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Bastiaan use Kratom and goes up and down (Mitragyna) | Drugslab

August 30, 2019

I’m Bastiaan.
-And I’m Rens. And welcome in our Drugslab. I really feel happy.
-Let’s throw in another few grams. I don’t really have any emotions. In Drugslab we try drugs
so you don’t have to. If you’re curious about a drug,
let us know and maybe we’ll try it. Jeri Rom did so too.
He was very curious about kratom. This is kratom in powder form. It’s actually the pulverized leaf
of the kratom tree… which is native to Southeast Asia. It makes you energetic and euphoric,
but if you take more, you get sluggish. It has a brown colour, looks a bit like
cocoa and smells… well, herbal. In some parts of Thailand, up to
70% of the men chew kratom daily. It’s related to the coffee plant
and has a somewhat similar effect. It gives you energy to do things, but
kratom also helps with certain ailments… such as diarrhoea or opium addiction. So it doesn’t get seen as a drug,
but as a medicine. The plant gets used
as an alternative for opium. It hasn’t been studied much,
so we can’t rule out that it’s harmful. The active substance in kratom
is mitragyna. That has an effect on the opiate receptors
in your brain… and affects your mood
and anxiety levels. It improves your mood
and makes you euphoric. But I don’t think it makes you so euphoric
that you suddenly get up and start dancing. No, but euphoric enough that you
feel like going out and doing things. I don’t know, but I can’t wait
to find out what it does. Do you want to do it?
-Yes. Yes?
-Yes, I’m curious. I’m going to put on the belt.
-Alright. Bastiaan may initially get nauseous or
get a headache, but that won’t last long. Kratom may act as an aphrodisiac
in women… and decrease erection problems in men. You may also get a dry mouth, a reduced
appetite and a more frequent urge to pee. As a kind of baseline measurement,
how do you feel now? I feel pretty good.
I slept well, it’s nice here. Of course.
-So I feel cheerful. I feel the way I always feel.
Like Bastiaan. You can take it in various ways.
You can smoke it or chew on the leaves. But this is pulverized leaf,
so we’re going to make tea… which is also the most common way
of consuming it. A normal dosage is between 3-5 grams,
so we’ll start with 5. Little is known about kratom,
which doesn’t mean it’s free of risks. Don’t combine it
with uppers or downers… as that may lead to trouble with breathing
or to a heightened blood pressure. And never combine it with MAO inhibitors,
because that can even be lethal. I’m going to add it to warm water. It starts working after 10-20 minutes. And the effects last 3-6 hours,
also depending on how much you take. Now stir.
Wow, it’s really just like sand. Now it’s like mud.
-Please stir it well. Wow, it has a very strong smell. Now it’s just like mud.
-Yes. I can’t swallow that.
-I’m glad I don’t have to take it. It’s dissolved quite well already. It’s one big nasty goo. There you go.
-Cheers. It’s fucking nasty.
-Don’t you like it? Not at all.
-No? What does it taste like?
-Bitter. Very, very, very… You’re not enjoying it, are you?
-No. You know what it tastes like? Like if you
let acetaminophen melt and then drink it. Oh, it’s stuck in my mouth.
-Wash it away with the last bit. You took the kratom 30 minutes ago.
Do you feel different? Yes, very different. I feel very content,
like I’m covered with a warm blanket. I feel this tingling here.
And I have to smile all the time. I really feel happy.
Really cheerful. I slept well and felt rested,
but now I really feel like: I should really do things. So you really notice a big difference?
-Yes. You’re very restless.
You keep moving your legs around. Shall we dance?
-Yes. I can easily go on for two hours.
I really feel genuinely happy. And I keep smiling all the time.
But I do have a very dry mouth. And I’m trembling.
-Oh yes, I see that. You have a dry mouth. Shall we see
what it’s like to eat some chips now? Very dry. I felt hungry before,
but not so much anymore. This is really dry. Kratom suppresses the appetite,
so it makes sense that you’re less hungry. You know what it is? I’m so happy that
I don’t pay attention to anything else. I’m so happy I’m like:
nothing else matters. Has your sight changed as well?
-Yes. It’s a bit fuzzy, but more when I walk
than when I’m sitting. Like when you’re dizzy
and see things fuzzy, like that. But not in an unpleasant way
that I feel I’m about to faint. Kratom affects your muscles,
also your eye muscles. That may cause your sight
to become fuzzy and unfocused. Could you sleep on a couch now?
-No, not at all. I have to keep moving. I could just walk
up to people and start a conversation. Do you understand that those Thai
chew on those leaves all day long? Yes. When they work on the land to pick
those leaves, they’ll be done in no time. They’ll just go, tick, tick, tick. I once drank two Red Bulls
and was bouncing as well. But then I didn’t feel very happy,
only energetic. I feel like I’m talking very fast. Am I?
-You’re pretty talkative. When you take more kratom,
you may get drowsy and sluggish. I wonder if that will also happen to you,
so we’ll just throw in another few grams. I don’t really want to.
I’m enjoying this, you know. But we’re still going to do so. How do you feel now?
-I feel very tired suddenly, very listless. Strange, isn’t it?
-Yes, you’ve completely changed. I hardly feel like talking or moving. You also sound a bit sad.
-No, I’m not. I don’t really have any emotions.
I just feel very tired and sluggish. And I find it very odd,
because just now I was so active. I really felt like moving,
and now I just want to… May I? Go ahead and do your thing.
15 minutes ago you were here… and now you’re lying
knocked out on the desk. Kratom works just like morphine,
so that’s why you feel sluggish and inert. You can’t focus anymore either, I think.
Your eyes are wandering. My arms and legs feel really heavy.
It takes trouble to even talk. Seriously, I feel so sluggish. Don’t do that. Time for some action.
I have a jumping rope here. No, I really don’t feel like it.
I’m not even able to. No, really, I’m just too tired.
-It looks terrible. Oh, I’m so tired. You can also compare it to alcohol. With a light dose you become cheerful,
just as with alcohol. While when you take more,
the narcotic effect takes the upper hand. And that results in Bastiaan
who almost falls asleep on the desk. I’m no use to you anymore.
-It’s over. Yes, the lights are off. This was Drugslab for this week.
If you want to see a drug… or share an experience with a drug,
let us know in the comments. And we’ll see you next week.
-And thumbs up. Exactly.
-Bye. Well, here I am, well-rested again.
Yesterday I was really tired. After the show I slept for two hours, when
I came home I slept for another two hours. And when I woke up I was really
nauseous, so that kind of sucked. At 8.30 PM I went to bed
and I just woke up, it’s around 8 AM now. I slept well and feel pretty good. It was quite a fun experience,
and I’ll see you again next time.

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  1. I have two OZ of this in my closet. I havent broken it out because I'm on methadone. I don't think it will work well for me. I bought it when the DEA was going to make it illegal and I thought I should maybe get in on some incase people can't find it anymore… Does anyone know if it will do anything for me since I'm on methadone?

  2. Kratom tastes nasty but the pills are up to 10x more expensive than the raw powder. Getting to know the different kratom strains and your own personal dosage is important. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is so important that this information gets out there on Kratom and on natural remedies that show promise to fight addiction and the opiod epidemic. Been using kratom and CBD oils for years instead of Opiates. I know a lot of people who replace hardcore pharmaceuticals with natural plant extracts with amazing results. Getting quality extracts that havent been messed around with is the answer. Places like ​ for kratom cause headshops overcharge. Headshop by me charges $50 for 100gs. CBD also can be like $250 a bottle for the same stuff you can get online. I want to start a site to help people buy CBD eventually but until then I get mine at CBDistillery. Hate to be plugging natural stuff but people need to know and get off that pharma crap.AND IT IS TRUE:"just because it's technically legal in most places (not everywhere, check your local laws) it doesn't mean it's 100% safe to use! " Make sure you know your sources.

  3. There is virtually no inherent danger in using kratom. There have been no confirmed deaths from it, it's impossible to overdose on it. Peanuts kill people more than Kratom. Also, mixing kratom with chocolate milk doesn't necessarily mask the flavor, but it basically makes it taste like a cold cup of instant coffee, and therefore much more palatable. Lastly, noticed the opening song you used sampled "Love Is Blue" by Paul Mauriat.

  4. just my shared : many southeast asian mix it up with cocacola and cough syrup that saintific name : “chakoroi” / “koroi”

  5. So many people are sick due to drugs, the is one horrific world we live in and its only gonna get worse. If Jesus doesn't end the world soon , there will be no normal people eventually. They will all have mental illness, drug addiction, unable to work or dead.

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  7. I experienced huge hair loss after taking Kratom daily for 2 months, annoying because it treated all the issues i had that normal medication wouldn't touch :C

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  10. Kratom is life bro, btw the best way to drink it is with cook the pure kratom leaf like for two hour or 1 hour and a half. Love from malaysia bro

  11. As someone with an addictive personality, it’s very hard to get accustomed to the dosing and feeling really good on 3 – 5 grams and having the inpulse to take more to feel better but actually knowing that if you do you could end up completely fucking yourself. Less is more with Kratom, once you feel good, don’t uo the dose for at least 5/6 hours!

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  13. Less is more,find it hard to not want to keep adding more and more after an 1/2hour or so than once I do I make me feel a little zombie out ,,thanks guys good job ,,LESS IS MORE ,,CHEERS

  14. "Decrease erection problems"… No, just the opposite when dealing with anything other than a small dose, but it can solve premature ending problems.

  15. I living in s.asian, I feel bad doing ketom. After 2+ years I'm doing this I've addicted. I'm consuming ketom bout half bottle Kickapoo 1.5L and mix with half of Kickapoo maybe around 700ml or some.. EVERY FUCKIN DAY.. if I don't drink it I'll get flue, back ache, head ache, stomach ache, n lazy asf.. don't do this type shit..
    Edit: mix with 5-10ml bena cough syrup/dynadryl/uphadyl .

  16. I just took it and it is bitter and it tastes like what it is, dry leaves
    Yes when i was a kid i did put leaves in my mouth and thats what it tastes like
    The effects have not kicked in yet cause i took literally the time the video started

  17. 5 is way too much for a first dose… I've used it for a couple weeks now and anything above 4 and i start to get unpleasant side effects.

  18. Have you tried other kind of kratom qualities already? Noticed the difference? Because I´ve been living here in Indonesia for last 5 years and tried all kinds of qualities that are available, and before when I didnt know about wild grown quality I didnt know about such a difference that what is REAL kratom and what is this farmed one… Here is only one local community called Borneo Energy that are collecting and producing that wild grown one, all others are farmed with chemicals or organically, and even the organic quality is not even close to this wild grown one. Effects are much more bright, clean and I feel so much less any kind of addictive qualities. And not even that one, you know about deforestation in Borneo because of Palm Oil and a bit because of kratom now? That is another reason to favor and spread the knowledge about more sustainable and ecological solutions that we have.

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  21. Taste bomb and chill it with sugar and cream and some lemon 🍋 juice a squirt to help the alkoids come out I love Kratom

  22. He's so cute after like a kid ,lol so happy. Kratom helped me kick opiate dependency and helped me with back pain after car accident. But I never feel sooo happy like him. I'm happy he is happy, I'm smiling big right now 🤸😁💛

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  24. Are they gonna make a video of them taking acid and peyote and mushies at the same time!! All 3 at same time??

  25. What strain did they actually use? It has to be white due to the huge stimulant. I had some red the other day and all I wanted to do is lay back in my couch, relax, listen to music and sleep.

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