BALLOON HELICOPTER – TAMIL – Amazing Flying Helicopter
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BALLOON HELICOPTER – TAMIL – Amazing Flying Helicopter

October 12, 2019

this balloon helicopter is perhaps the greatest
flying object. this is ready made. there are three blades, a rotor, a balloon and a socket.
this is the rotor with a whistle. hear the whistle and enjoy. this is the blade. you
can see that the air will enter through the pin part and go all through out and come out
from the hole at the tip. there are 3 blades which will be attached one by one to the rotor
and the rotor has the whistle in it. you can also see that all along the length of the
blade, there is a kind of tube which ends into a hole at the tip from where the air
exits. this is the socket, attach the blue socket to the balloon and blow up the balloon
and now fix the socket with inflated balloon in the rotor. now you just have to leave it
in the air and see the helicopter going up whistling, and coming down. enjoy this amazing
toy once again.

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