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Avoid Being Scared or Nervous to Fly | Airline Pilot Explains

February 12, 2020

Does the idea of flight turbulence make
you scared to fly or have you ever thought I wonder if the pilots are
scared I’m going to explain to you why it doesn’t bother me and what I listen
for when I’m a passenger in the back coming up hey 74 crew what’s going on if you
don’t know me my name is Kelsey I’m a 747 pilot my channel 74 Gear is all
about aviation so whether you’re a pilot or an aviation enthusiast consider
subscribing in this episode of from the flight deck I’m going to explain
turbulence in flight I know a lot of passengers are scared when they’re
flying and their plane hits turbulence I’m going to explain you why it doesn’t
bother me and what I listen for when I’m a passenger in the back let’s get into it
what causes turbulence has been covered by many people and if you’re scared to
fly you’ve probably already watched a video on it or maybe 100 you don’t even
know anything about me I’ll explain what causes turbulence very simply
essentially it’s a disturbance in the air simple right
I break up turbulence into two basic categories you have turbulence that is
caused from clouds and usually those are thunderstorms and you’ll hear pilots
often saying or going around the thunderstorms and that’s because there’s
a lot of turbulence involved in clouds that are developing from thunderstorms
and the other type of turbulence is clear air turbulence now clear air
turbulence as far as for you are concerned is essentially turbulence that we can’t
see while we’re flying so that’s often why you hear pilots say why you’re
seated keep your seat belts fastened that something that we do so it’s
something you should be doing as well while you’re seated you might as well
keep your seat belt fastened because if we do hit turbulence that we don’t see
while your seat belt might be uncomfortable it’s a lot less
uncomfortable than getting thrown into a ceiling of a plane which I’d never have
happened but has happened before here’s the logical reason why you shouldn’t be
scared when you’re flying first and most importantly you have a couple of pilots
up there that are trying to get home safely as well we don’t have parachutes
or ejection seats or things like that to get us out if the plane gets messed up
so we obviously are gonna make all of our decisions based off of safety so
that’s the first thing to remember the other thing to remember is that the
manufacturers of these aircraft like Boeing or Airbus spend a lot of money on
designing these aircrafts to be safe to fly through the sky I’ll save you the
technical aspects behind all the research and development that goes into
it but essentially they assign pilots for every particular type of plane they
assign a speed and at that speed the plane is safe for turbulence beyond what
you probably ever encountered and while keeping that in mind
also realize that an aviation everything that they give us has a huge safety
margin so they may say your plane is safe for rough turbulence at this speed
and that that speed we still have a huge amount of safety involved in it so they
are not giving us stuff that’s right to the limit that has already been tested
and they know what is safe and then they back it down a bunch so that way there’s
a huge margin of safety for you and for us now something I’ve heard from people say is but those wings are flexing so much
and going up and down how is that possible aeronautical engineers have
designed these planes that have flex in the wings and that’s because the
flexible wing is going to be much safer than if you had a stiff wing sitting out
there in the air now how did the engineers design it so that this wing
could flex up and down and also lift up a plane well I don’t know that’s
designed by people who are much smarter than me actually that would not surprise
me well what I want you to know is that the amount of flex that those wings can
actually sustain is a lot more than you have probably ever seen when you’re
looking out the window I remember as a kid I was looking at the window we were
in a really rough flight and I saw that wing going way up and way down and I
thought that can’t be good but now that I’ve studied all about it it’s actually
really safe for the plane to be having that the next thing to remember when
you’re flying in your plane hits turbulence and I don’t mean a couple
little bumps but real turbulence listen to the engines what you’ll notice is
you’ll hear the engine slowed down and the reason that they’re slowing down is
for the pilots to one make it a more comfortable ride for everybody in the
back and two to make sure that it’s within that margin of safety often when
you’re flying and a lot of aircraft it’s already within that margin of safety at
a normal cruise speed on some smaller planes they may be above that but again
remember there is a huge margin for safety so sometimes you’ll hear the
engines slow down when the plane hits turbulence and that is to make it a
smoother ride for the passengers in the back and to for safety a simple way to
explain this is imagine you’re driving down a gravel road if you’re driving
down a gravel road and you start getting around some big rocks if you go slower
it’s a smoother ride it’s the same with flying if you’re flying you’re driving
across the gravel road and just keep going the same speed but you’re hitting
big rocks it gets really rough for everybody in the car it’s the same
situation when you’re flying so we’ll slow it down and make it safer for you
for the flight attendants and for everybody to feel more
comfortable in flight now when I’m sitting in the back and I’m in uniform
because I just finished a flight or maybe I’m in uniform because I’m about
to go to a flight and if I’m sitting next to someone who’s nervous
I’ll look over to them and I’ll say how you doing I’m a commercial airline pilot
if you are nervous just look at my face unless I’m screaming you don’t have
anything to be worried about and sometimes when I’m flying I’m watching a
movie or doing something else and I’ll see them looking over at me every time
we hit a bump or any type of turbulence in my head to kind of smile and
sometimes if it’s a big bump I’ll look over at them and I’ll say hey we’re fine
okay cool and they just relax if you’re not sitting next to a commercial pilot
the next best thing you can do is look at your flight attendants if they don’t
look like they’re screaming or really nervous you’re fine and the other thing
you can do is if you’re sitting up towards the front of the plane listen
for the pilots if you hear both of them up there screaming well then it’s time
to get nervous but if they’re not screaming then they’re up there working
trying to get around the storms or do something to make the ride smoother in
the back for everybody I will tell you that since I fly both passengers and
cargo I see both aspects of it when I’m flying passengers and we hit bumps I
slow the plane down because I know that passengers are moving around I know the
flight attendants are up moving around I want you to feel comfortable and I want
you to feel safe when I’m flying cargo and we hit bumps we just keep going and
the pilots that are on the plane they know what’s going on nobody really seems
to care but when we’re flying passengers is a totally different aspect remember
that when we’re slowing the plane down we’re doing it for safety and comfort
the safety of the aircraft and the passengers and the crew is number-one
priority for every pilot so just remember that we are keeping that in
mind while we’re always flying so the next time you’re flying in your plane
hit the turbulence I want you to remember this video and listen for those
engines to pull back and slow down now what I want you to do is share this
video with a friend who hates flying or scared of turbulence hit the share
button copy the video link and send it via text message or send it via email to
a friend who hates flying and in the comments section below let me know is
there anything that makes you scared to fly I look forward to hearing from you
until then keep the blue side up

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  1. hey 74 Gear, your talk about engines slowing reminds of a phenomenon I encountered once as a passenger coming into YVR at night, super-rainy whacky west coast wintery turbulence, some standard plane like a 737, went out west to approach from over the water – as we got out there and then did base-leg and then onto approach, things went almost completely silent and very smooth, and sort of… floaty and slow-feeling? (we were in complete cloud so it wasn't visual) I was sneaking peeks at the other passengers (reading, dozing, normal) and I even wondered for a second if we'd all died or something, it was super-odd but really quite lovely. Was this just an engine thing like you're describing? And/or we'd gotten down under the turbulent layer? (I'm not discounting some weird temporary hearing loss either heheh) ta!

  2. I'm scared to fly in developing countries. I'm not terrified, just scared. Must say that I'm not scared in China or Vietnam when flying on regular scheduled flights on Boeing and Airbus equipment. Love your Videos.

  3. Kelsey…I really enjoy watching your videos and I have a question. As a 747 Pilot have you ever or could you in an emergency fly an Airbus? Thanks from a retired U.S. Navy Veteran in the Philippines! 🙂

  4. Hello
    In '97 I flew to Spain on Air Iberia; It was horrible!! It was 7 hours of turbulence, I heard the pilot announce to return to seats and the seat belt signs turned on; then massive turbulence. One of the in-flight attendants was checking seat belts but she had tears in her eyes yet she was also smiling I was like, "Oh Shit I'm gonna die"
    I never flew with that livery again !
    All the best
    Shaun of NYC

  5. If I'm sitting next to someone who is nervous, I'll look over to them and I'll say..

    How you doin?

    That cracked me up. I love how you keep inserting a little bit of humor to keep the topics enjoyable and interesting.

  6. I've been flying as a passenger all my life, from small single-engine aircraft to the a380. I've had smooth flights and I've been in some that were so bad I could hear popping sounds and the flight crew looked nervous (air India circa 2005) it never bothered me. Then about three years ago I had a series of panic attacks on a long haul flight across the pacific. I tried to get my breathing under control and kept telling myself "it's all in your head, it's all in your head!!" I do not know what triggered it, but I have been scared to fly ever since then. I don't know why or what it is that scares me but as soon as I hear that door shut I feel trapt! Claustrophobic maybe? But only on aircraft? I avoid flying when I can but I have to for my job. When possible I'll even send other people but I still have to do it and I dread it. It sucks…

  7. I'm super terrified of turbulence that's why don't fly as much but I do fly my question is can turbulence bring a airplane down

  8. Professional Pilots are great explainers of things. I speak from personal experience, having sat through an especially tricky crosswind landing in a small Cessna jet in 1994. The pilot gave the best, most calming and straightforward explanation as to why he and the co-pilot made the maneuvers they did while landing the plane. It all made total sense once it was explained to me. Thank you, Capt. Kelsey.

  9. Turbulence makes you slow down huh? It's completely different out on the water, if you're starting to get some heavy chop, you gotta nail that throttle.

  10. 5:01 "I'm a commercial airline pilot. If you are nervous, just look at my face. Unless I'm screaming, you don't have anything to be worried about." Reminds me of those T-shirts that say something like "BOMB SQUAD—If I'm running, try to keep up!"

  11. We were in an old MD80, I was sitting next to some retired guy who had previously told me he was an aircraft engineer, we lost an engine after a loud bang (it had already surged at takeoff) right about at cruising altitude, the plane rolled momentarily, I looked around all the cabin crew looked pretty cool, I looked to this old guy sitting next to me and said what the F was that? He looked just as mystified and said he only worked on wings LOL and knew nothing of engines! Ok, obviously I had it all explained to me later what went on (of course we had to make an emergency landing to another airport which was not our destination. I'm not afraid of flying, although I would be a liar if I said at the moment this all happened, I wasn't thinking that I may not see anyone again LOL! But your video is great and I do know someone who is very afraid of flying and they have to fly a lot. I have said similar to them (I mean your explanation-not my story-unfortunately they know my story and this didn't help them- I suggested they learn how to fly- any comments here would be appreciated or a video about this?) but maybe they will listen to a pilot.

  12. There's a third type of turbulence ; orographic lift +rising thermals
    This type of turbulence is most commonly experienced when flying into and out of LAS or PHX during a hot day

  13. Thank you for that information you have no idea how much I hate flying I hated it with all my soul I'll save this video just to watch it may be a 100 times so I can Take the scaredness away Maybe just a little bit

  14. As an aviation enthusiast, and occasional right seater, I had this same conversation with my wife before a flight some years ago. We hit some turbulence in that flight and she was as calm as could be. Information can disarm fear.

  15. On the few times i have flown, i have not taken my eyes off the faces of the flight attendants, apart from when I had them closed. Unfortunately one time on a bumpy flight the attendant did scream out, it turned out she had spilled drink on herself.

  16. Years ago, I was a flight attendant. We're on a 737 or (757 can't remember) am working the back galley the pilot calls says to have everything put away and be in our seat early because of bad weather the landing would be ruff. So I turn to my co-worker repeat this information. The flight is full and only a curtain between me and the passengers, so the back rows heard me. I go to my jump seat am facing the back section, facing the passengers. We start our descent, rain is coming down hard, we hit a air pocket and drop maybe 50 feet. A women screams, I look up and trying to see who screamed, finally see this old lady holding her face with both hands, and notice that all the passengers are looking at me, to see if I'm worried then they should worry. But the look on all those faces was precious, I burst out laughing hard, then the whole section burst out laughing also.

  17. I have been on commercial flights where the turbulence was so bad people were crying-and I don't mean children. It took all my self control not to laugh, if they had flown the sierras a lot in a small plane they would know what REAL turbulence is!

  18. HATE turbulence-almost as much as I hate people who can sleep through it 🤣 Not worried about the plane. As a lowly machinist for Boeing (Boing-little jab there Kelsey) and later Cessna and numerous conversations with the prototype guys on the Citation X, the airplane coming down is the least of my worries. It’s the extra large frozen yogurt cone coming UP. 🤣 There were no bags either-which told me the previous flight was rough. Side note: we know you guys are told to use the jet stream when you can get that nice tail wind. Why not save fuel? 👍🏼

  19. The people that design those Baja 500 buggies should design these planes that way we can take these planes and 110% and have a nice ride!

  20. Yeah, turbulence did use to make me very nervous. Especially seeing the wings move up & down outside! But I eventually got over it. Now, I'm not even afraid of the plain falling out of the sky!!! It's that sudden STOP at the end that scares the Hell out of me. Especially with all this bs going on with Boeing. That actually made me stop flying altogether!

  21. Love the channel! The mean comments video was a laugh riot.

    I was on a really rough flight and took notice of the wings REALLY flexing. After a particularly big jolt and a major flex I know I looked extremely troubled. The unusually calm passenger next to me smiled and said, "I design airplanes. This is nothing. Those wing tips could touch and we'd be fine."

    I knew he was exaggerating, and he knew I could tell, but it was a comfort to have someone seemingly qualified to offer an opinion on our situation.

    I've not worried about it since then. In fact, it's even fun now….!

  22. When he said "since I fly both passengers and cargo" he was going to go on and say something like; one group is far more vocal than the other. LOL.
    I'm not a nervous flyer but sometimes, when the turbulence gets "droppy" I can't help but to look at the flight attendants and see how they are doing. If they are chill, I don't worry.
    Droppy adj. when the plane feels like it dropped several hundred feet in one second.

  23. Thank you ! I have a 8 hours flight tomorrow ..
    I watched Mayday on TV so often that I found problems myself in the airplane all the times but in reality I know nothing 😂 Turbulence don't really affect me..it's the take off. In the past I was panicking when we were climbing and suddenly you could hear the engine slow down.. feels like you are going down but now I understand why👍🏻👍🏻🤣
    I fly alone too I think it dosen't help. Thanks for the video ! 🇨🇦✈🇩🇿

  24. My fear of flying is that there won’t be any turbulence or hard landing and I’m all for that… but nothing more serious than that 😆

  25. The worst turbulence I was ever in was inside a 747 flying from L.A. to Sydney. We had been warned that crossing the equator would cause moderate turbulence. What I remember was waking up hovering above my seat in business class and the loose seatbelt pushing hard into my waist for several seconds. When the plane bottomed anyone not awake was fully awake and rather animated. The odd thing was the pilot then cranked up the engines and put us into a significant climb with the landing lights on. We were in the middle of the Pacific in the pitch dark of night. I have never heard why the landing lights were cut on, and I would be curious if anyone might have a clue. The pilot came on to say we were going to climb higher to give above the turbulence. I watched as the wings and lights bounced until we got above the drama. That was only time I was afraid while flying, mostly because there was nowhere to land except the black Pacific below. If anyone knows why they cut on the landing lights I'd love to hear it.

  26. In the documentary about the development of the 747, they did a static test to see how far the wings would flex before they failed. The tips flexed 23 FEET before the wings broke!

  27. A couple of years back on a flight to Florida we experienced severe turbulence for a long time I wasn't terribly concerned I kept my seatbelt on and waited for it to pass and the pilots got us there safe and sound

  28. I actually went through basic flight school back in 1987 and it covered Aeronautics, FAR's, Aviation weather, and some basic aviation mechanics…I really loved flying back then. I remember during one class we were watching a video of a commercial airliner wing being stress tested…they really can take a huge amount before snapping. The only thing that makes me nervous when flying anymore is whether or not the aircraft has been fully and properly checked and maintained by ground staff.

  29. Hello Kelsey, nice video. One thing that scares most of the people when under turbulence is when the plane all of the sudden “falls in a hole”. I meant to say, the passengers have the sensation the aircraft went down vertically (like an elevator collapsing). They don’t realize the plane is at high speed (even if the pilot slows down a bit), so it obviously continues moving horizontally and flew a few miles during that small period.
    It’s like the sensation that the plane is stopped when it’s flying in a beautiful a calm day with blue sky and without any visual reference for the passengers.

  30. Hey Kelsey, I was wondering if you could comment on one aspect of flying without passengers.

    I remember hearing from one pilot from a documentary a long time ago who flies cargo. He said that without passengers, he sometimes liked to "skim" right over the upper surface of clouds and to get the plane to bounce a bit that way and sort of surface the clouds.

    Is that something that's typically done and are there other "liberties" that cargo pilots sometimes like to take with their plane when free of the concerns of reassuring passengers?

  31. LOL noise is coming from the cockpit. My wife was a sky goddess for AA. Just after 9/11. She asked me to go with her to New York. On the way back to LAX mid flight. I hard from the cockpit. "Pull Up Terrain" for about a minute. First 30 seconds just Pull Up Terrain next 30 seconds I hear the pilots yelling. You know "Oh my god we're going to die." It turned out to be guy about 2 rows behind me.

  32. In the movie flight the pilot dumped fuel without contacting ATC. On the ATC channel, whenever a emergancy return to field is needed planes are vectored to an “area” to dump for landing weight. Does fuel rain on folk?

  33. It’s not turbulence. It’s being in a pressurized can miles above the earth. Air plane crashes are the reason why I’m scared to fly.

  34. Great video. It looks like you're living your dream. At age 39 it may be impossible for me now. Enjoy it for both of us. My best bet is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that's coming out next year.

  35. Lol the problem is when the flight attendant is a little shock up. Seriously I love my older lead flight attendants but if you can get her to say "oh sh!t" yep I am uncomfortable.

  36. Kelsey: “If they’re not screaming, then they’re up there working, trying to get around the storms…”
    My extremely flying-averse husband: “Or they’re both already dead”

    Kelsey: “Now what I want you to do, is share this video with a friend who hates flying, or is scared of turbulence.”
    My husband: “You don’t need to send it to me, I already heard it”

  37. A few things I say to friends who are nervous is that for one – "it's a big sky", and that even at rapid descent, it takes a LONG time to get down from cruise alt, so the plane dropping is nbd. Also that those drops are only a small amount but they feel a lot worse than they are. I also point out that unless there's already something very wrong with the aircraft, there's not a great deal out there that can swat a plane out of the air – and that there are planes out there which literally fly through hurricanes for research. I'm not a pilot, but I take a keen interest in engineering, and aviation engineering in particular, and friends say that it's comforting to understand how aircraft are engineered and to the level they are.

    Although for me, the only thing that makes me nervous is sitting next to someone who is extremely aerophobic lol. I flew to Oslo and back with a friend, in the hotel at Gardermoen, I was throwing up in the bathroom as I really couldn't face flying with him again xD

  38. "Remember that when we are slowing the plane down we are doing it for safety and comfort. But when we fly cargo, we just keep going, cause your Amazon package needs to get there yesterday." Damn right.

  39. [hits turbulence/listens to engines slow down and stop]
    [looks to the right] commercial pilot: [white face]
    [looks to the left] flight attendants: O.O
    [listens to pilots up front] OMFG WE ARE DOUBLE INVERTED!!!

  40. Lol, turbulence and fear. As a gaider pilot, I did experience turbulence. For us, turbulence equals good. Now, it was a flight from Frankfurt to Lagos, Nigeria, on July 10th, 2011. Don't ask why I remember the date (ok, ok, my daughter was born two days earlier). So, we are on our final approach, not long till we land. Right? Wrong. Lagos was under extreme thunderstorm. We were hit with turbulence so strong that the belt left some light bruises. It I did not fasten it, I would probably damage the overhead compartment. As I was on exit row (intended), sitting opposite of me was a young Lufthansa cabin attendant. As the turbulence hit, she was shocked. After the pilot flying decided to abort the landing and go around (with the engines roaring) she turned pale (probably her first strong turbulence). As I commented that we are going to be fine she regained her composure and said something like "I am not afraid, I am not afraid". Ms M.S. it was my pleasure 🙂

  41. ~10 years ago I was flying from ATL to AVL in the very back row on an MD80, as the flight attendant was serving drinks and gets to me, we hit some pretty rough air and drink cart goes up on two wheels, her eyes go very wide and she sits in the empty seat beside me for a few minutes. She stayed calm, but I could tell it kind of frightened her.

  42. Read "Airframe", by Michael Crighton.

    For about a month after I read this book, I was a little nervous, but now it doesn't bother me.

  43. Re "huge" safety margins. Not really. Enough, but safety margins in any other industry are higher than in aviation. Reason: Weight, and thus economy. A lift cable has a safety margin of 10. In aviation, 1.5 to 2 are common.
    (Quoted from memory, details may be off, but the order of magnitude is correct.)

  44. During a transatlantic flight I was on last year there was severe turbulence at 33,000 feet; the pilots tried to go higher but it got worse. They finally climbed down to 29,000 feet and maintained for an hour, where things were better. To me, even the flight attendants seemed concerned, but maybe I just thought so😭

  45. You said you have an assigned airspeed by ATC but also if you hit turbulence you are allowed discretionary speed changes – how much discretion do you have? What's the range of normal flight speed?

  46. As odd as it sounds, I've always sort of enjoyed the turbulence on flights. Sort of like an expensive roller coaster.

  47. last time I flew was to Florida in 2016. I hadn't flown before that since 1998. We hit some turbulence on the way down from Cleveland, and I was freaking out and my sister was with me because it was our whole family, and she flies a lot, She was like this is nothing. Then I heard the engines slow down and thought they were dying. I was a mess. On the flight back it was smooth as better and I did so much better.

  48. Turbulence doesn't worry me, but we had a lot on my last flight. getting off I said to the pilot "You got the whole sky to fly in, and you had to find every bloody bump up there"! lol

  49. I'm a reservations rep for a major airline so I fly around 3-6 times per year but last year I flew 18 legs. I mostly fly to a gateway to fly to Europe. On a flight from CLT-JFK (Mar 2018) on descent, the nose went down, we banked to the left, and the plane shuddered. A nonrevving FA immediately helped a passenger get to her seat across the aisle from me, knelt down and proceeded to calm us down. I have no clue what that was. This year in a flight from CLT-ATL (CR9), also on descent, I was actually filming, when the left wing dipped down, and it sounded like something hit the plane. We swung left and right but no pitching down. The engines slowed down and after the 6 seconds we were fine. My phone actually fell while I was filming but sound was on. I was sitting next to a very freq flier and she said she had never experienced that before. After watching many videos I thought it might be wake turbulence because of the busy airports we were flying into. Is there a way I could post my video of the CLT-ATL 6 sec "what the heck happened?" video from last month? I'd like for you to see what you think happened. Nbr 1 FA said it was windshear but I don't think it was. Thank you. T~ ✈

  50. i tryed to explain just this to my friend last week in a flight from france to portugal, calm sky, but he was scared just from seeing the wing up and down

  51. This is a confession, everytime I fly I say to myself this will be the last time. Every time I pull myself together and the plane does so much of a hick up and I'll go crazy panicking. Not sure why is that.

  52. As I explained the myriad of reasons not to be afraid to the white knuckled lady sitting next to me, the birdstrike attempted to prove otherwise. She was definitely not on the next outbound flight.

  53. Am I one of the few who actually likes turbulence? It makes a sometimes boring flight more exciting and pass more quickly. Like a ride, if you will.

  54. Kelsey, have watched all your videos and they are very helpful whilst being entertaining. Thank you. I know this is an old post, but it seemed appropriate.
    This guy wasn't nervous after boarding, but I bet he regrets it now. Man who threw 'lucky' coins into plane engine

  55. Just a bit of advice,Kelsey. Slow down a little. At the outset of your video here, you are speaking very quickly. I actually had to go back and turn on the subtitles just to be sure I was hearing you correctly. =P

  56. I'm not afraid of flying (I think turbulence Is kinda fun) my first flight they said turbulence but i didn't feel anything

  57. My husband is a fearful flier( and he's married to an airline res agent lol!!) he became so fearful during turbulence while flying home from France, that he accidentally grabbed the leg of the gentleman seated next to him. Fortunately the gentleman was a pilot deadheading home and was fairly amused . He also was kind enough to talk to my husband and calm him down (usually my job , when I am there to do so). We had quite a laugh when he got home and told me the story. I only wish that I had been able to thank the very kind pilot who helped my husband maintain his sanity. BTW we now have a 13 yr old son who loves to fly and wants to become a pilot.! Thanks for your very enlightening videos !!!

  58. I don't know another person who's as scared to fly as I am. It simply freaks me out. I've gotten better. You may not even know I'm afraid to look at me but I am, Boy I am. One of my last flights I noticed a pilot was flying as a passenger in her uniform. I believe this is called Dead Heading. I watched her the whole time and was much more at ease. The thing I fear most while flying is mid air or in air collisions. This bothers me because when Reagan was President I watched a news story that said, Air Force one had a close call in mid air flight. It was over the continental US and I thought, If they don't care enough about him to prevent it, they certainly didn't care about me. This was only a short time before I was to fly for my first for a required College trip. It did not go well. The pilot announcing our altitude freaked me out and I sat, in my seat with the seat belt buckled. It's a much longer story but all that to say. I hate flying but I'll do it.

  59. Turbulence doesn't scare me, thunderstorms and landing during bad weather do. If you've ever been up there, wishing you were down there, you understand.

  60. My advice to all first time flyers don't drink coffee or any caffeine drinks before the flight its much better just to drink water.

  61. I just got a mental image of you and the co-pilot bursting out in song when hitting turbulence: "Wave your hands in the air like you don't care".

  62. Thanks for this and once when I went through horrible turbulence on a puddle jumper I looked at the flight attendant's face and she looked nervous and her eyes were closed like she was praying. As you can imagine, I was not relaxed.

  63. I have a fascination with planes but I do get nervous flying because I have no control and the thought of doing a nose dive at 35000 feet is a thing of nightmares.

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