Back to the Future: A long time ago – Part I
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Back to the Future: A long time ago – Part I

August 15, 2019

I’ve… I’ve escaped. Finally. Escaped from police, everywhere. Explosions going off left right and centre,
the endless, incessant noise of gunfire, and I’ve… I’ve escaped… ‘If you’re hearing this recording then the
DeLorean’s automatic retrieval feature is a resounding success!’ ‘In case of my failure to return to the DeLorean,
I’ve programmed the time machine to jump to four-dimensional co-ordinates without me.’ Wait, wait! What?! Uh, it’s a DeLorean! Uh, well yeah, course it’s a DeLorean. What else would it be? You’re kidding. Huh. Déjà vu. I mean, no! Yes! No! Holy shit! ‘If you’re hearing this recording then the
DeLorean’s automatic retrieval feature is a resounding success!’ Automatic retrieval? Doc’s not in the future. He’s in 1986! ‘…under the heading marked Last Time Departed.’ Last time departed, last time departed… 2028. Heavy. What the heck’s going on here? I gotta talk to Doc about this. *Radio playing ‘Call me’* Doc! Doc, you gotta come back with me. Back to- TO THE FUTURE! I was gonna say DeLorean. Oh. Yes. I knew that. The automatic retrieval system. Of course! But I’m not dead, Marty. Hmmm… That’s… odd… So that DeLorean… Is for all intents and purposes the exact
same machine as the original. Heavy. So… This is the exact time left! Go back, at exactly the same time! Both of us. Yes, of course. Cool. Time circuits, set destination, 88 miles per
hour… No need for concern. Doc, wh- what the heck was that? Probably just a minor miscalibration. Ok Marty, nothing to be afraid of. Everything’s gonna turn out ok! Huh, that’s peculiar. A failed and misguided contraption with a
tendency to explode. What could go wrong? Hey, do you have any idea how a bullet got
lodged in the DeLorean? A bullet? Yeah. I have no idea. But that DeLorean’s jumping days are behind
it. So, what do we do with a broken time machine? Destroy it? Why? Imagine the danger if the time machine were
to fall into the wrong hands! What’s the problem? I think we’ll need a vehicle. Don’t worry. Wait, wait, I’m trying to process here. Are you telling me you built a time machine…
out of another DeLorean? No. So… This is the original DeLorean. Does it work? I guess we’ll both find out. Yes! Do you remember the date? Yeah. Best to build in a little lag time, gives
you a chance to catch up. I hope you know what you’re doing, Doc… Ah, so that’s what happened. You ready? Yeah. Go! I’ll be fine until you get back. Hey! Come back! Doc, I blew it. It’s my fault, Doc, I should’ve got out of
there sooner. No time for that now! Which way did he go? East! Get in! How? Don’t say anything. Hope there are no more surprises. Maybe somebody around here’s seen him. I doubt it. Oh, this is bad. This is very bad. You think it might mess up the time stream? Yes! But something’s about to happen. I know it. Doc, something’s… way off here… Great Scott!

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  1. how do you get the voices to say certain phrases cuz I don't remember some of these words from the game at all and it's absolutely brilliant

  2. 5:09 I love how doc jumps out of the room that he’s in and immediately says “To the future” and Marty just says “I was gonna say DeLorean” and then doc said “oh yes. I knew that” That made me laugh

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