Battle Royale Dev Update #8 – Jetpack Info & Supply Llamas
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Battle Royale Dev Update #8 – Jetpack Info & Supply Llamas

August 14, 2019

Welcome everyone, we have a great update this week and a few topics to cover! As you guys know we recently announced the jetpack item. In our interal play test we identified some issues with it. We wanted to make sure that those were all sorted out before we release it. In the mean time we will have some new things coming soon. We are really excited to announce that we just launched Teams of 20. This is an exciting new LTM that bridges the gap between squads and the 50 vs 50 mode we released a while back. Some different behavior in this LTM such as the circle and storm sizes are a little faster. We also allow you to ping team location on the map. There are higher spawn chances for treasure chests and ammo cans… As well as increase supply drop rates. You can find all of the patch notes on this LTM on our website. V3.3 Update Next weeks update has Llamas! These are randomly found around the island and will help you out in a pinch. They interact like treasure chests and ammo cans. So let us know what you find! We have gotten a lot of feedback from you guys about smoke grenades… We have looked at our internal feedback and analytics… We found that they are not being used as much as we wanted them too. We will be taking them out of the loot, putting them in the vault along side the SMG. Potentially we will be reworking in and re-introducing it when we feel its ready. Thanks for watching everyone! I hope you enjoyed the update! We have a lot more coming, stay tunned!

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to customize the mini map storm so when you go the mini map you could jus see a custom storm heading your way. Idk it’s my suggestion but it probably won’t be used

  2. If you really want some advice to help increase the usage of smoke grenades,make every enemy that passes through the smoke gets their location spotted for as long as they are in the smoke,it will make more people adore this grenade.

  3. Make the smoke grenades make the opponent cough for like 3.5 sec and do damage like the amount of damage the storm does when the game starts – my idea

  4. I would like Cameras that you can spy the Enemys out you place it like c4 but you can open the cam when enemys are nearly

  5. Fix the swap weapon glitch where you swap your weapon and it glitches in the air and then you can shoot or switch to another weapon

  6. Epic, can y’all please let us sell items we don’t want. I have so many unused skins. Please.

    Like if you agree.

  7. I have been saved by the smoke grenade so much nooooo… Lol I know this is a delayed comment but hey better now then never.

  8. i am missing my smokes 🙁 so funny to use them to get out of a sticky spot, or res a buddy in the middle of a 16 way fight at tilted

  9. – Can you make it so when we win players receive a small amount of
    V Bucks. (50 V Bucks)

    – Could the Developers Expand the map and add new locations to the map.

    – Wild West Town
    A wild west town set in the desert. ?

    – Snowy Mountain Village
    Some kind of small village set in a snowy biome. ?

    – Lake Town
    Some sort of small lake town resort with a few summer vacation type homes. ?

    – Campsite Resort
    Some sort of holiday campsite resort type thing. ?

    – Harbour Town
    Some sort of harbour town by the coast with boats and shit ?

    – Nuclear Power Plant

    – Alcatraz Prison
    Alcatraz a prison on a small island very fortifiable would make for a good stronghold.

    Just some ideas for new locations hope you enjoyed reading this comment. ❤️

  10. My Android version is 6.0 . Octa core processor. 4gb ram .. Storage 64gb . … .. Please please please please please please please .. I. Request. You . .. My. Friends. .. .

  11. Hi! I've got a Gamemode idea for Epic Games to put in the game! 🙂

    Solid Pistols

    The gamemode is a fun, competive gamemode where the only weapons that spawn are pistols + Hand Cannons. There is a Maximum 50 player limit and no storm. (No Storm = Storm doesn't move AT ALL) There's also no revolvers.

    Also, please add old music back. I miss it.

  12. I love how people in the comments are like “they are never gonna add vehicles the terrain wouldn’t support it.”… we have 4 vehicles including planes

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