BADLAND Review – Out Now on Steam
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BADLAND Review – Out Now on Steam

August 27, 2019

Games usually have to try really hard to instill
a sense of tension in me. So called “horror” games rarely make use of decent story telling
and instead, rely on jump scares and loud sound effects. So why then, can a side-scrolling
action adventure mobile game, with no story and no identifiable protagonist, bring those
odd feelings to the surface? Like all well-designed action platformers,
the controls are simple and slick. You tap the screen to make your little guy flap and
keep that tap held to make him continuously flap upwards. Your goal? To navigate the dangerous
terrain and reach the escape pipe at the end of each level. The game has what can best
be referred to as a loose auto-scrolling mechanism. Occasionally, the screen itself will catch
up to you and end your journey – but this isn’t too frustrating. While it is forced,
it is somewhat based on the speed of your little fluff ball and is quite manageable. Along your way, you’ll encounter spikes, crushers,
explosive spores, saw blades, gears and so many other nasty, horrible things. To make
matters worse, each of these elements has a kind of creepy, spindly feel to them, as
though the terrain itself is alive. It’s not all darkness and pain in BADLAND
however. To assist you, there’s various powerups that transform your little creature. Become
sticky to uhh.. stick to things which is really helpful when it comes to saw blade encounters.
Change size to squeeze in to tight areas or push things out of your way. You can even
pick up a spinning power that can enable you to travel quickly through certain segments
or navigate along the ceiling to avoid danger. You’re able to change the game speed to make
things a bit easier during some pretty intense sections and…. without giving too much away,
you can even change shape! The game’s hallmark is the ability to clone
yourself. You can pick up little buddies along the way that travel with you. In a pack, these
little creatures are stronger than the sum of their individual selves. They can push
objects that might have otherwise been impossible by yourself. Of course, trying to fit a lot
of little things in to a small space isn’t necessarily a good idea and you can often
find yourself getting stuck along the way. But that’s the beauty of the physics system
in the game. It allows for some very interesting and unusual things to happen. While it is possible to save quite a few of
these curious things, BADLAND’s clever level design will see that outcome almost never
happen. Time after time, I’ve seen myself amass upwards of 30 floaters only for something
bad happen to 29 of them and find my last surviving fuzzy scrape through by the skin
of its.. er.. skin. Of course, not all of these upgrades are mandatory. If you, willingly
or not, skip over some of these, you can end up in a completely different situation than
if you did pick them up. The game is quite versatile and the puzzles are all designed
to be reflex based rather than head scratchers. The single player campaign will launch with
40 levels. These levels are divided up in to four stages of 10: Dawn, Noon, Dusk and
Night. Each of the stages is colored according to their relative time of day: Yellow, green,
red and blue respectively. You need to complete a stage in order to progress on to the next,
however these can be replayed at any time to attempt the challenges set forth in each.
BADLAND even lets you play in “flow mode” where the level breaks are taken out and you
can play the game seamlessly travelling between levels with no menu or introductory screens. There are more levels planned for future updates
and if that’s not enough, the game comes complete with a local multiplayer survival mode where
you and up to three friends can go head to head on the same device. On an iPhone this
isn’t necessarily a practicality, however on the iPad’s larger screen, is truly a joy…
particularly if you’re able to pull of a satisfyingly cheap victory! Overall, what stands out most about BADLAND
is the ambience. The silhouette technique that we saw in Limbo has been elevated to
the next level. The colorful, painted background artwork is simply some of the best I’ve seen..
not just for a mobile game, but perhaps any game I’ve seen in recent times. Headphones
are definitely recommended for this one as the sound effects are amazing.. and I’m not
talking the noises of the little creatures and how they interact with the environment,
but the ambient sounds of the jungle.. haunting noises of bubbling swamps, insects and unseen
beasties mix with grinding machinery far off in the distance. It all makes for a feeling
of danger and isolation. BADLAND will release later this month as a
universal app and the price is yet to be announced. This has been top priority on my radar for
quite some time and I’m extremely excited to see it come out. I don’t use this term
often, but “Instabuy” springs to mind. Thanks for joining me for today’s look at
BADLAND. Be sure to subscribe for a look at some of the latest mobile games. This has
been Alex for Game Mob. That’s

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  1. Didn't think i was gonna see badland previews popping up so quickly. Loved lingo and almost sure that i'm gonna love this game.

  2. Your reviewing style seems to be modelled off Andrew from AppSpy. I enjoyed the review, but as a suggestion try and use more depth and range of tones, you just sound a little one dimensional. Keep up the good work anyway, subbed.

  3. The ability to CLONE YOURSELF was in The Company Of Myself long time ago… but anyway this game is EPIC and AMAZING… =)

  4. BADLAND- необычная аркада на Android

  5. Why is anyone even comparing this game to Limbo… that's like comparing Halo to Zelda …Or COD to doom etc… Totally different game.. Limbo doesn't even have colour lol.. Also limbo wasn't a trend setter either… Silhouette art or contre jour art is exactly what it is an art form…

  6. I just beat this entire game today, all 4 scenarios. This game starts out quiet, easy, and simple, but as the levels progress things get harder. It tests your decision making skills and your patience. Every level becomes an difficult puzzle that you have to figure out. It's a real challenge, especially if you give up easily. If you're the type of person to give up easily, this game really isn't for you. If you have a bad temper and if you don't have patience, then maybe look into something else because you Will get pissed off… especially during the Doomsday levels. Those levels are the embodiment of satan himself. But for me it was worth the money because I love a good challenge! 10/10 personally

  7. hey tangents…do you like bullet hell games? If so I just released my game which is a Shmup but you can control the WIND! If you are interested please give my game a try. You can see the trailer on my channel. I can send you a promo code if you want! i really think its a unique idea and a breath of fresh air to the genre. cheers.

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