Back To The Future BTTF – Clock Tower Scene – Homemade (comparison)
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Back To The Future BTTF – Clock Tower Scene – Homemade (comparison)

August 26, 2019

[MUSIC]>>Emmett Brown: Don’t worry. As long as you hit that wire,
with a connecting hook at precisely 88 miles an hour, the instant
the lightening strikes the tower,>>[MUSIC]>>Emmett Brown: Everything will be fine.>>[SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Emmett Brown: Aah!>>[MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Marty McFly: Doc.
>>[MUSIC]>>Emmett Brown: Aah!

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  1. Haha I noticed that too, only after watching the side by side! What a dumb thing to get wrong, and so easy to fix!

  2. You think it's possible to do the sewer fight with batman and bane from TDKR the week after this Tuesday.

  3. The real Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) says his lines much louder than Piotr, who is in the homemade version. Great job, though!

  4. Watching this video most of the way through, I was totally confused in distinguishing the real movie out of the two, until I checked out the ‘Original’ and ‘Homemade’ with helpful arrows indicating to the appropriate clip. Sure glad you helped us out there, spitting image all the way..
    BTW Sure sets me back to the day when I first watch this in the mid 1980’s.

  5. This is accurately, lovingly amazing. You don't even have to apologise for the crudity of the model 😉

  6. i noticed that the sounds are split if you have headphone, so if you take of the right you will only hear the sound from the original movie. Awesome!

  7. I'm a big back to the future fan and I noticed the "Start Here" is written behind the line. But this is the best homemade version I've ever seen!!


  9. Great Scott Marty …so…which one is homemade and which one is the original again???? I choose the third one…final answer!

  10. it's cool cause if you have ear phones and your like a hate the homemade on you can just have one ear plug on real on another plug

  11. make a homemade Back to the Future again and make the song with your phone type in Back to the Future songs and look for the song that looks as his back to the future but not the silver one

  12. Good you have those indicators that are telling me which is original and which is fake. Wouldn't find out otherwise. 😉


  13. I found a 9/11 secret on this movie. IF you turn the twin sign, you will see that it will say 911 on the time but not just that, the scene where Marty returns to 1985, you will see that there's only 1 tree and when 9/11 started… that means that Back to the Future predicted the legend of 9/11

  14. Omg Thank so much for this!! This made my day! Huge BTTF fan and this was on point! Good job everyone. Good job.

  15. I'm actually relived that when they did the real driving at a very high speed they didn't crash. The real car was going like 80mph, but the delorean was going like 110mph.
    Nice work. 2:59 Marty was like "IM GONNA CRASH!!"

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