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Bank Job iPhone Gameplay Review –

September 1, 2019

Aussie developer Screwtape Studios aren’t
exactly new to the iOS scene, but you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d been around for
much longer considering the quality of Bank Job’s presentation. While it may be a relatively
basic endless auto-runner, there’s an undeniable charm to Paulie Barbosa’s thieving antics. Your job is that of scarpering off with as
much loot as possible, while avoiding the many traps (and bombs) that line the corridors
of the bank you’re inside. The controls couldn’t be simpler as they only require you to tap
or hold the screen to either switch to the corridor above/below or avoid a trap respectively.
Gems, bundles of cash and piggy-banks alike will bounce along, so you’ll need to expose
yourself to grab them, but bombs can be mixed amongst them, so you’ll need to balance your
greed with prudence. You’re also given a chance before a Game Over,
with Paulie gaining an exclamation mark over his head once he has taken some damage. Passing
through a checkpoint to ‘bank’ your loot will remove the mark, but these only appear in
the bank itself. To understand why this may not be the best course of action you need
only find a ladder and take to the sewers below the bank where loot is plentiful and
traps are deadly. It’s a risk-versus-reward scenario that will require fine-tuned timing
to exploit. Your reward for diligent collection of loot
is access to various ‘hats’, each of which impart a special effect on Paulie for a single
run. Unfortunately the cost of these hats can be excessive, but if you’re skilled enough
you can make up for the cost by earning significantly more loot on these individual runs. For now that’s all there is to Bank Job – it’s
simple, fast and fun, especially once you can afford to get hats involved. With any
luck the game will add more depth and replay value through variety thanks to power-ups
or better rewards for its ‘mini-missions’, but until then it remains a well-presented
distraction for you to enjoy.

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