Back to the Future Part 2 (3/12) Movie CLIP – Hover Board Chase (1989) HD
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Back to the Future Part 2 (3/12) Movie CLIP – Hover Board Chase (1989) HD

September 9, 2019

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, stop! Little girl.
Little girl. Stop. Look, I need
to borrow your…
Hey! hoverboard? – Where is he?
– Here. There! He’s on a hoverboard. – Get the boards!
– Get McFly![Yelling] Get him! Yeah! We got him! [Yelling] Something very familiar
about all this. [Yelling]Hey, McFly, you bojo!Those boards don’t
work on water!
Unless you’ve got power! Hook on! Batter up! [All Yelling] Holy shit!

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  1. Wow they actually thought kids would hang out…Nowadays all u see is people on their iPhones being on social media or playing video games indoors and not playing outside like it should be

  2. Maybe I'm the only one to ask this, but if Biff is Griff's Grandpa, who the hell is Griff's dad? Unless I missed something

  3. Interesting fact, the actress/stunt double who played the robotic girl in Griff's gang was seriously hurt when, in the clock tower stunt, she hit the pillar at 2:43 instead of going through the window and hit the ground at 2:45. Luckily she survived.

  4. Theenage boy:wow there are hoverboards in 2015 and also flying cars,strange outfits.

    Me:Bruh it's almost 2020 and no real hoverboards or flying cars exist..😑

  5. This is the first time I’ve noticed those security guards outside the place they crashed, I mean they just saw the whole thing and tried not to break up the fighting

  6. Let’s everyone in the downtown square just watch and do nothing as a gang whose leader is holding a bat tries to murder a lonely teenager. But, God forbids if the same gang brakes the glasses in a bank! It’s jail time!

  7. Interesting how a kid is to be killed and no one in town gives a damn!Even the cop on stairs of Museum…

  8. I really didn't like this part of the movie. The whole synchronized water skiing part really took me out of the movie. I just couldn't help but ask myself, "Why are they doing that if only Biff is holding a bat?"

  9. In 2045, hover board might improve alot or just become a usless technology just for fun, cars would be flat and more curly looking,
    automatic will be added in almost everything, you can tell google to bring your car or close your doors and automatically lock your house,
    windows will be digital like mirror or in office buildings.

  10. 1989 People: If we Watched Bttf ll That means We will Have Hover boards and Flying Cars!
    2015 People: It was all An Lie?

  11. Griff's occular implants must have been out of whack. He swings at Marty at 1:23 like he's 14 feet tall.

    Also, is it worth mentioning that if Marty had just jumped into the reflecting pool, then splashed to the edge that was literally RIGHT THERE, he'd have been up, out, and gone long before the four gang members had gotten to him? I mean, look at 1:48 when the camera pans from the board to the edge. THERE ARE LITERALLY STAIRS RIGHT THERE.

    ALSO also, can anyone tell me the point of Griff towing his three lackeys across the pool with him? How in the hell are they going to assist Griff IN ANY WAY with hitting Marty with a baseball bat?

    ALSO ALSO also, I hope Griff's lackeys enjoy their inevitable hospital stay after their thirty foot free fall to a hard tile floor traveling 20 mph amid giant shards of shattering glass.

  12. The reason this future didn't happen is because Doc and Marty tampered with the timeline in 1885 by saving that teacher, building the clock tower and causing that train crash which somehow had a butterfly effect for humanity to discover the internet instead of hover technology.

  13. Watch that courthouse crash in slow motion and tell me none of them would have been killed. Watch Griff hit the steps with his head. Lol

  14. It’s crazy how real this is compared to real life 2015 I mean we have floating hover boards and we have Nike air mags (self lacing shoes) I mean what else

  15. 2:42 Holy crap. I just found out that girls stunt double was seriously injuried in this scene. She was suppose to go through the glass window.. But, she hit the pillar and bounced off. She dropped 30 feet and hit concrete.


    IN 2015



  17. To the 3.5k people who disliked this video, you’re not ready for it yet… but you’re kids are gonna love it

  18. How did that little girl get hold of Griff's PITBULL so fast. We didn't see her run into the courthouse, But hey it IS a movie

  19. This movie’s future: flying cars, hover boards, Jaws 19, etc.
    Our future: Politics, Logan Paul, deaths of good people, video games causes violence and not guns, and contamination of SJW’s agendas.

  20. I have seen lot's of people mention how there was no cgi and whatever in this movie but when Griff drops his pit bull power hover board out of its carry case it looks a little bit cgi but that's just my opinion….

  21. The crazy part bout 1989 that they guessed the hover board 😂😂😂 we have it now in 2019 time travel is real 💪🏾💯

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