Back to the Future (10/10) Movie CLIP – Back to the Future (1985) HD
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Back to the Future (10/10) Movie CLIP – Back to the Future (1985) HD

August 8, 2019

[Grunts] [Screaming] [Dramatic instrumental music] [Screaming] Doc. [Wind blowing] [Doc shouting gleefully] [Helicopter whirring] [Music playing on radio] [Explosive crashing] [Tires squealing] Crazy drunk driver.

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  1. That's such a great transition back to 1985. Doc looks back to the clock tower, the film cuts to the clock tower that we assume is in 1955 until we hear the helicopter.

  2. I've seen this scene countless times, and I still sympathetically squint my eyes just like Marty as he's about to hit the cable.

  3. I know this is a movie and we don't have to search for "real logic" in the scenes and the storyline, but I always thought that it was extremely improbable to make all things coincide perfectly in this scene…I mean to make a perfect coincidence between the lightning passing by the cable just in the right second (we must remember light travels 100.000 kilometers per second) when the hook of the car conected to the flux capacitor makes contact…making the car running from 4 or 5 blocks away accelerating until 88 miles/hour. Well, even the exact time of the fall of the ligtning cannot be calculated because of lack of information (it is rare that the handles of the clock where the ligtning fell didn't move not even 2 o 3 milimeters in 30 years, the time that elapsed from the very moment of the storm and the time when the old woman gives Marty the paper with all the information about the accident, I'd have supposed that someone checked the machinery of the clock in order to calculate the damage and so on). Of course I love the scene and the whole movie, it is one of the best in the history of movies…but I guess that if we really have to deal with such a problem it was much easier to place the Delorean just under the cable, with the conector prepared to lead the energy into the flux capacitor, suspended, accelarated to 88 miles all the time, the wheels not touching the ground…It was easier and more secure, because they could have never calculated the impossible to calculate, I mean the ramdom facts, like, for example, somebody crossing the street in the way of the car just on the last moment or some seconds before…maybe another car or simply a delay in the ignition (I dont know if you noted that Marty starts the run various seconds after the clock rings and due to this cames just in time to recieve the required power and so on…) Well, of course, it is just a movie and as I said we dont have to look for real logic here…haha…but I always thought this when analizing this sequence.

  4. Man such great attention to detail! I never noticed till watching this clip that the ledge on the clock tower in 1985 is still broke from where Doc almost feel in 1955.

  5. No matter how often I watch this clip, I still get goosebumps when Marty is about to go back in time. Just a fabulous combination of great acting, a compelling story and a fantastic score.

  6. It doesn't matter how many times I've watched this scene. I always feel the goosebumps when Marty is about to hit the cable and Doc is sliding on it. God, the music.

  7. What if Doc was an ex scientist teacher at Hill Valley high school but was fired because of how bad he was at experiments and how they often failed, that’s why Strickland calls him a nutcase even though Marty hangs out with him because of how ‘likeable’ Doc was because of how supportive Marty was to Doc’s experiments, and that also explains why Marty is so supportive to doc back in 1955 where he was stuck and couldn’t get back without Doc’s help. So because he failed his experiments EVEN in high school that he decided to commit suicide with the Delorean as his last experiment

  8. crazy thing about this movie is that if you saw it twice you know exactly that doc will succeed, but you're still on the edge of your seat, and just whispering ''come on come on!''

  9. I was very fortunate to meet Christopher Lloyd in LA on Melrose while doing some shopping in 05. I showed him Love & respect, told him how much that movie meant to me & wished they made a few more. He was so nice & very humble, I will never forget that day. Hopefully I can meet Michael J. Fox one day!🙏

  10. wait if marty went a couple minutes into the future and seen the other marty, wouldn't that marty take the same journey as the original, so basically an everlasting loop of deloreans are coming to the same place but in different dimensions

  11. if some dumbass has the idea to make a remake of this piece of art, will make the worst mistake of his bloody life

  12. Bit of a plot hole when it comes to this scene. With that kind of clock, once it's stopped there's no way of determining the exact second it stopped, only the minute. That lightning could of struck that tower at any time between 10:04:00 and 10:04:59. If the lightning had hit even a second later their plan would of failed.

  13. i just wonder how they knew in which second of that minute the lighting was gonna stuck… answer: who cares!!!! it's awesom!!!!!!

  14. My question is how did the DeLorean's hood not get bent and deformed after crashing into the theater entrance?

  15. Musical cues are everything in a movie for sure. They help so much with the mood. Two scenes below.

    Once doc frees the cable connector from the fallen tree branch, and is rushing it over to the lamppost, you know the experiment is going to work.

    The other is after Doc runs through the street celebrating, and then he looks towards the clock tower, and then the sudden transition to 1985. The transition on that very last note is just perfect. It abruptly but also perfectly ends 1955. A great way of saying "It's over and complete."

  16. 1985: Flying cars will exist in the future.
    2019: People arguing that the Earth is flat.

    1985: there are no roads.
    2019: there are no genders

    We should be defying gravity, instead we're denying reality.

  17. I just realized something! The reason why the clock on the clock tower was destroyed by the lightning was because Doc wrapped the conductive capable around one of the clock hands at 1:04 causing the lightning to go straight through the clock on its way to the Delorean

  18. No matter how many times I watch this climax, I always get excited as if it was my first time watching it.

  19. It would've been easier if they just suspended the back wheels so that the car could be stationary while traveling at 88mph.

  20. Brilliant Quintuple Jeopardy Screenwriting:
    1.) Doc tears up note
    2.) Wire is unplugged by the wind.
    3.)Doc nearly falls and drops wire.
    4.) Wire Becomes unplugged on the street level.
    5.) Marty may not be able to go back to the future and warn Doc.

  21. I watched this expecting Marty to run around and say he’s back from the future but then I was like: oh yeah, wrong movie

  22. You can’t change the past even in a time travel machine because the journey in the past has already happened.I still love the films though

  23. Couldn’t they just connect a wire to the Delorean then it could still drive at 88 without having to touch the metal?

  24. If they wanted to cross into Terminator, they could have had the drunk go "Hey mister… dijoo just see a real bright light?"

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