Back to the Future Adventure Through Time Final Thoughts
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Back to the Future Adventure Through Time Final Thoughts

August 17, 2019

hey everybody final thoughts time for Back to the Future and adventure through time which turns out to be a really fun bass playing little car game that well uh I guess you could say it’s somewhat abstract because you don’t actually play a character in the movie and I think for some people that might be a bit of a letdown instead you play this kind of I don’t know disembodied force that is just trying I mean you could consider yourself that you play the director of the movie you could you could say oh I’m playing as Robert Zemeckis or I’m playing is Bob Gale uh-huh if you want because it’s all about just trying to make sure that you use your resources appropriate to make sure the right characters are in the right place at the right time so you can score points and so that all the famous wonderful scenes of all these two movies play out as they were supposed to so I guess that makes it a little bit abstract but we don’t mind at all because we’re both unabashed Back to the Future fans and um man I mean that for us this just brings the movie to life are you all the artists really nicely done of all these classic moments we’re constantly saying hello McFly and you know yeah oh yeah I’m gonna make like a tree and get out of here and stuff like that so you know it’s very it brings a lot of stalls or for us because we’re fans of the show but even if we weren’t I think this is an enjoyable game because at its heart the thing driving everything is every one of these cards has multiple uses you you use it to move through the environment you use it to pay to be able to play other cards and you use it to be the cards that are played to fulfill objectives those three things in concert trying to figure out right okay well I need to play this at this time zone and can I afford it well okay I could sacrifice that but man I’d really like to but I have to pay for with this and I’d really rather play this in that time zone because then I’ll be able to you know so there’s a lot to think about there’s a lot to crunch on and it’s generally not always immediately obvious what the best option is how to play these cards particularly because this is a race it’s a very fast-paced race and if you’re not quick somebody else is gonna finish that event before you do and then suddenly then everything changes and you’ve got to start moving stuff around and get people into different positions to recover from that um and yeah you know I suspect I’ve heard some people complain that you don’t get to do enough I guess but I don’t really understand that you know that you don’t really feel like you’re accomplishing anything but the reality is this game to my way of thinking feels very much almost like ticket to ride in that you have a situation where on your turn you are either gonna score a route you’re gonna have a big turn or you’re not gonna have a big turn and you’re just gonna draw a couple of cards that’s the reality here if based on the situation on the board you’re in the wrong place you don’t have the right cards to play right now whatever it might be you’re just gonna draw two cards at the end of your turn if you’re in the wrong time zone if you don’t do anything of course you’re gonna get one of these clock tower tokens and then you can spend it immediately to get back to the future so you can draw two cards so if you’ve got nothing else going on you can always get two cards every turn which means you’ll very quickly build up a big hand and it you will have created an interesting puzzle yourself right based on these four or five cards I’ve got what should I do should I stay here should I play go back here and take advantage of this bonus so as long as it lasts cuz it’s not gonna stick around forever etc etc and then uh if you’re not doing that if you’re not just in a zone where okay well I’m just I’m gonna spend a few turns just grabbing a couple of cards so I can build up a good hand then you’ve got a hand and you’re gonna do interesting stuff you’re going to use this card to jump back in time so that you can play this which is gonna give you that which lets you then um you know jump it forward in time and actually play a second character with the same character and then of course every turn you’ve got these six characters to choose from and that’s always a very interesting choice as well because you almost have to something out right which character would I like to play this turn okay well that means I’m gonna have to choose that character I don’t want that character right now I don’t have a use for Lorraine’s power right now let’s see but if I want to play this Lorraine card so I can finish this event what good could I do with this ah I know after I finish the event and I clear everything out then I’ll use Lorraine to move this character out of the future into the present and that means I’ve got a new character set up for the other one so you can still take advantage like that of all the characters interesting Jen I found as a two-player game we don’t use Jennifer that much which is almost kind of appropriate because you know I mean Jennifer is such a minor care character in the trilogy I mean they ended up changing actresses on her poor Claudia Wells it’s heartbreaking I mean she could have had Elizabeth’s shoes career although I love Elizabeth Shue don’t get me wrong she’s phenomenal fantastic but anyway um anyhow I guess Claudia still gets to be I’m Jennifer in the video games nowadays so um but you know all the characters it’s all very situational this is a very tactical game this is no way shape or form strategic game you can’t build a big high-level strategy I mean you can you can say right this is the event I’m going for it’s gonna take me it’s gonna take me six or seven rounds to get all my characters into place to be able to pull that off that can be your overall strategy but from round around based on people stealing cards from you based on you know what cards you draw based on what characters are available from around around you are gonna have to mix up your tactics quite a bit to achieve that high level strategic goal and I mean so the game is always keeping you on your feet and always giving you an opportunity to come up with right what I want to do I can’t do it anymore but how can I make lemonade out of the lemon I’ve just gotten I’ve still got these cards that event is gone now okay yeah I could use that there I mean well that I’ll just install that guy just because that’s three points and I could go on ahead and stash three points plus I didn’t mention at the end of the game any characters who you have on the board who have not been you know taken off the board for the purposes of you know completing an event you score points off of them as well so just getting people onto the board period scores you points even if you can’t right now go after some big events so there’s always something to do and if nothing else just draw two cards because that’ll give you something to do on the next turn um I guess it would be kind of nice if the game didn’t have you just drawing blind from the deck but you had a ticket to ride where oh yeah everybody can see these are the three cards route and if I’m gonna draw cards I could draw blind or I could draw from these but I can see how that would actually make a lot more analysis paralysis but it would give you a little bit more agency over here okay on a turn where I can’t do very much oh I’ll pick that card and I’ll pick that card that’s nice that might have been a nice little addition I wonder if I make a good variant anyway if I have one complaint about this game and it really is only one and you know it’s not gonna complain for a lot of people for me and Jen man Biff what is up with Biff he just will not stop biffing each other you know constantly giving each other noogies and hello McFly such a Butthead this guy and it’s interesting actually Jen and I have found Jen is much more of a Biff whereas I am much more of a George because there’s a general rule if I have a choice you know I’m up first and I just need more cards well I could get a card by using Biff and that would steal a card from Jen or I could just use George and be peaceful and I just draw a card and Jen doesn’t have to lose her cards where’s Jen she always goes for Biff straight away um she’s relentless in that regard although that’s the problem yeah Biff is a great character if you want to be mean and steal from each other but you yes anything all right III I have documented case evidence in this regard she could there have been times that she could have used George if you used anyway it’s it I know I wish this thing will yield Biff I understand me Biff is Biff you you have to do something like this but heck maybe if it is even just that oh okay you’re gonna steal for me I get to choose which card you take that would soften it a little bit at least because you know is he anything given time there’s generally in your whatever cards you’ve got there’s generally one you’re desperate to hold on to and if that’s the one that’s stolen well I mean it’s fine you just have to change your tactics and maybe change your overall strategy because that card got lost but it might be kind of nice if if you got biffed you got to choose which one as opposed to it was just taken from you randomly but yeah I don’t know it’s don’t get me wrong it’s fine and you know and Jenna I enjoy it in spite of all the betting which is saying something because you know this would be enough to make me just dismiss out of hand a normal game but this is not a normal game because let’s be honest it’s Back to the Future and who doesn’t love back to the future I love back to the future when we play this we get out the soundtrack that Alan Silvestri’s amazing score and we get Huey Lewis and the news playing and it’s just like you know it get taken away we go back in time it’s just absolutely wonderful and that’s why I enjoyed it’s a solid game it’s not the greatest game of all time but there are solid interesting decisions you’re always feel like you’re achieving something on your turn even if it’s just setting yourself up for a future turn much like in Dominion you know sometimes in Dominion you draw a hand of cards in wow I’m not gonna do anything this turn this is terrible but you know what I got rid of those cards so they won’t be in the deck so I’ll be able to do something else in this game Wow okay I can’t achieve anything this turn okay then get your clock tower fly back to the future and draw two more cards and Oh next turn I got something I can do so we enjoy it for us it’s a keeper and like I said that’s a big deal that’s in spite of death maybe we’ll play with that variant maybe we’ll say that if you get biffed you get to choose what you lose I wonder I mean that would weaken Biff a little bit obviously but still that’s an aside neat game if you’re a fan of back to future but even if you’re not and you’re just a fan of clever card puzzle combo chain style games you might want to check out back to the future and eventually through time and that’s it folks thanks for watching now you have any questions comments concerns as always please let me know apologies for mistakes I mean I know I was going to go and click so I probably forgot to pay at some point or other for my ripple effect or yeah but still hopefully in spite of the goofs which you can check the show notes or watch with annotations turned on and you’ll see where all the goofs are hopefully you have a pretty good idea of what this game feels like to play and whether it’s right for you because it’s not going to be right for everybody of course you know some people want to be doc and want to be Marty and want to be Jennifer and Biff and whatnot and this game doesn’t give you that this game gives you something else it’s something we enjoy and that’s it folks thanks for watching talk to you later so long Oh buh-bye

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  1. This game has been universally panned by all our other favourite reviewers. I'm surprised to see the glowing feedback here. Sorry Rahdo, I'm gonna avoid this one.

  2. Or maybe for Biff you take half the number of your cards rounded up and pick that number of cards and let them choose one of those cards? So for example if you have 3 cards you can keep the one you desperately want and let the other player choose of the other two? I suppose though that lets your opponent see cards that will stay in your hand. Just a thought….

  3. So many others have said this game is terrible. I love the movie. I haven't had the opportunity to play it but it doesn't look fun at all from the videos I have seen. I'm really torn if I want this. I'm thinking no.

  4. Looks like it's worth a shot, and some variants could make it even better.  The artwork looks great to me.

  5. Haha, you know what, you could be playing the DeLorean itself, because your traveling around time getting characters in the right time zones 😀

    I'll give it a look, I was worried that it might have been a ripoff of another game but it does seem to be it's own game. I actually thought that it was a co-op game at the start of the play through. It might even go into the small but growing collection of "movie/game licensed board games" section in my shelf.

  6. Just make the Biff action the same as the George action, and problem solved. You still draw a card, and you remove the "interactive" (mean) obstacle.

  7. Thanks for the review! 🙂

    Personally I played it, did not have a good time. Back to the Bargain bin. I reallly, REALLLY wanted this to be good but this game is more finnicky for what it is. There are a lot of options and things to consider and I just never felt that it was worth the result at the end. Its using the IDW artwork which makes sense but some of the art is kinda meh I think, plus there are cards that are way more useful than others and hoping to get the card I need for the era left me kinda sitting there going well I cant really do much this round. Maybe next round.

    The game just seemed a bit…disjointed? Maybe? I don't know, all I do know is I have no want to play this again. The game is more complex than it should be, not that its difficult (rules are not done well either) but it is more like the complexity was added to just make it heavier than a straight forward card set collection for points which is what it looks like at first glance.

    Now if there was a time stories BTTF module I would love to see how that would pan out. Its a shame, I have no doubt it will sell copies on nostalgia alone, but for me I am glad I didn't buy it and it belongs to another member in the group. Group consensus was sell/trade it. Such a shame.

    Edit: I should also mention that I am a huge fan of the IP, Movies, Collectibles, Replica flux capacitor, but even that couldn't sway me. Great scott!

  8. so glad to see some dissenting opinions here. Rado can like this… but he is the minority. This is a terrible use of an intellectual property, and this game is God damn terrible

  9. I had to watch this because this game is terrible, and you don't usually run through terrible games, so that must mean that you actually liked it, and I had to see how this was possible. I…still don't know the answer to that.

  10. I think what you need to defend against Biff is a "Pile of Manure" card that you discard when someone tries to use Biff's power on you, and the defender gets to draw a card instead of the attacker getting to steal one.

  11. Nice runthrough Rahdo. I have heard the negative press about this game, but wanted to see for myself. It is too light for me and my wife, but I can see the appeal as a lighter multi-use card, race game for some people out there. I don't understand people saying that this isn't even a game at all. It think it really just comes down to some disappointment from people that this IP was used on a lighter and more abstracted card game. Shame on anyone telling you that your opinion is wrong. Especially after all of the amazing content you provide for our hobby. Keep up the amazing work.

  12. Thanks so much for your run through and all the run throughs you do! I hear over and over "try it before you buy it" but where I live there are no opportunities so I depend on your videos to put myself in your place to see its something I would enjoy. I have been happy with every purchase I have made this way 😊 I do watch your final thoughts and I get a lot out of them but board gaming is such a subjective experience and I would be crazy to think that we will all like the same games. Thank you for sticking to what you always say that you do not review games you give your own playing experience which I am so grateful because very few can demonstrate the feel of a game while there is more than enough reviewers.

  13. I like that Rahdo gives his honest opinion on a game, instead of giving a middle of the road opinion that falls more in line with his peers. I see that in the movie reviews all the time. Instead of telling people THEIR opinion on a movie, the reviewer gives a review that neither praises nor condemns the movie – this happens more with blogs than industry trades but trades are often heavily influenced by studio PR anyway.

    I picked this game up without watching any reviews because, I too, enjoy the property. Haven't had a chance to play it yet, but am very much looking forward to it.

  14. Yea I REALLY wish this was a good game I love BTTF, but this is just Blah Even a simple BTTF deckbuilder would be better than this, maybe BTTF Legendary Encounters or something. Now I'm going to make like a tree and get out of here.

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