Basmi Bos SUPER Kuat Minecraft! ft. BeaconCream!! | Minecraft Indonesia (Collab) (Vtuber/Episode 71)

September 18, 2019

Minecraft “Collaboration with BeaconCream” Maya : why, why are you holding that? BeaconCream : what? BeaconCream : oh what? you want this bread? OK let me give it to you, you know I am a gentleman Maya : SO MANY BeaconCream : LOL Maya : are you a bread seller? BeaconCream : yes yes, I am selling it around here, help me sell it BeaconCream : I invited you here to help me sell the breads, so yeah lol Maya : why is the objective change? you said we are gonna kill each other BeaconCream : what? killing each other? you are so EXTREME
Maya : NO! I mean killing monsters BeaconCream : okay firstly, welcome Maya to my house! BeaconCream : Welcome to my house Maya! Maya : okay your welcome BeaconCream : why you said your welco- oh okay lol it’s a pleasure
Maya : thank you lol BeaconCream : so maybe you can introduce yourself first? Maya : Halo! My name is Maya Putri! a Virtual Youtuber from Indonesia! BeaconCream : yeah that’s my reason to invite you, isn’t it on spot? BeaconCream : because I need your virtual power to fight the Minecraft boss BeaconCream : the one that make this Minecraft world, because literally my Minecraft world is cursed Maya : where is the curse? let me punch it! BeaconCream : this one~ BeaconCream : NOT THE CACTUS! what kind of curse is that lol BeaconCream : so all this time, the curse is in this cactus? WOW it’s destroyed! BeaconCream : this one Maya, it’s clearly there’s head everywhere, don’t you see that this is a curse? Maya : I don’t know lol
BeaconCream : is this already your everyday lifestyle? seeing these head lol Maya : I though these are decoration BeaconCream : because you already introduce yourself, I want to introduce myself too Maya : of course! BeaconCream : hello my name is BeaconCream, I am a BeaconCream : yes YEAH *clapping happily*
Maya : lol BeaconCream : you must be proud because I already introduce myself to you, isn’t it? Maya : wow such a good thing~
BeaconCream : be grateful! BeaconCream : yeah it’s a good thing, so this is my house, what do you think about my house? Maya : hmm it looks so hot BeaconCream : so hot? lol
I am not boasting myself or something like that BeaconCream : I build this with my much hard work, and it’s take so many time to build this house, BeaconCream : how long do you think it take to build this? Maya : I don’t know BeaconCream : it takes 10 minutes Maya : wow so long, that’s why it’s on fire? BeaconCream : oh right, is that how is it? BeaconCream : so this house is make from mud, it’s only have 1 type in this world BeaconCream : because I am kinda stress when building this house, so I make it with mud Maya : be patient bro~

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