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  1. Turn off the revenue from your video and call her a THOT as much as you want so she can't copystrike for revenue fr your videos

  2. Who else came back to this video to reminisce the birth of the 9 year old army!!?
    Such a glorious day this was..

  3. Alinity: "i think that as a content creator that you have to be careful and responsible for things you do and say"
    Also alinity:
    throws animal on stream, feeds cat vodka, pushes tiddies together, purpsosely bends over on stream

  4. Don't you adjust a camera face to face with the camera I'm Pretty sure that said I never have had a Web cam that isn't on a laptop

  5. I remember opening her stream once in the WoW section, seeing a half naked girl touching her boobs and saying : Is this suppose to be gaming content? INSTA banned lol

  6. I knew this bitch named Alinity
    She liked to talk real sexy (nasty bitch)
    I had to tell she gon stop

  7. she said ppl shouldnt call girls whores and thots based on their appearences….THEN DRESS APPROPRIATELY GOSH DAMN IT INSTEAD OF HAVVIN YO BOOBIES OR SOME OTHER STUFF OUT and twitch wack as heck right now by not even following their own guidlnes. What are u don gvin ppl another chane when they clearly violated your guidlines BRUH

    felix and us 9 yr olds let us send the army of peepeepoopoo

  8. So she's a Karen In disguise running to the manager

    Twitch thot twitch THOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SpongeBob: don't say that you scaring her


    Sexualizing content there don't you think Thot

  9. Love it when people try to talk themselves out even though everybody knows they are lying because they already admitted everything on camera. Nothing is more hilarious than that.

  10. I'm all for women right and equality. But some companies treat women like goddesses. The tables have slowly started turning because if you give a woman a punishment for something they did wrong, everyone freaks out. But it you punish a male who did something wrong, almost no one cares.

  11. This is awful so this THOT she kill the cat's she must be banned seriously the twitch must be responsible to their own rules or just you can raid the twitch like the area 51

  12. Other girls: takes the joke with a grain of salt. Very happy they got into pewds video
    Alinity: *throws her cat, feeds them vodka, married a guy just to get US citizenship, purposely says the n word. Is a fucking thot* HOw DaRe YOu

  13. Like alinity just calls the second biggest youtuber(2019) "this guy". I mean she should know him after the Tserues stuff xD

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