October 1987, a flight carrying around
40 passengers touched down from Plymouth in East London, on the peninsula between Royal
Albert Dock and King George V Dock. It was the first commercial flight to land at London
City Airport. The first arrival, operated by Brymon Airways,
was followed by a Eurocity Express service from Brussels, both using De Havilland Dash
7 aircraft. So it’s now 30 years since the airport’s
first commercial flights. To mark the milestone, the airport has published seven updated artist’s
impressions of the airport’s exterior, illustrating what the transformed airport will look like
after the £400m City Airport Development Programme. A free exhibition is now open on Jubilee Place
in Canary Wharf entitled “London City Airport: 30 Years in Photographs”. 3. The future of RAF Valley in Anglesey, Wales
is now secure after restoration work on the runways was completed in September. The station is primarily used for advanced
fast jet training for pilots and, whilst the previous infrastructure was strong enough
for the Hawk aircraft, it has been restored to support pilots training in the likes of
Tornados and Typhoons. The existing runway was ageing and so a £20
million contract was awarded to refurbish it as well as the link taxiways in addition
to providing a new section airside perimeter road, new visual aids, aeronautical lighting
and signage. It will extend the life of the runway by a further 25 years, demonstrating
the UK’s commitment to Defence in Wales. 4. In Aviation Weekly #6 we reported on the
development of the Volocopter design and speculated on the day when we’d all be able to hail an
aero taxi. Well, Uber has a project that plans to put VTOL “Vertical Take-off and Landing”
aircraft in the skies above Los Angeles by 2020. The white paper on this subject is entitled
“Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation” and is available
for download on www.uber.com/info/elevate. There are of course many challenges to overcome;
safety, battery power, vehicle efficiency to name a few. However, all innovations start
like this and given enough time and resources all these obstacles can be removed. Within a few years there really could be an
affordable, efficient low altitude taxi service in major cities around the world. Imagine
stepping out on to the pavement not to get into a minicab and sit in a traffic jam, but
to be lifted a few hundred feet into the air and reach your destination in minutes. The future is in the skies. That’s all for this edition of Aviation Weekly
so subscribe to my channel for the next and to catch up on any you’ve missed. This was a Redspan Solutions production. Head over to Redspan.com to find out how I
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