Batman: Arkham Opera (Batman Musical)
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Batman: Arkham Opera (Batman Musical)

August 9, 2019

The hottest new musical, is Batman. ♪ Flying so high with my wings in the air,
my parents are dead but I don’t have a care Yes I’m brooding and dark,
but deep down is the heart of a sensitive man, in a cape Take my hand! Learn the origins of all your favorite
villains ♪ Gonna kill the bat,
shoot him dead Unless the coin comes up heads I’m sick of your rules You’re just a fool Who’d want to be stuck, with you? It’ll be a Dark Knight at the Opera, to remember Make ’em laugh,
Knock ’em dead Leave ’em whooping and wheazing, oops,
that one’s not breathing Make ’em laugh
Wet their pants! Now Batman prepare for my dance! Playing near a local batcave near you.
For tickets follow the bouncing bat.
All procedes go to Wayne Foundation Orphanage. Citizens of Gotham, you better like this video
or the bat gets it And that’s no joke! Time to face your fears, bats On the double (growls)
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