Back to the Future Adventure Through Time Gameplay Runthrough
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Back to the Future Adventure Through Time Gameplay Runthrough

August 30, 2019

hey everybody today rahdo runs through back to the future and adventure through time which is a card game set in the Back to the Future trilogy although there won’t be any old-west shenanigans in this game it’s only set in 1955 1985 and 2015 so it’s really just Back to the Future 1 and 2 and in this game it’s kind of hard described players do not take on the role of any of the main characters from the film’s instead we kind of take on the role of time itself trying to make sure that everybody is in the right place at the right time to make sure that everything plays out as it is supposed to that’s what we’re trying to do and I’m gonna show you how it works in this to play a run-through I already got it set up and at the beginning of the game everybody gets a starting hand of 4 character cards so I’m just going ahead and shuffle this up one more time before we get going alrighty 1 2 3 4 right so there’s Jen’s hand here’s my hand and now your cards actually serve three different purposes they can actually count as a character this count card could be either Marty or Doc and the whole point of this game is to get the right characters into the right place to be able to deal to ensure that these specific events happen you know and it’s part of random setup one card gets removed so there’s always going to be three cards that we are trying to make events happen in 1985 and the first one is trying to ensure the doc remembers to put on the bulletproof vest obviously that’s pretty important and to achieve this we have to have doc and doc and any other character in 1985 at the same time over here in 1955 we’re trying to get off the Clocktower plug in the cable energizes DeLorean and not get zapped which requires doc marty and any other character and against his random in the future we need to load up the DeLoreans mr. fusion with trash and save the kids doc marty and any character so I’ve got this doc Marty character who belongs and this is the doc Marty that belong in 1985 so if I can get this card into 1985 you can see I’ve got slots for 1955 85 and 2015 now I am a third of the way towards completing this event I need another instance of Doc in 1985 and then I need another character here and that’s what we’re trying to do we’re trying to use our cards to get characters into the right time zones to be able to score by getting all these events to happen but the character is not the only thing that is important on this card you know this is a card that could represent Marty or Doc it also represents powering the flux capacitor because you know just right here at the beginning of the game we’ve got the DeLorean here in 1985 but if we want to ensure that we help you know get off the clock tower plugging the cable energize the DeLorean and don’t get zapped doc Marty and any other character ID 1985 for us to do that we have to travel back in time which means we have to power up the flux capacitor so I could and I could sacrifice this card which has to and this card which has one so that’s a total of three that would power up the DeLorean so I could travel to a different time zone but then that means I’ve given up this card to be able to put Marty er doc in 1955 or George or Marty in 1955 so this adds a little bit of something stuck on that card mmm all righty yeah it’s fine already so that’s the second thing they’re characters they’re flush cursors and then they are also points because when you actually insure a character does get into the correct time zone to complete an objective that can create ripples in time and the further back you do it in time the more you can upset the the flow of time and to counteract that you have to sacrifice cards from your hand to counteract the ripple effect and now that might be bad because oh crap I’m throwing cards away but every time you sacrifice a card you score these points so this card gives you help me run the DeLorean could help me complete a an event in 1955 or can be worth two points if it counteracts the ripple effects so you can imagine you have a handful of cards you have a lot of options for what you’re going to with those cards so I’ve got my starting hand a for Jen’s got her starting hand afore and take me away I don’t mind just promise me we’ll get back in time here we go so the first thing that happens on a player’s turn is they claim one of the six characters doctor if George Jennifer Marty and Lorraine and whichever character they choose is going to give them one power one special ability over the course of their turn once they’ve chosen a character they can then play as many cards as they want to get character in position or to power the DeLorean or whatever and at the end of the turn depending on where they are if they are back in time they will draw no cards and it says right here if you’re in turn in 55 you don’t draw anything if you turn your inter turn in 85 you draw one if your and your turn in 2015 you draw two cards so it’s always good to kind of end in the future because you’ll get to draw two more cards back up and having a big handful of cards in this game is hugely important but now on the flip side I don’t have any cards for 2015 2015 is not a particular interesting place for me to go I do have a doc and all the remember the event here in 8th in 1985 requires two Doc’s I’ve got a doc card that goes into 1985 and a doc Marty card that goes into 1985 so maybe I want to start getting these docs set into modern-day 1985 so I can complete this and the first player to complete a 1985 mission error event is gonna get a score 16 points so I probably don’t want to rush off to the future of the past if I’m gonna stay right where I am and get one of these cards played so hmm I guess I will get obviously here’s the problem if I get this doc played this is a really good card because it’s got all three this single card can be used to go forward or backward in time I don’t have to use multiple cards to power of the DeLorean so it’s not like I necessarily hmm let’s see okay well say what ah for starters I have to pick a character right I will pick I will pick doc because the character I pick determines what character cards I can play as characters if I want to play doc here in the present where I currently am I need to have the doc card so I’m gonna choose that and now this gives me a special power once during my turn I can move the DeLorean for free to another time zone now I’m not gonna move a write the door in right now because I want to stay and get docked deploy to remember the bulletproof vest but I’ll come back to that in a second so because I’ve chosen Doc that means I can play doc cards and I think I will do I mean 85 I’ll do this Marty doc card I’ll play it as well it could be used for either Marty or doc I’m using it for Doc to complete this and now to play this character to get doc into 1985 I have to spend two time units and I do that once again by other cards I have to pay two so I could sacrifice this card which would pay the two time I need to get this one into play and I’m throwing away this 1955 card or I could throw away this 1955 card I’m not gonna use this card though because this would only pay half of the time units I need to deploy this card so I’m not using that one instead I will go ahead and I will sacrifice this card because it only gives me one power line so this is kind of a weaker card I to deploy I see I need I can only have deployed doc cards right now I’m deploying this I have to pay two time I’m sacrificing this card is 1955 George Marty card where there at the diner and talking about density and we’re gonna discard that to get that plate now I can keep going until and I can do as much as I want depending on what cards I have oh I don’t have much many cards left but I think what I’m gonna do now is I am actually going to call upon Doc’s power to move the DeLorean once for free I’m gonna go from 1985 to 2015 and now that I’m in 2015 well no I can’t deploy I these this is a I could get doc into place in 1955 or doc in a place in 1985 but I’ve come to 2015 and now I’m gonna end my turn I’m not gonna play any more cards at the end of my turn remember I draw zero one or two cards back into my hand so it’s always good to end in the future I’m gonna end in the future and that means I’ve drawn a a bit card a 1985 bit oh that’s alternate timeline and 2015 George and Lorraine card alright so that’s the end my turn I started with four cards I’m ending with four cards and I have started getting ready to complete this bulletproof vest event alright so now it is Jen’s turn she’s got four cards and the first thing she’s got to do is she’s got to pick one of the remaining five characters which will give her a special power and and she’s gotta think about what is she gonna do with these cards right so I said interesting this is a Biff card that could be this is eternal Biff this could be played into any timezone the past the present or the future Jen’s got a doc Marty in the future yeah doc Marty in the present and a Lorraine Marty in the past so Jen needs to think about what is she gonna do now that she’s in the future though because this is where I’ve left the DeLorean that means she’s starting her turn here and she does have a 2015 doc Marty card and to complete the load up the DeLoreans mr. fusion with trash and save your kids gem needs or anybody for that matter needs a doc Marty and any card here in the future so since Jenn’s here I think she’s gonna try and get this doc Marty card played not in 85 like I did but in 2015 now uh and so Jane is giving up a fully charged DeLorean thing that would let her go someplace else she’s giving up two points she could score for the ripple oh shoot you chewed hold on a second oh I forgot on my turn when I played this card and remember I sacrificed this to pay the time cost since I was playing a card to the present there was a time Ripple I had to give up another one of my cards Missy and these are the two cards I drew so I had to give up another one of my cards to counteract the time Ripple by me messing with time so and it could be either one if I give up this card I’m scoring one victory point at the end the game if I give up this card I’m scoring two so this is obviously the better card to give up because I’m scoring two points but then I’m giving up a whole DeLorean charge and I’m giving up a second doc that I need for the present so I think I’m gonna sacrifice this card this is the card I sacrificed to pay for the ripple through time and you basically put it facedown under you’re out of time marker everybody keeps how much stuff they’ve cashed how many points they’ve cashed for the ripple effect secret until the end of the game so you can never really be sure who’s winning until everybody reveals because Jen might have thought I just cast three points although in fact I only cashed one point then at the end of my turn I went to the future I drew two more cards and now it’s Jens turn now the interesting thing is normally if you place characters in the future there is no ripple effect you don’t have to give up cards scoring points to deal with ripple effect because we don’t care about what happens behind 2015 the the truly doesn’t go will beyond that however right now because this is the event that’s active when you play a character in 2015 you must pay a ripple backwards in time so if Jen wants to play a character right now she’ll have to play a ripple card the same way I did oh and that’s a bummer because you need these cards for other stuff but by the same token it is a chance to score points so anyway Jen wants to get this Doc Marty card played in the future and so to be able to do that she you would have to pick either the dock card who’s not available or the Marty card so Jen’s gonna play the Jen’s gonna have Marty’s so she can play a Marty card now that means she gets one special power the first character she plays this turn costs zero time so that’s kind of a bummer because Jen’s gonna play this character which only cost one time so this is actually a cheaper character than normal to use Marty’s power on you’re only saving but still Jim’s gonna play it anyway and normally you’d have to sacrifice a card to get the discard pile to pay the time cost but Marty’s special power says ah you don’t have to do it and normally that would be it but because of this special event Jen now has to sacrifice a card to deal with the ripple effects so she’s sorta not gonna catch sacrifice this because it’d be worth no point so she’s gonna do Lorena Marty in 55 or doc and Marty in 85 I think well so you can see I’m already starting to build up for the 85 does Jen hold on to this to try to get that done herself or does she say to heck with it and she goes I think she’ll sacrifice the 1955 Lorraine in Marty so Jen just scored 2 points by paying the backward triple witching to get normally not to do in the future so now Jen still got two cards in her hand one of them is powerful enough to be able to push the DeLorean to a whole nother timezone but I think Jen’s gonna stop right there she was happy just getting one card deployed and now she’s in return she’s in the future so she gets two more cards and she gets another Marty doc in the future which would be good if she plays this one as well she’d have a Marty doc and another Mario doc she’d only need one more character and well she wouldn’t still be ready because to complete one of these events you have to have all three characters the appropriate characters in the right time zone and in addition to that you have to have at least one character in the other two time zones so as a prime mortal force of nature trying to write the time line it ain’t easy you got to get a lot of characters in the right place at the right time to be able to score these points but they are a lot of points so anyway so Jen drew two cards I know she’s only drawn one though right so she draws one more and that was her turn and now if there was a third player a third player would take a third character if we were playing a four player game a fourth player would take a fourth character but interesting in a two-player game there’s a special rule where whoever has the first player marker in a given round will play twice I’m the first player so now I am gonna get to do a third action in this first round so I have three more characters Lorraine Jennifer Georg and Biff I can choose one of them and see after me I’m kind of inclined to pick Biff because then that means I could play this 1985 Biff to the present because remember I need doc doc and any so this Biff in the present could be my any character and I’d be on my way there now can I do this though because Biff is a expensive character to play usually he needs three times so for me to play him here in the present I would I just knocked that chip off I well first of all I would have to get the DeLorean back to 1985 because currently I’m in the future then I would play him but I would need to have three total times so I could sacrifice both these cards to pay the three thought time to pay Biff in the future or in the in the present and then on top of that because I’m playing the present I’d have to pay another card for the ripple effect now I don’t have enough cards to do all of that so it’s it’s definitely a big part of this game that much likes a ticket to ride you spend a lot of time on your turn gathering more resources so that you get a whole bunch of research in your hand and you can do a big turn that’s often the case in this game as well because I would like to get Biff into the present I can’t do that now I do have this George Loreen I could get played into the future but I’d have to sacrifice a card for two time um and I would also have to pay ripple so I’d lose my whole hand so I’m not gonna do that all on this turn you don’t have to play any cards you can just pass now if you pass or more to the point that means if on a given turn you only moved a Norn you do nothing other than move the delorean or you do nothing at all if you don’t play any characters you don’t complete any objectives that means instead on a given turn you can claim one of two clock tower icons everybody starts with none of them but we had you can potentially have two of them on hand so every turn you pass and you effectively don’t do it get any characters deployed you get one of these now this is effectively a wild card you can use this in the future for one free DeLorean movement cuz it’s a full flux capacitor or for two time towards deploying a character so having these chips is incredibly powerful if at the end of the game you haven’t used it you’ll store a point as well but you’re gonna use these you’re gonna use these a lot so this turn well okay first of all first I have to choose a character and right now I just want to get back I’ve only got three cards in my hand I want to get a lot of cards in my hand for time in the future so at the end of my turn I’m gonna draw two cards but I want more cards than that so I think what I’m gonna do is I am going to choose Biff Biff special power is I can now steal a card from another player so first I play doc now I’m playing Biff uh-huh come over here hello McFly so Jen has her hand of cards and I since I played Biff I’m gonna steal one at random so Jen’s lost the card I’ve gained a card it is a Lorraine Marty 1955 so I’ve just gotten another card that I could use for any number of things although not for powering the DeLorean it’s not very good for that and since I am not actually playing any characters completing events I am going to claim one clock tower marker and now I’m not doing anything else so at the end of my turn I’m still in the future I get to draw two cards so now I’ve got a nice big handful one two three four five six cards that means next turn I’ve got a lot of stuff I could potentially do but that was it that was one full round and at the end of the round all the characters that were claimed by players come back and the first player marker moves on to the next so now starting the second round Jen’s gonna get to do two actions or two turns and I’m only gonna get to do one and now Jen’s a little bun because she’s starting out with fewer cards in her hand so what does she want to do what character does she want to take um and where does she want to end up does she want to stay in the future so she’ll draw two cards go to the present so she’ll draw one card or go to the past where she’ll draw no cards let’s see here so she definitely wants to get this other dog Marti played into the future which is gonna require two and it means she’s gonna have to have a doc or Marty card I think she’s gonna go on ahead and pull Marty again and once again his power to the first character you play you don’t have to pay any time costs so Jen’s gonna play since he chose Marty she’s gonna play a Marty slash dog card it would cost to time which she’d have to pay with one of the cards but as it is right now she does not have to pay that because of the Marty special power and now she’s still got two cards in her oh wait no because it’s normally in the future you don’t pay ripple charges time ripples but because this event you do so Jen has to sacrifice one of her tumor meeting cards to pay the ripple into the past so she could give up this doc Marty eighty-five for two points or this infinite Biff that can go into any time zone four oh no she’s not gonna do that because it’s worth no point so Jen’s gonna pay this for the ripple cost and she just scored two more points all right and now she’s down to one card in her hand it doesn’t feel like there’s much you can do with that so I think she’s gonna stop right there and since she’s still in the future she’s gonna draw two more all right and so now it’s my turn again I got a whole bunch of cards and now remember to complete this is what I’m thinking about I’ve already got well this doc and Marty could be towards that but I could start trying to work in the future and get this thing complete as well the best place to actually complete a an event though is in the past because the ones in the past are worth the most points plus whenever you deploy characters in the past you have to pay two ripples so if you have a lot card your hands that’s a chance to cash two cards for points like says– you know I mean I’ve I cashed both of these if I go into the past install somebody in the past and then pay for the two ripples with both of these bits I’ll score six points that’s huge but I’ll also be giving up a lot of other power so what do I want to do and the first thing I’d ask myself is what character do I want to choose because that’s gonna decide what characters I can play in the world now if I just want to stay here in the future I’ve got I’ve got one 2015 card I could play George or Lorraine here in the future and you know what that sounds pretty good to me I think I’m gonna do it I’m gonna claim George so his power is immediately draw one card and now if I want I can discard one card and then draw another basically swap one of the cards in my hand for another blind draw or if I like the cards in my hand I don’t have to do that second step after I’m done with those because I’ve chosen George I’ll be able to play a George card and remember I’ve got one but first I gotta decide am I happy with my hand or do I want to dump any of these to hopefully draw a better card because right this George and Elaine Lorraine is what I’m planning to play I’m gonna have to pay a ripple which I’ll probably pay with this I want to get scrolling so I’ll probably use this 1955 Biff to pay the ripple I’m also gonna have to pay to time to do it so I’ll probably sacrifice this to time so I’m kind of ignoring yeah yeah no no I’ll sucker I’ll pay this is the to card the to time I’ll pay to get this played in the future I’ll sacrifice this because this doesn’t have as much DeLorean power and it’s only worth one dictor points this is less useful card so this is the card I’m gonna sacrifice to play George and Lorraine this is the card I’m going to sacrifice so I’m basically having to give up two cards to play this card but right so I know these are the cards now of these remaining cards remember I was thinking about all this cuz I have to decide do I want to discard one of my green cards and draw a different one um let’s see so what I got here I’ve got 55 85 85 85 I need to get something into the past to be able to complete any event and a Biff and I would like to hold on to this this is worth points and let’s see this is a Marty that I could get into the present because I need a doc doc and I mark and it right mmm you know what actually I’m gonna keep all these cards even though I could sacrifice one and draw another I’m happy with all of these cards so I’m not gonna use any of them so I drew George I used his power and now from my hand I’m gonna play a George Loraine card to the future to 2015 cuz it’s a 2015 card and I have to pay to time I already forgot I was gonna get rid of this one because this one isn’t worth a lot of points anyway so I’m sacrificing that to pay my time cost because it’s a special event I have to sacrifice Accra Feist I’ve been pay the ripple class with this cuz it’s three points I’m cashing for the end of the game and boom that card has now been played and if I just stop right there I’ll get to draw two more cards because I’m still in the future or if I want I’m you know I don’t have to say in the future I’ve got this I could use this to it right now I could sacrifice this for a full flux capacitor charge and go wherever I want and I could start playing cards in other time zones as well if I go back to the past well I have enough cards to get that done right so I’m playing this and I could pay for yeah I’m gonna do it I am going to pay my clock tower that gives me three charges and I’m gonna go back in time to 1955 although oh wait no my promise ah shoot hold on a second maybe I’m not gonna do that because I want to go back in time to play this Lorraine Marty card but the problem is I’ve got George so I can’t play a Lorraine Marty I or this learning Marty or this bit for this talk I can’t play any more characters because I chose George so I could have played this card Oh and now see this is kind of a bummer if instead of choosing George I had chosen Lorraine as my character this round Lorraine would have let me play this card because it was a George flash Lorraine would have let me play this then I could have gone back in time and I would have been able to play this Lorraine Marty so if I had chosen Lorraine instead of George I could have gotten two cards chosen this turn I’d have a character in every time zone and that would give me a huge leg up for dealing with any of the events so maybe that wasn’t the smartest move but now on the flip side I did get an extra card with George so I can’t complain about that too much so with that in mind am I gonna do anything else I don’t think so I think I’m just gonna end my turn right now and draw two more cards and keep my hand full all right and so now at Cydia the second round Jen’s already chosen Marty because she’s got the first play markers she can choose somebody else she still got three cards and what is she gonna do so she’s got doc and Marty she needs another character in 2015 plus a character in each of the other two time zones to finish this in score 14 points so she can put this Biff at this eternal Biff here in the future so that’s pretty handy or she could put this eternal Marty here in the future and that would fulfill all the requirements and the nice thing is putting Marty in the future only requires two time as opposed to this Biff that requires three time or so go back to 85 and get George / Marty installed there as well but she would like to stay in the future because I mean since I stole some cards from her you know well she still think about what character she wants to play maybe she’ll grab Biff because that would let her steal a card for me so that’s another card and then since she grabbed Biff she’d be able to play Biff to the future yeah hmm I’m thinking I’m gonna do it Jen’s gonna Biff me so she’s pulling Biff and so that means she randomly gets one of my huge hand of cards and it’ll be this one which is another Biff okay and so now that means Jen can pay play Biff cards and so she is gonna play this Biff it’s an eternal Biff work needs three time and for today Jen just drew this Biff that gives her three time so she’ll play that to pay the time cost and now but she still has to pay the ripple effect so she’ll go ahead and play this one cuz it’ll score her two more points and now at the end of return Jen’s only got one card in her hand but she’s done she’s still a future she’ll draw two more one two and that was the end of the second round so all the characters come back the first player mark returns me and it’s my turn again and now after two rounds I’ve got two carts deployed a bunch in my hand Jen’s got three cards deployed a fair number in her hand I gents cash three let’s see how many points is Jen gone so far I’ve lost one two three four five six points that she’s got cashed in her time Ripple Bank bears I’ve got one I’ve got four so it’s early days we’re about to start the next round and if you’d like you can hit the little eye up in the top right corner screen to go to the extended playthrough oh I’ll keep playing long enough to actually score one of these events plus you haven’t seen Jennifer or Lorraine in action yet so there’s two more special powers reveal so if you want to see a bit more how the game goes hit the eye to go the extended plays here alternately you can go to final thoughts your choice in five four three two one

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  1. Wow! It's a really interesting game. All the cards have different uses, and a lot of combos depending on your hand. It feels like Motttainai, so, i really like it!

    Posdata: Btw, Radho, you're the best. Thanks to you, i have learned a lot about boardgames. I bought Mottainai because of your runthrough, btw! Keep doing what you do!

  2. 21:45 Rahdo did not discard the card for paying the 2 time costs but instead he put it as points under his "outatime" token. That's cheating! OK, on the second try on 22:45 he did discard it.

  3. "Jen's gonna Biff me!" Hey now! It's a family show! 🙂 I still think this is a rather convoluted game with too much going on. I bought it but haven't played it yet so maybe when I do I'll feel different but I don't like all the card sacrificing you have to do.

  4. @11:50 I believe there is another option – Jenefer could have chosen the Jennifer card as the Jennifer character card allows you to play any character to your mat.

  5. I spent the first 14 minutes trying to remember who AMY was before I realized it said ANY.  Facepalm

  6. Did we end up in 1985A? Great Scott, a card game should never be this confusing. Watched your video because the included instructions were way too complex. But now, after watching your video, I feel like Darth Vader came down from Planet Vulcan and melted my brain. :-/

  7. Thanks for the video! Definitely, going through w/ my purchase of this game because of your 3 videos on this.

    Now to find somebody to play with -_____-

  8. Question: What happens when a player scores an event card and the new card underneath it has characters that will not work with your existing cards played in the previous era card?

    Will i need Lorraine to move them around? Do I discard?

  9. Hi Rahdo, thanks for posting this video. Just one little doubt: how come you pay for ripple effect in 2015? The rulebook says 2 cards in 1955, 1 card in 1985 and none i 2015. Can U explain? thanks, cheers.

  10. Two questions my buddy and I just ran into:

    1. When you run out of cards in your hand, do you redraw 4 or do you have to get to an alternate timeline to redraw more cards?

    2. I played a George/Marty card using the George character, but i used that card to fulfill the spot for Marty on the 2015 event card. Is this a legal move?

    I couldn't find anything about it in the rulebook… Thanks for your time!

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