Bangladesh Finally Got Success In Manufacturing Aircraft Pakistani Reaction Big News For Bangladesh
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Bangladesh Finally Got Success In Manufacturing Aircraft Pakistani Reaction Big News For Bangladesh

January 20, 2020

In the coming years Developmed Infrastructure very good news for bangladesh Bangladesh is going to get technology in the coming days Great news about Bangladesh Regarding the aircraft industry Bismillah Rehman-ur-Rahim Friends of Aslam Alaikum I hope all your friends will be in your own home with good and safe What is news about friends today Bangladesh in the coming future Aeronautical and jet fighter The jet fighter is going to be independent in terms of manufacturing This video of today is taken from the channel at Everthing at One And the original color of this video I put in the description box So let’s look at how Bangladesh is going to become independent Regarding the plane industry So before you start the video, I ask that if you are new to the HA Views channel, please do not forget to subscribe. So you get the first notification of every new video coming So let’s start without wasting time. This is great news today With regard to Bangladesh So let’s start today’s video let’s start This video taken from every Thing at one channel and the original link to this video I put in the description box every thing at one Fighter jet technology Developmed Infrastructure Bangladesh is going to acquire technology in the coming days F 35 AF 41 I think it works to build a plane In the coming years That’s great Fighter aircraft Very good news from Bangladesh Congressional Bangladesh like , share, and subscribe very good video Friends, this is today’s video Growth situation of Bangladesh in the coming years Or looking at what they are determined to work hard on Very soon bangladesh aircraft Whether it’s a jet fighter or aeronautical industry It’s also going to be independent via this news this news is great from Bangladesh Best of luck congressional I hope you continue to do the hard work And make your place in the world And that is why there are many countries in the world that want to grow As a nation, they too will have the opportunity to learn from you friends we meet soon look like this great video until then take care of you keep me in your prayer take care of you best of luck Allah Hafiz-o-Nasir

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